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I Just Found The Place To Catch A 25 Pounder In 2 Feet Of Water

cape cod fishing report

Earlier this week I was able to squeeze in another early-spring Cape Cod fishing adventure. Stripers could arrive any day now on Cape Cod and I will admit that I am pretty excited.

During this trip I hoped I would stumble across one of those very rare keeper-size holdover striped bass that I have been hearing so much about. Either way I planned on scoping out one particular place,where I feel big bass enter skinny water virtually undetected.

What I ended up discovering was that at dead low tide, when most spots were high and dry, multiple deep pools and holes throughout this particular area still had 2-8 feet of water in them.

Whenever I discover deep pools and holes like these, I make sure to take note, because these are the places where 25 pound striped bass like to sneak into, especially under the cover of darkness.

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Cape Cod Sea Run Trout Fishing Report

cape cod searun trout fishing report

There exists on Cape Cod a fish which eludes most saltwater fishermen for the entirety of their lives. Even anglers who specifically target this fish, expect to make 1,000 or more, well placed casts, before ever generating a bite.

I am not referring to the super elusive giant bluefin tuna, which will soon roam the deep basins off Cape Cod’s coast. I’m not talking about moby cow stripers either.

Cape Cod’s “fish of a thousands casts” is relatively small, resides in calm and clear streams. rivers and tidal creeks and can be caught using the lightest of tackle.

The fish is none other than the incredibly elusive Searun Trout.

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Extended Cape Cod Sea Run Trout Fishing Report


There was not a soul around as I made my way into the woods.

It was only minutes before I saw another hawk, and then an osprey flying high in the sky.

I feel that having these birds around is a good sign because they too are hoping to catch fish.

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Keeper Striped Bass Cape Cod Fishing Report

cape cod fishing report for keeper striped bass

Man was it nice to be outside this weekend. I hope you were able to enjoy this fantastic weather!

After hearing a rumor about a keeper striped bass being weighed in at a one of our local Cape Cod bait and tackle shops, I decided I had to investigate.

I felt my odds of success would increase due to the warm weather. Regardless I would need effort, patience and a whole lot of luck to find one of these incredibly rare 40 inch holdover stripers.

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Cape Cod Freshwater Fishing Report

cape cod freshwater fishing report

“Eh boy” is what I recall silently saying to myself as I peered down at the sheer vertical drop in front of me.

The gently sloping gradient I had followed through the woods ended abruptly at this very spot, but I still had another 50 yards to cover before I would reach the edge of the pond.

I wanted to fish away from other anglers and scaling this dropoff was the final step in manifesting that reality.

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Extended Cape Cod Fishing Report


I was only fishing for several minutes before I heard a fish break the surface.

There was a slight breeze and small chop sweeping over the pond, so I wasn’t able to visually locate the fish. Yet based on the audio it produced, I knew it was just out of casting range.

Regardless it was a good sign.

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Trout Fishing On Cape Cod Report | Day 2

hawk 1 featured

So far this spring I have been having a lot of fun trout fishing on Cape Cod. During my most recent Cape Cod trout fishing trip I was able to catch a beautiful rainbow trout, and explore one of the Cape’s most scenic freshwater kettle ponds.

That was a great trip, and since then I have been chomping at the bit to give trout fishing another try. Fortunately spring has arrived here on Cape Cod, and the weather for trout fishing could not be any better.

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Extended Trout Fishing On Cape Cod Report | Day 2

hawk featured

The school of trout continued to move closer to me, and was now within casting range.

The hawk above my head calmly watched the action ensue. There were trout right there on the surface, a mere 10 yards in front of me, and I figured I had only seconds until the hawk made her move.

Just then my lure got smacked, and I was hooked up with my second trout of the season.

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Cape Cod Trout Fishing Report

cape cod trout fishing report

“Wow it’s calm” is what I recall saying to my buddy Andrew Massard, as I looked out over the pond, which resembled a pane of glass. This was one of those mornings I had fantasized about back when the Cape was still buried in snow.

Apparently others had been dreaming of this day as well, because Andrew and I weren’t the only knuckleheads out and about before sunrise.

There was an older gentleman, dressed for winter, launching a small John boat as Andrew and I prepared our gear. The man looked to be a trout professional, and I felt he had a pretty good chance of catching something as I watched him putt away into the distance.

I was excited, mostly just to be outside on such a nice morning, but also because I knew this pond had recently been stocked with lots of rainbow trout.

At best I am a rookie trout fisherman; regardless I liked my odds…

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Extended Cape Cod Trout Fishing Report

trout 5

The trout continued breaking the surface and I continued to get more excited. For a moment the scene reminded me of fishing the Cape Cod Canal, when bass are just breaking here and there.

Just like the Canal most of the trout were out of casting distance. Yet some were close enough to shore, and with a long cast I had legit chance of hooking up.

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