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Cape Cod Striped Bass Fishing Report for October 20


Before I dive into this post, I want to let you know that I am thinking of hosting an in-person fishing class before the weather turns too cold. Topics covered would include how to work certain plugs like pencil poppers, how to fish a live eel and virtually anything you may personally be interested in learning.

If you feel you may be interested in attending an in-person fishing class with me, then please let me know by entering your name and email here and I will get in touch with you regarding the details. Thanks!

In other news it’s a pretty exciting time to be fishing here on Cape Cod. In this report I’ll highlight the most exciting stuff that’s going on now.

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Surfcasting Cape Cod’s Backside Beaches | Day 2

standing in foam outer cape beach

I watched as a set of breakers rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean towards one of the outer sandbars which ran parallel to the coast, about 50 yards offshore. The third wave in the set, which was the largest, curled at its top and fell forward, pounding hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water into the sand of the bar.

The crashing breaker produced a sound which bellowed into the evening air and echoed off the dune behind me. The ground on which I stood shook. The process repeated itself, time and time again, for as far as I could see down the beach.

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EXTENDED VIDEO REPORT Surfcasting Cape Cod’s Backside Beaches | Day 2

featured image

(Continued from the report Surfcasting Cape Cod’s Backside Beaches | Day 2)

In this video report I’ll share with you the scenery and experience of fishing one of Cape Cod’s most famous backside beaches.

A few things you’ll see include:

  • Stunning vistas of Outer Cape Cod’s impressive landscapes
  • The tackle and lures I used for fishing this wild area
  • An explanation of the areas fished and why I feel fishing the backside beaches right now is worth the effort
  • Helpful tips for finding and catching bass along these beaches
  • And some more stuff I am undoubtedly forgetting to include in this list LOL

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Outer Cape Cod Fishing Report | October 16

outer cape cod fishing report surfcasting striped bass

A view from the edge of America.

I was feeling restless and I think Lauren could tell. Sometimes I feel an odd, uneasy feeling which permeates through my torso.

Through past experience I’ve learned the feeling diminishes once I see the ocean and begin walking on the beach.

Lauren understands, so without too much discussion I embarked on a 36 hour, overnight striped bass surfcasting excursion, to the famed beaches of Outer Cape Cod.

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EXTENDED Outer Cape Cod Fishing Report | October 16


(Continued from the report Outer Cape Cod Fishing Report | October 16)

My idea was to intercept one of the large migrating schools of stripers that swim south along the great beach of Outer Cape Cod during October. Huge bass to more than 70 pounds have been caught along this stretch of shoreline during the Octobers of years past.

The fish are there, it is just a matter of finding them, which can be quite challenging, considering the vastness of the beach and the so few people fishing it.

My dream of “hitting the mother load” while fishing this desolate beach, alone, at night, under a sky full of stars, would fuel my legs for the miles of walking and casting which lay ahead.

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“Big Bass Territory” | Part #2 of the MFCC Fishing Trip

surfcasting cuttyhunk island my fishing cape cod

The entire MFCC crew and I had arrived at the previous evening’s hot spot just as the sun crept above the horizon. As a group we had walked 45 minutes in darkness, through woods and along a cliff, to get to this spot at this very moment.

I could see several birds hovering over water no deeper than two feet. The birds were quite adamant about diving and grabbing one of the small fish trapped in shallow. Based on their actions I figured peanut bunker were still in the area.

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EXTENDED REPORT “Big Bass Territory” | Part #2 of the MFCC Fishing Trip


During the day time when fishing among boulders I’ve found that pencil poppers and large swimming plugs work pretty well. I wanted to cast far out and reach some of the boulders and rocks that were holding farther offshore.

So instead of donning a wet suit and swimming out to those boulders, I tied on a 6 inch Guppy Pencil Popper, which casts like a missile. Because this lure darts left and right across the surface, the hits from striped bass are very dramatic.

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MFCC Member Fishing Trip | Day 1 VIDEO REPORT

cutty day 1 video featured image

I’m really happy with how the MFCC member fishing trip turned out and I’m looking forward to doing it again during 2015. In this 16 minute video report I’ll share with you a full recap of Day 1.

I feel this video report will be of great value to you if you ever plan on fishing Cuttyhunk Island. If you’ve fished Cuttyhunk before, then I feel you’ll enjoy the familiar sights and sounds of this very special, and very fishy, island.

MFCC members can click below to watch.

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Peanut Bunker Bass Blitz | MFCC Member Fishing Trip Part #1

my fishing cape cod member todd jarvis

I was standing on top of a giant boulder, a good four feet off the ground, arms wailing in the air in a desperate attempt to gain the attention of several MFCC members who were several hundred yards away.

We had been walking for miles, as a group, through some of the most difficult striped bass fishing terrain in Massachusetts, with very little to show for it.

MFCC faithful Jim Murphy and I, had finally found the fish, after hours of nothing. I was not sure how long the action would last, so I wanted to get the rest of the group in on the action ASAP.

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EXTENDED REPORT Peanut Bunker Bass Blitz | MFCC Member Fishing Trip Part #1


(Continued from the report Peanut Bunker Bass Blitz | MFCC Member Fishing Trip Part #1)

This MFCC member fishing trip began at 9AM in New Bedford, at the Cuttyhunk Ferry Company. First to arrive was Ned Bean, followed by Jim Murphy, Todd Jarvis, Ryan Turcotte, Jane Simposon, Tom Simpson and of course my own parents, Jake and Kathy, who adore Cuttyhunk.

Dex Chadsey was slated to meet us in the evening, and Lori Rizzo would be over the next day. Unfortunately Jeffrey Moore was not able to make it, but we will look forward to seeing you Jeff next time!

We all hopped onto the 9AM ferry, bound for Cuttyhunk Island and not sure exactly what to expect fishing-wise, and in general.

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