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Cape Cod Offshore Fishing Report | Fish Tails Canyon

yellowfin tuna cape cod offshore fishing report

This is a guest report from MFCC member Andrew Massard recapping a Canyons trip he made on Sept 4-5, 2014

With a strong tuna bite in the area of Block Canyon, known as Fish Tails, going on for more than two weeks, and a beautiful weather window, we knew heading out to that the area would be anything but free of traffic…

But as the sun set over America, some 100 nautical miles to the west of us, we started to see exactly what we had gotten ourselves into.

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Mid-Afternoon 25 Pounder From The Yak


“They are definitely on fish” is what I recall saying to myself, as I looked out over the horizon at a small pack of boats.

I was working on only a few hours of sleep from the night before. I didn’t want to burn gas in my 21 footer and go through the process of getting the boat ready etc. etc. Plus I had other obligations and could only fish for 2 hours max.

Then it dawned on me-toss the kayak in the truck and launch from the beach.

I’m new to kayak fishing so this was a bit of a breakthrough moment for me. Fortunately the quick thinking paid off!

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No Sonar & No GPS | Tin Boat Fishing With My Uncle John


In this day and age us humans have many helpful tools and devices at our disposal to help us find fish. Sonar and GPS are at the forefront, but cell phones, social media and an endless list of other technological advances have made it easier for us to catch fish.

Rewind 20 years and not one of these tools was readily available, or at least affordable, for most common folk. I personally did not start using sonar until my late teenage years. Before that I fished “blind,” so to speak.

So I got excited when my Uncle John from New Hampshire mentioned he’d like to splash his electronic-devoid  14 foot tin boat in the salt. I knew that fishing from a small tin boat with no electronics at all would be a new challenge, and illicit feelings I haven’t had since I was a kid fishing from a row boat.

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VIDEO REPORT | Big Striped Bass From The Hobie Kayak

video report featured image

Here is the much anticipated video report for my latest hobie kayak fishing excursion. I hope you enjoy!

In this 12 minute long video report I’ll share with you:

  • Footage from catching around fifteen bass between 20 and 40 pounds
  • The technique I used to catch all these beautiful fish
  • More information about fishing from a Hobie kayak
  • And a whole bunch more

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Big Striped Bass From The Hobie Kayak

hobie kayak striped bass fishing cape cod

I had a terrific time during my first ever Hobie kayak fishing experience earlier this month. I caught a big bluefish and small striped bass during that inaugural trip.

Since then I’ve been chomping at the bit to hook into a big striper from the Hobie yak. Luckily for me that is exactly what happened during this Cape Cod kayak fishing expedition! [click to continue…]

Big Striped Bass From The Hobie Kayak | EXTENDED REPORT

ext report featured image

(Continued from the report Big Striped Bass From The Hobie Kayak)

This bass took considerably more line than the first fish. I was positive she was at least 30lbs.

The kayak was being pulled right across the surface by the fish, just as I had been told it would. I can now understand why so many people prefer fishing via kayak.

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VIDEO REPORT | Cape Cod False Albie Fishing

video report featured image

In this 9 minute and 39 second video report I will take you with me as we chase false albacore off Cape Cod, MA. I did my best to capture the entire experience using two GoPro cameras and an iPhone.

In this video report you’ll see:

  • Views of the areas fished and explored
  • Albies blitzing all over the surface
  • Bent rods and hissing drags
  • Helpful tips and information to help you catch an albie
  • Plus a whole bunch more

MFCC members can click below to watch the full video report.

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Cape Cod False Albacore Fishing Report

cape cod false albacore fishing report

The birds were working hard as dozens of false albies tore through the surface. Peanut bunker scattered into the air. The scene was an all-out surface feeding frenzy.

Jeff Coates (my fishing buddy and captain for this trip) had made the right call. We had left fish to find more fish and it had actually worked out in our favor.

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Cape Cod False Albacore EXTENDED Fishing Report

hooked up albie on bow featured

If you read the report Cape Cod False Albacore Fishing Report and are thinking “well that’s great you caught some fish but how about some details to help me find the bite?” then this extended fishing report is for you.

In this report I’ll share with you as much false albie fishing information as I feel comfortable revealing, including the techniques and some general information about the areas fished.

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VIDEO REPORT – Hobie Kayak Fishing Cape Cod | My 1st Ever Trip

video report featured image with comic bubble

In this 8 minute long video report I recap my latest Hobie kayak fishing excursion from this past weekend.

In streaming video I’ll share with you:

  • Video of the environment and scenery in which I fished and explored
  • Specific reasons why the Hobie kayak is the ideal boat for fishing this particular area
  • A lethal live bait technique for fishing in small boats for big striped bass
  • Video footage of the fish I caught
  • Helpful narration packed with as many tips as I could cram into 8 minutes

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