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Boulders, Bait & Bass | VIDEO REPORT

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In this surfcasting trip I fished a boulder field, and then a weed bed, at night for striped bass. Conditions were picture perfect to say the least. Man do I love fall!

In this 7 minute long video report you will:

  • See one of my all time favorite boulder fields (one that I haven’t fished for years)
  • Watch as I chase down a nervous bait ball of either pogies or snapper bluefish
  • Witness a little Danny plug action (I can’t wait to catch a big striper on this plug)
  • Uncover more information about how and where I am fishing for striped bass right now from the beach

MFCC members can click below to watch.

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Boulders, Bait & Bass | Cape Cod Surfcasting Report

cape cod surfcasting boulder field

It had been nearly a month since my last Cape Cod surfcasting trip. Incredible how time slips by, wouldn’t you agree?

The last time I hit the beach I caught a bass that weighed around 40 pounds.  Big fish like that 40 pounder are a real possibility right now on Cape Cod.

During this trip my idea was to target a boulder field I have not fished since I was a kid. The NE winds had calmed and the weather was perfect.

I had a very good feeling as I stepped out of my car.

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Boulders, Bait & Bass | EXTENDED Cape Cod Surfcasting Report


Was this a school of pogies on the surface in front of me?  Could they be snapper bluefish?

Whatever they were, there certainly were quite a few of them. The baitfish moved as a group in erratic directions, occasionally getting attacked by whatever predator was harassing them, species still unknown.

I cast towards the commotion and began my retrieve.

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Cape Cod Canal Report | 9-24-14

canal featured image 1

Tons of unique bait and keeper bass are starting to flush into the Canal. The fishing is starting to pick up again.

Check out below for more information on whats happening in the Canal.

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Whales, Bait & TUNA | Cape Cod Tuna Fishing VIDEO REPORT

video report featured

Last week Jason Mazzola, Andrew Massard and I fished for bluefin tuna and ended up stumbling upon a ton of whales, bait and dolphins.

You can read about the experience in this fishing report. MFCC members can also watch a video recap of the excursion by clicking below.

In this 10 minute long video report you’ll:

  • See where we launched from and how we arrived at the fishing grounds
  • Watch footage of humpback whales, dolphins and almost a tuna (we came close!)
  • Gather information and intel about the tuna bite off Cape Cod
  • Learn about simple tuna trolling tactics and techniques

MFCC members can click below to view.

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Whales, Bait & TUNA | Cape Cod Tuna Fishing Report

humpback whale tail chatham ma

After trying to live bait a giant tuna earlier in the week, my friend Jason and I decided to mix things up, and fish a completely different area using different techniques.

The change was part in due to a last minute report we received from friend and MFCC member Andrew Massard (author of Cape Cod Offshore Fishing Report | Fish Tails Canyon) about lots of tuna in very close to shore.

Andrew, Jason and I met up at 4AM en route to this new area. We all were excited and had a very good feeling about the prospects of this trip.

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Whales, Bait & TUNA | EXTENDED Cape Cod Tuna Fishing Report

dolphins 3 featured

Apparently that first humpback was just the tip of the iceberg, because more whales were now surfacing all around us. The sonar was lit up with the bait and the birds were going nuts.

We began our troll, careful to avoid the whales. Fortunately for us the life continued for hundreds of yards, perhaps even more than a mile.

Another hook up was reported over the radio. Anticipation was quite high!

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In Search Of 800 Pound Giant Bluefin Tuna

sunrise provincetown tuna fishing cape cod

I am no professional tuna fisherman, but I do get a bit excited when I hear about 800lb fish being caught!

That was all I needed to hear this past Monday to get me out of bed at 3AM. By 3:05AM I was wide awake and ready to rock and roll.

For the first time all season I felt my friend Jason Mazzola and I had a legitimate chance of catching a giant bluefin.

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In Search Of 800 Pound Giant Bluefin Tuna | EXTENDED REPORT


The mackerel bite continued to be stellar.

Catching mackerel kept me occupied while we waited for something to happen.

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Cape Cod Offshore Fishing Report | Fish Tails Canyon

yellowfin tuna cape cod offshore fishing report

This is a guest report from MFCC member Andrew Massard recapping a Canyons trip he made on Sept 4-5, 2014

With a strong tuna bite in the area of Block Canyon, known as Fish Tails, going on for more than two weeks, and a beautiful weather window, we knew heading out to that the area would be anything but free of traffic…

But as the sun set over America, some 100 nautical miles to the west of us, we started to see exactly what we had gotten ourselves into.

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