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Stellwagen Bank Tuna Fishing Report | Audio Interview

whale tail featured

In this Cape Cod tuna fishing report I interview my good friend and tuna fisherman Jason Mazzola, who fished Stellwagen Bank this past Friday for giant bluefin tuna.

In this 9 minute audio recording Jason and I discuss:

  • What Jay encountered this past Friday on his Stellwagen Bank tuna fishing trip
  • The amount of life that he found on the Bank
  • Techniques he used on Friday to target giant tuna
  • A recap of what’s been happening in the Cape Cod tuna fishing world

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MFCC Member Dick Glockner Catches A 43 Pound Bass With Me On My Boat

dick 43 pounds

Every so often I like to invite a My Fishing Cape Cod member with me on my fishing excursions. Earlier in the season I fished with MFCC member Jeff Richard and we did real well from the beach on Outer Cape Cod (you can read that report here).

Recently Dick Glockner, who has been supporting the MFCC community since this site began 3 years ago, let me know how much he would appreciate a fishing trip with me on my boat the Miss Loretta.

Dick is one of the nicest guys around. He treats people the way I feel people ought to always be treated, and I really appreciate that.

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Cape Cod Canal Report | July 23, 2014

canal featured image 1

Here is an in-depth report of the past few days down the Canal. There has been some nice fish caught in the past few days.

In this report I’ll be sharing details with you of what has been happening.

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Cape Cod Bay Fishing Update

flat calm cape cod bay featured

There have been some super calm conditions on Cape Cod Bay recently.

I’ve personally been bouncing back and forth from fishing the Bay and various other locations. In this report I’ll recap what I’ve been seeing and experiencing while cruising the waters of Cape Cod Bay.

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Outer Cape Cod Fishing Report | July 21


Finding striped bass off Cape Cod during late July usually involves fishing deep cool waters. For the most part keeper size striped bass abandon the rips and shallow areas (at least during the day) and stick to the 50 ft and greater depths.

Of course there are plenty of exceptions, but for the most part this seems to be the general pattern the fish like to follow.

For the past several weeks big schools of stripers have been holding far east of outer Cape Cod in water as deep as 500 feet. These fish are too far offshore to legally target, but fortunately for outer Cape Cod anglers this all seems to be changing, and bass are now venturing in closer to the beach.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | July 19

featured 1

A lot of folks were somewhat pessimistic about this past spring at the Cape Cod Canal. Compared to the previous few springs, this past May and June were not quite as productive. The easy “blitz” fishing of years past just didn’t materialize as many had hoped and expected.

The good news is that for those who are still sticking it out at the Canal, the fish are finally cooperating.

In this report I will share what I know has been happening recently down at the Big Ditch. If you’re able to fish the Canal this weekend and coming week, I feel you will have as good a chance as any of hooking up.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report For July 15

featured 573 orange sunrise windy cape cod bay

After staying up for 36 straight hours, I am happy to report that after last night’s snooze, I am back in business and all caught up on sleep. There has been a lot happening in the Cape Cod fishing world over the past 72 hours and in this report I will share with you the best of what’s been going on.

The wind is blowing like crazy right now but I feel that the weather will improve later this week and into this weekend. If you are planning on fishing Cape Cod from a boat, then I feel this report will be very valuable to you.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report For July 11

featured members 1

The wind was howling earlier this week, but now the weather’s settled and conditions are absolutely picture perfect for boating and fishing. I feel that summer is settling into the region and that striped bass in particular are entering into their “somewhat reliable” summertime routines.

In this report I’ll share with you what I personally know is happening right now in the fishing world here on Cape Cod. I will also share some ideas with you I feel will help you find a few fish this weekend and into next week, both from shore and from boat.

In addition we’ll also discuss:

  • How to find and catch striped bass from the beach right now on Cape Cod
  • Ideas on where to go fishing from your boat
  • 2 specific techniques that usually work pretty well during July at the Cape Cod Canal

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Cape Cod Fishing Report July 7 | Wind, Dolphins & Bass Up To 25lbs


The flag at the marina was whipping good. My father and I could tell that this was going to be a very bumpy, brisk and salty trip. Commercial striped bass fishing is still an important source of income for me, so I really wanted to get on the water yesterday despite the 30 knot wind.

The success of this blog has helped make the income I earn through commercial bass fishing less important, and I am very happy that thanks to the support of MFCC members I no longer am running charters, working for a moving company, selling insurance, or performing dozens of other odd jobs to make ends meet.

I really appreciate your support because without the monthly contributions of more than 500 members I simply would not be doing what I am doing. I thought about all this yesterday as my father and I trudged through the slop and wind.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report | July 4th

photo (31)

You wouldn’t be able to tell from how my Dad is dressed in the above photo, but this week was quite warm on the water! It really did feel like summer out there and the fish seem to be behaving like it’s summer as well.

In this MFCC members’ fishing report I will recap what I personally experienced this week on the water. I will also share with you some tidbits of knowledge about what’s been happening down at the Cape Cod Canal, and in various other popular Cape Cod fishing destinations.

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