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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | 8-28-14

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There have not been any huge bass blitzes happening lately at the Cape Cod Canal, but a few nice bass are still around.

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Lockjaw Stripers, Great White Sharks & Tuna | August 27 Update

This week I've encountered thousands of stripers that won't bite.

This week I’ve encountered thousands of stripers that won’t bite.

It’s been an odd week so far!

Earlier this week I sat on top of schools of lockjaw bass for hours. The fish just would not bite, and I am hearing the same from all over Cape Cod.

Then yesterday I hear about a great white off Duxbury and giant tuna in 30 feet of water.

What the heck is going on!?

In this MFCC members update I”ll dive into greater detail about what’s been happening fishing-wise on Cape Cod.

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Cape Cod Fishing Update | August 23

There were multiple 50 pound fish caught this week in various places throughout Cape Cod & the Islands. Here's my buddy Jay Mazzola with a 53.

There were multiple 50 pound fish caught this week in various places throughout Cape Cod & the Islands. Here’s my buddy Jay Mazzola with a 53.

The real big bass are here. This week I heard about and witnessed more 50 pound fish caught than I have seen all season long. Whether you are pursuing striped bass via boat or on foot, go out knowing there are more 50 pounders lurking now than possibly at any point earlier this season.

Late summer on Cape Cod is the best time of the year. There are many terrific fishing opportunities which you can pursue right now. As long as the weather cooperates you’ll have a fantastic chance of creating a fishing trip to remember.

In this post I will recap what’s been happening fishing-wise on the Cape, and provide you with some helpful tips I feel will help you find success this coming week.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | 8-20-14

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Between the great weather and consistent fishing opportunities, this past week was great for fishing. A lot of huge bass were caught.

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One Hell Of A Big Surprise…

cape cod surfcasting report august 17

I’ve been all sorts of pumped up about surfcasting after catching this 28 pound striper from shore last week. Nothing beats catching a big striped bass from the beach, especially when fishing under a bright full moon with no one else in sight.

For me that is the apex of Cape Cod fishing.

So when weather conditions and tides once again aligned, I dropped everything I was doing and got my butt back down to the beach. I felt I was in for a repeat of last week’s good surfcasting, and fortunately for me the fish cooperated in a very big way.

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Extended Fishing Report | One Hell Of A Big Surprise…


Continued from the report One Hell Of A Big Surprise…

With the big bass still on the line I loosened the drag and ran back to the beach to get my GoPro camera going. I turned on the lights and camera, tightened the drag back up to around 8 pounds, and made my way back into the water to continue the fight.

I managed to capture the entire fight on camera. I’ll share that video and more with you in the Extended Fishing Report, which MFCC members can access by clicking below.

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Cape Cod Surfcasting Report | Big Bass In The Moonlight

cape cod surfcasting report august 15

Since June 23rd I have been fishing from my boat.

The Massachusetts’ commercial striped bass fishing season is in full swing. I am no fan of fishing in a fleet, and I don’t enjoy watching a lot of fish being killed, but the money I make catching striped bass helps me get through the winter.

The support from My Fishing Cape Cod members has also been a huge help. Someday soon I won’t rely on commercial fishing income to get by, but for now (love me or hate me for it) I commercial striped bass fish.

Yet this week I needed solitude. I was craving the peace and quiet I only find alone, and on the beach. No boats and no engines, just me, a coyote, skunks and some sea birds.

So surfcasting one of Cape Cod’s many beaches is exactly what I decided to do, and boy am I glad I went.

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Cape Cod Surfcasting Extended Fishing Report | Big Bass In The Moonlight


Continued from the report Cape Cod Surfcasting Report | Big Bass In The Moonlight

Landing this 28 poundish striped bass was a terrific start to my late summer/fall surfcasting. I plan on surfcasting all over Cape Cod right through Thanksgiving, so things really are just getting started.

In this Extended Fishing Report I will share with you more details regarding this trip and surfcasting right now on Cape Cod. I will also share with you a 5 minute long video recap of this surfcasting trip, which includes actual fishing footage and video of the fish, scenery etc.

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Cape Cod Tuna Fishing VIDEO REPORT | In Search Of Footballs

featured video

In this 10 minute long video report, I’ll take you with me as I explore and fish the waters off Cape Cod for school bluefin tuna.

In this video report you’ll uncover:

  • The gear, rigs, and lures we recently used to catch tuna off the Cape
  • How we hooked up with a tuna after just 10 minutes on the troll
  • Tips and information for targeting small bluefins off Cape Cod
  • General help with locations etc.
  • Plus a whole bunch more!

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Cape Cod Tuna Fishing Report | In Search Of Footballs

This Cape Cod tuna fishing trip began with a slight hiccup, when the boat engine would not start. However it was a simple fix and after a quick jump start we were good to go.

I was fishing with MFCC member Ari Goldschneider on his 22 foot Seahunt center console. By 4:30AM we were departing the harbor, en route to the tuna grounds in hopes of trolling up a football size bluefin tuna or two.

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