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Buzzards Bay Fishing Report | Week of 9/24

Fall is here on Buzzard’s Bay and the water is finally cooling off.

With large striped bass well over the 30 pound class on the move through the Bay, and schoolie stripers getting active in the estuaries, right now is a great time to be fishing Buzzard’s Bay.

For example, a friend of mine called me yesterday to let me know that they had “accidentally” stumbled up on a school of 20 and 30 pound stripers, in 8 feet of water, while searching for schoolies. They put their 12 pound light tackle spinning setups to the test and managed to boat bass up to 32 pounds on small swimming plugs meant for 20 inch stripers and small bluefish.

Now that is a great surprise, and I expect there to be more surprises just like that reported throughout Buzzards Bay this coming week.

In this report we’ll cover what’s been happening in the Bay as well as what to expect over the next several days.

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A Double Header of Tautog and Stripers from Shore

cape cod tautog fishing

Catching tautog from shore on Cape Cod is not something I have ever tried before. But after seeing tautog all over the place this past week while surf fishing for stripers, I decided I had to give it a try.

I am no tautog expert but I do know they absolutely love green crabs. Tautog have some serious teeth and powerful jaws which they use to crush up crabs and other crustaceans. If you want to catch a tog, then consider picking up some green crabs.

The other key is to find boulders or rock piles. Tog like to hang out around rocks, and fortunately for us surf casters, they tend to move in tight to shore during the spring.

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Top Water Plugging | May 2 Report

top water plugging

This morning was clear, calm and cool – especially at 4AM. My plan was to fish an estuary and hopefully raise a few striped bass to the surface by fishing with top water plugs.

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Migratory Stripers are Here

migratory stripers

After a week of trudging around in the muck, rain, wind and cold (and some sun yesterday) I encountered a small school of migratory stripers this evening – and even managed to hook a couple of them. These fish were bright, clean and crawling with sea lice.

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Cape Cod Fish Report | April 22

cape cod fish report

The last Cape Cod fish report I published talked about trekking through marshes, woodlands and boulder fields to find areas holding schoolie striped bass. In this respect today was no different – just a heck of a lot colder.

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Upper Buzzards Bay Fishing Report


Today’s Buzzards Bay fishing trip began like any other  trip, but quickly got interesting and very unique. My Dad and I ventured off to one of our usual early season striped bass fishing spots, but then called an audible and decided to venture deep into the woods. I’ll explain why in a moment.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report for Upper & Mid Cape Cod

cape cod surf fishing report

Cape Cod fishing report for April 17

Today’s Cape Cod surf fishing trip began with my alarm going off at 4:30AM. As is typically the case, I popped right out of bed because I knew I was going fishing. I think you may agree with me that it is much easier to roll out of bed absurdly early when you know you are getting up to go fishing, as opposed to heading to work etc.

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First Cape Cod Stripers of the Season

cape cod stripers

Today was a perfect day to catch my first Cape Cod stripers of the 2013 season. The sun was shining and I could definitely feel spring in the air. Nevertheless it is still very early for striped bass fishing, so I had my doubts regarding whether or not I would find any fish.

I set off around 3pm to fish Buzzards Bay. More specifically, I planned on fishing a few Buzzards Bay spots that have produced well in the past for me during mid-April. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the plan was to fish estuaries and inlets. More often than not the first Cape Cod striped bass of the season are caught in these areas.

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Hot and Heavy False Albie Bite | Early October Report

Screen Shot 2012-09-30 at 12.52.36 AM

To my surprise the albie fishing is still holding strong in many areas throughout Cape Cod.  For some folks the fishing has been pretty epic over the past couple of weeks with certain boats registering double digit hookups each trip!

Double digit hookups are pretty darn impressive considering how finicky these speedy fish can be.  Sometimes you’ll be surrounded by albies all day and no matter what you do, you still can’t get a bite.  Luckily this has not been the case for a lot of folks as of late.

Who knows how long the solid albie fishing will last, however I would imagine it’ll start slowing down pretty soon.  All the more reason to get out there this week and do some casting or trolling for albies.

Since I have not been able to fish for albies yet this season, I asked Andrew Inches ( a member of the blog and an experienced albie fisherman) to put something together.  Fortunately for you and I Andrew agreed, and wrote up the below post this past weekend.

Andrew is out on the water at this very moment so hopefully we’ll get an even more recent update on the status of the albie fishing very soon.  Until then enjoy the below guest blog post and thank you Andrew for putting this together.

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Monsoon Bass | June 3 Report

bass 1
cape cod fishing reports

This guy absolutely hammered a pencil popper.

What a morning!

Just a few years ago getting out of bed at 4AM on a Saturday was absolutely unheard of.  Today I’m actually enjoying not burning the candle at both ends, and actually feeling energetic on weekend mornings.  Having a nice morning on the beach beats going out and staying up late in my book…at least some of the time!

With some serious rain and high winds predicted yesterday I figured my best bet for squeezing in a fish trip was between 5AM – 7AM.  So I hopped out of bed, grabbed the lucky iced coffee and blueberry muffin combo and began driving down Cape.

The wind was howling when I stepped out of  my car and onto the beach.  SE around 20mph without a doubt.  It wasn’t raining yet but I could see purple/gray clouds looming just on the horizon.  Time was of the essence if I wanted to avoid getting soaked to the bone.

I was fishing a long sandy beach with a rocky point on its northernmost end.  The plan was to cast along the beach and wade down towards the boulders.  There were some birds working the area which was a good sign.  The area looked pretty fishy and I had a pretty good feeling about the trip.

The old reliable pencil popper got a good workout along the sandy beach, however nothing was showing as far as stripers were concerned.  I picked up the pace towards the rock, knowing that my best shot would probably come around the boulders.

The wind was howling but it still wasn’t raining as I launched the plug out amongst the compact car size boulders.  It only took a couple “pops” and then WHACK!  a nice size bass crushed the plug.  Fish on!

My light setup doubled over immediately as the fish began to pull line from the reel.  Low and behold this bass had a little size to him!  Of course he ran straight at the biggest boulder in the area, and successfully caught the braid up somewhere in the rocky mess.

We were at a standstill and I could feel the braid rubbing up against the rock.  Braided line parts very easily when under tension, so you have to be super careful when a bass gets you tangled in the rocks.

I moved to the left and to the right but couldn’t get the fish unlodged from the rock.  The bass was stuck in water well above my waders so physically removing the fish from the snag was not an option.  I made a decision to just open the bail and let the bass run – hoping he would do the dirty work himself and free the line from the rock.

Fortunately it worked!

After a few tries the bass was free and swimming hard yet again.  I set up shop on a small rocky outcropping and eased him in towards shore.  At this point the fish was exhausted and he easily came in towards the jetty with the next wave.

[slideshow id=11]

He was a nice, healthy looking 32-34 incher.  Not a monster but he put up a great fight and absolutely crushed the plug on the initial hit.  I decided that this guy was going to be dinner, so I bled him out and continued casting around the rocks.

The area still smelled very fishy but after 30 more minutes of casting I failed to register any more bites.  Satisfied I picked up the bass and made the walk back to the car.

As luck would have it the skies opened up and began dumping rain just as I began unloading my gear.  Good timing!

All in all a fantastic pre-monsoon trip.

There’s been a lot of bass around the boulders so far this spring on Cape Cod.  Lots of schoolies but a few fish in the low to mid 30 inch range have been mixed in.

Click here for more information on the areas fished and your best bet at finding big bass in the rocks.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and good luck fishing!

Take care,


cape cod fishing report