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VIDEO REPORT | Cape Cod False Albie Fishing

video report featured image

In this 9 minute and 39 second video report I will take you with me as we chase false albacore off Cape Cod, MA. I did my best to capture the entire experience using two GoPro cameras and an iPhone.

In this video report you’ll see:

  • Views of the areas fished and explored
  • Albies blitzing all over the surface
  • Bent rods and hissing drags
  • Helpful tips and information to help you catch an albie
  • Plus a whole bunch more

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Cape Cod False Albacore Fishing Report

cape cod false albacore fishing report

The birds were working hard as dozens of false albies tore through the surface. Peanut bunker scattered into the air. The scene was an all-out surface feeding frenzy.

Jeff Coates (my fishing buddy and captain for this trip) had made the right call. We had left fish to find more fish and it had actually worked out in our favor.

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Cape Cod False Albacore EXTENDED Fishing Report

hooked up albie on bow featured

If you read the report Cape Cod False Albacore Fishing Report and are thinking “well that’s great you caught some fish but how about some details to help me find the bite?” then this extended fishing report is for you.

In this report I’ll share with you as much false albie fishing information as I feel comfortable revealing, including the techniques and some general information about the areas fished.

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One Of My Most Favorite Fishing Destinations | DAY 2 VIDEO REPORT

featured image

In this video report I will take you along with me, back to one of my most favorite surfcasting destinations, for a Day 2 recap of my fishing trip.

Additionally MFCC members will learn and see:

  • What fishing is like here when the wind’s blowing and waves are crashing
  • Unique structures and points of interest throughout this area
  • A little history of this area and simple fishing tips you can use if you ever visit here
  • Plus more!

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One Of My Most Favorite Fishing Destinations | VIDEO REPORT

video report image

In this video report I want to take you along with me on a fishing trip to one of my most favorite destinations.

Additionally MFCC members will learn and see:

  • Information on how to get to this specific destination
  • Where to stay and what the accommodations look like
  • Tips on hiking and fishing the area for striped bass
  • And plenty more!

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“Monster” Scup, Tog & The Complete Update On The Bite In Buzzard’s Bay

buzzards bay scup fishing

The wind was howling as my friend Jason Mazzola and I traveled through the Cape Cod Canal on his boat the “Sue-Sea-Q” south towards Buzzard’s Bay. This was going to be a wet and sloppy fishing trip.

The rain began to pour as we approached the Railroad Bridge. This was my first time on the water this season and I was very happy, despite the windy and rainy conditions.

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Whitewater Rapids, Schoolie Safe-Havens & More Backwater Exploring

wewe 1

I thought long and hard about where to fish today. I consulted all available resources, hoping to glean some tidbit of information that would lead me to that first big batch of migratory stripers.

After spending 15 minutes surveying a particular estuary using Google Earth, I discovered a hidden access point that would drop me off at the uppermost reaches of an estuary that is known for early season striper action.

I arrived at the spot just before sunrise, feeling very eager to check this area out.

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Buzzard’s Bay Fishing Report | Day 2


The mid-morning sun felt incredible. Spring is most certainly here on Cape Cod!

Cormorants were diving in front of me and a sea gull was cracking open a mussel behind me. There was plenty of life around and the atmosphere even felt fishy.

I had once again decided to fish Buzzard’s Bay, which has been a perennial late-April striper hot spot for me since I was a kid.

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Buzzard’s Bay Fishing Report | Part 1

buzzards bay fishing report

Fishing Buzzard’s Bay is a great idea right now, because striped bass often show up in Buzzard’s Bay before they show up in other areas of the Cape. In recent years my first striper of the season has been caught in Buzzard’s Bay.

In this trip I fished numerous locales throughout Buzzard’s Bay, in search of my first striped bass of the 2014 season.

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Extended Cape Cod Sea Run Trout Fishing Report


There was not a soul around as I made my way into the woods.

It was only minutes before I saw another hawk, and then an osprey flying high in the sky.

I feel that having these birds around is a good sign because they too are hoping to catch fish.

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