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Here’s What To Expect Fishing On Cape Cod This Week

cape cod bay dunes

I’m excited for this week, because I feel there’s a great chance that at least a few fresh migratory stripers will move into the waters off Cape Cod.

I’m ready to hit the sand and splash the boat, knowing I have a legitimate chance of putting a bend in the rod.

In this post I’d like to share with you some things you can expect to find if you venture out fishing on Cape Cod during the next several days.

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The Herring Are Here On Cape Cod, And The Bass Aren’t Far Behind…

cape cod herring stripers

I spent a morning this week visiting many of Cape Cod’s herring runs. Driving from herring run to herring run is a spring tradition that I share with many eager and enthusiastic Cape Cod fishers.

The great news is that many of the Cape’s herring runs are chock-full of river herring. It’s awesome to see so many herring returning to spawn and I feel it bodes well for spring striper fishing here on the Cape.

I would expect schoolie stripers to start appearing along Cape Cod’s coastline any day now, and I myself hope to catch one this weekend. In this post we’ll discuss herring and how you can use them to your advantage, to find and catch early spring striped bass.

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The Mega-Details Behind The Latest MFCC Website Updates

logo for post

This past week has been all “butt in seat” time for me, as I work on updating the MFCC website in time for spring. I feel I was born to go fishing (not program websites) so working through all the “techy” stuff is challenging, but definitely worth it.

My main goal with this latest batch of updates was to make it easier for you to locate the reports, videos, webinars and other information you want and need.

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How I’m Going To Catch A 40lb Bass From The Beach This Season

40lb striper cape cod beaches

I feel that by saying I am going to catch a 40lb bass from the beach this season, I automatically increase the odds of it occurring.

It’s the Law Of Attraction, in action.

Of course fish do as they please, and I understand that there are no guarantees in fishing.  Mother Nature will make the final decision.

Regardless, I want to share with you how I plan to catch a 40lb bass from the beach this season, because I feel my plan can help you in your own pursuits.

Plus it’s fun to dream, wouldn’t you agree!?

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3 Simple Cape Cod Fishing Trips To Cure Your Case Of Cabin Fever


Thank goodness spring is nearly here because many of us are suffering from a bad case of cabin fever. However, cold air temperatures and a thick sheet of ice on local ponds means we might still have some waiting left to do.

Yet I can almost smell that first sunny 50 degree day…

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MFCC Podcast Session 011: Interview With Capt. Dave Carraro From Nat Geo’s Wicked Tuna

dave carraro wicked tuna

In this session of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast I interview Captain Dave Carraro of the Dave is also one of the leading captains of National Geographic’s hit TV show Wicked Tuna.

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8 Ways To Catch A 25lb Striper From Your Boat This Spring On Cape Cod

cape cod spring striped bass fishing

If you are like me then you are really starting to chomp at the bit. Spring is right around the corner and so are the fish.

The first migratory striped bass will be on the small side, but soon thereafter we’ll start seeing much larger stripers. Each spring on Cape Cod bass as large as 50 pounds (I’m sure there’s a 60 in there as well) move north to the Cape.
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MFCC Podcast Session 010: Listening To This Is All I Needed Today. What My Dad Can Show You About Fishing With Your Son Or Daughter

fishing family cape cod

In this session of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast I interview MFCC member and longtime Cape Cod native Jake Collins…who is also my Dad!

Why am I interviewing my Dad?
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Video | Anatomy Of A Shallow Water Bass Blitz


Every once in a while on Cape Cod striped bass and bluefish will push bait right up onto the beach. Sometimes acres of fish will feed in just inches of water.

If you are a surfcaster then you know that this is the moment you wait all year for! In this video I will share with you how I was able to experience one of the most insane shallow water bass blitzes I have ever encountered.

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Here’s The Gear You Need For Spring Fishing On Cape Cod

cape cod canal fishing reel gear

I think the first episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV got a lot of people excited for spring saltwater fishing on Cape Cod, because the emails and messages about what gear I most recommend for spring-time fishing keep on coming in! This is excellent and I am really happy that people are so excited about the upcoming 2014 saltwater fishing season, which is really right around the corner.

This post is going to contain zero fluff and I am only going to recommend the exact gear that I feel is best to use during the spring on Cape Cod.
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