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Receive Information About The Areas You Most Like To Fish

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I am happy to announce that getting information about the Cape Cod fishing areas which interest you the most, just got a bunch easier.

Follow the below 2 steps and you will be well on your way.

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2 Places To Find A Keeper Striper From Shore This Week On Cape Cod


As of right now the weather for this week is looking pretty reasonable. Unless the forecast changes (as it often does!) we might receive a day or two of “balmy” southwest winds.

If you want to catch at least one more keeper striper from shore on Cape Cod, then I feel this is the week to do it. In this post I’ll share with you a few places worth checking out over the next several days.

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Cape Cod Striped Bass Fishing Report for October 20


Before I dive into this post, I want to let you know that I am thinking of hosting an in-person fishing class before the weather turns too cold. Topics covered would include how to work certain plugs like pencil poppers, how to fish a live eel and virtually anything you may personally be interested in learning.

If you feel you may be interested in attending an in-person fishing class with me, then please let me know by entering your name and email here and I will get in touch with you regarding the details. Thanks!

In other news it’s a pretty exciting time to be fishing here on Cape Cod. In this report I’ll highlight the most exciting stuff that’s going on now.

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It’s Time We Made Cape Cod’s Environment A Priority | PLEASE READ

clear cutting mid cape highway cape cod

A couple of weeks ago I was driving down the mid-Cape highway as I often do. I spend a lot of time on this stretch of road en route to Cape Cod’s beaches, bays, harbors and estuaries because I like to go fishing.

On this day I noticed a clear cutting operation going on and I watched in utter disbelief as I saw tree after tree being cut down. This sparked me to act immediately, and the result is the information presented in this blog post.

If you care about Cape Cod’s natural environment, I urge you to read on.

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10 Reasons Why September Is My Favorite Month For Fishing Cape Cod

cape cod sunset 2014

During September mornings are cooler, but the fishing can be hot.

September is a special month for fishing on Cape Cod. The seasons begin to change and in many areas, the fishing begins to improve.

September is the start of my favorite time of the year. I feel an exciting energy permeating through me.

Call me crazy but I love September, and here’s why.

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8 Steps To Fishing The Cape Cod Canal With Young Children

New saltwater fisherman Kyle Connors caught this small sea bass while fishing the Canal with me a couple weeks ago.

One way my Dad got me hooked on fishing was by taking me to the Cape Cod Canal on Sunday evenings when I was between the ages of 6 and 10 years old.

No we did not jig or plug for big stripers, but we did catch a ton of small bottom fish that kept me occupied and very engaged, despite my young age.

In this post I want to share with you 8 steps for fishing the Canal with young children. However be careful because you just may get the young kids in your life hopelessly addicted to fishing – which is exactly what happened to me!

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If You Fish The Canal, You Need To See This


I saw something amazing yesterday while cruising through the Cape Cod Canal in my boat.

In this post I’ll tell you exactly what I saw.

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3 Ways To Catch A Big Striper This Week At The Cape Cod Canal

night fishing cape cod canal

As a teenager my most productive Canal trips happened during the night in July.

It’s the end of July and often the striped bass fishing action at the Cape Cod Canal slows way down. However this has been an interesting season so far at the Big Ditch and there’s reason to believe the fishing might actually get better as August approaches.

Right now I feel you will have an excellent chance of hooking a good fish at the Canal, granted you put in the time and effort. There’s been some good fish taken recently and at odd hours too, like smack dab during the middle of the day, when the sun is high in the sky.

In this post I’ll share with you three ways you can catch a big striper this week fishing the Cape Cod Canal.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | July 19

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A lot of folks were somewhat pessimistic about this past spring at the Cape Cod Canal. Compared to the previous few springs, this past May and June were not quite as productive. The easy “blitz” fishing of years past just didn’t materialize as many had hoped and expected.

The good news is that for those who are still sticking it out at the Canal, the fish are finally cooperating.

In this report I will share what I know has been happening recently down at the Big Ditch. If you’re able to fish the Canal this weekend and coming week, I feel you will have as good a chance as any of hooking up.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report For July 15

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After staying up for 36 straight hours, I am happy to report that after last night’s snooze, I am back in business and all caught up on sleep. There has been a lot happening in the Cape Cod fishing world over the past 72 hours and in this report I will share with you the best of what’s been going on.

The wind is blowing like crazy right now but I feel that the weather will improve later this week and into this weekend. If you are planning on fishing Cape Cod from a boat, then I feel this report will be very valuable to you.

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