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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | July 19

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A lot of folks were somewhat pessimistic about this past spring at the Cape Cod Canal. Compared to the previous few springs, this past May and June were not quite as productive. The easy “blitz” fishing of years past just didn’t materialize as many had hoped and expected.

The good news is that for those who are still sticking it out at the Canal, the fish are finally cooperating.

In this report I will share what I know has been happening recently down at the Big Ditch. If you’re able to fish the Canal this weekend and coming week, I feel you will have as good a chance as any of hooking up.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report For July 15

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After staying up for 36 straight hours, I am happy to report that after last night’s snooze, I am back in business and all caught up on sleep. There has been a lot happening in the Cape Cod fishing world over the past 72 hours and in this report I will share with you the best of what’s been going on.

The wind is blowing like crazy right now but I feel that the weather will improve later this week and into this weekend. If you are planning on fishing Cape Cod from a boat, then I feel this report will be very valuable to you.

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The Simplest Way To Catch A Striper At The Cape Cod Canal

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From jigging to eeling, fishing cut bait and plugging, there is certainly no shortage of different ways to catch a striped bass at the Cape Cod Canal. So many ways actually, that it can be rather intimidating if you’re new to fishing the Big Ditch.

Whether in fishing or life, I feel it is best to keep things as simple as possible. In this post I am going to share with you a simple, and what I believe is the easiest, way to catch a striper at the Cape Cod Canal.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report June 27

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I spent a fair amount of time this week hanging around the Cape Cod Canal, on foot and on my boat. I am happy to report that I witnessed a fair amount of life.

In this brief Canal fishing report, I want to share with you what I observed, in hopes that it may help you tie into a good Canal fish over the next several days.

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The 10 Most-Stunning Things I’ve Experienced While Fishing Cape Cod

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Yesterday I took some friends from Minnesota out on my boat. We did some fishing and explored numerous sand bars, tidal pools and other areas that essentially feel like home to me.

The surprise, excitement and curiosity that this experience sparked in these people from Minnesota really struck me, and I realized that not many people get the opportunity to see and experience the side of Cape Cod that I often take for granted.

In this post I want to share with you 10 of the most-stunning things I have experienced while fishing Cape Cod, because I would like for more people to realize and understand just how incredible this environment truly is.

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5 Things Experienced Cape Cod Canal Fisherman Do, To Catch Big Fish

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The Cape Cod Canal can be an intimidating place to fish if you have never fished it before. There are odd currents, confusing tides, unforgiving bottom, back cast-snagging bushes and trees, barnacle laden rocks, slippery sea weed and a variety of other odds and ends which make fishing the Canal a challenge.

Toss in the occasional whale, dolphins, tuna, ocean sunfish, sunken tug boat, old dynamite crevasses, basking sharks, seals, weasels, the dancing cowboy and many other interesting characters and you truly have yourself a unique place to wet a line.

I grew up 2 miles from the Canal, and throughout that time, have witnessed certain things that really experienced Canal fishermen do on a regular basis, which I believe leads to their fishing success. In this post I am going to share with you 5 of the most prominent things experienced Canal rats do that helps them routinely catch big striped bass at the Cape Cod Canal.

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Here’s What Happened This Week Fishing On Cape Cod

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There is a lot of life infiltrating the Cape’s waters right now. This past week I encountered everything from scup to squid, striped bass to horseshoe crabs, tautog and sea herring and many other species.

I saw some of the first keeper striped bass of the season and heard a few rumors of fish at the Canal. Overall I had an excellent week, and I hope you did too!

In this Cape Cod fishing report I will recap everything I experienced this past week in hopes that it’ll help you make the most of your fishing this weekend.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | May 5

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I just had one heck of a weekend! Yesterday I had a wonderful time at the My Fishing Cape Cod Breakfast (thanks everyone for coming!) and the day before I saw striped bass swirling on the surface for the first time all season.

One of the side benefits of yesterday’s MFCC breakfast was that I was able to talk to a lot of you about what you’ve been seeing and hearing, with regards to the Cape Cod Canal. I know a few of you even fished the Canal before coming over to the breakfast.

In this report I will recap all the information I have been fortunate to have gleaned from MFCC members regarding the Canal, and I will also report on my own experiences down at the Canal this past weekend.

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3 Lethal Spring-Time Lures For Fishing The Cape Cod Canal

cape cod canal fishing lures

There’s about a million different plugs and lures that will work to catch striped bass at the Cape Cod Canal. You could drive yourself bananas trying to sort through them all.

The good news is that the fish still happily bite the same plugs and lures that worked decades ago. Just because some new and fancy lure is sweeping the market, doesn’t mean that old faithful plugs and lures won’t get the job done.

So with that in mind I wanted to share with you 3 lethal lures that I will be using this spring when fishing the Cape Cod Canal.

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Fishing The Cape Cod Canal During Winter


Most everyone knows that the Cape Cod Canal is a good place to target fish during the warm months. However fish like cod, whiting and pollack do inhabit the Cape during the winter. Could it be possible to catch a few of these fish right now at the Big Ditch?

Recently I decided to bundle up and give the Canal a shot, despite the wintry temperatures.

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