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Fishing The Cape Cod Canal During Winter


Most everyone knows that the Cape Cod Canal is a good place to target fish during the warm months. However fish like cod, whiting and pollack do inhabit the Cape during the winter. Could it be possible to catch a few of these fish right now at the Big Ditch?

Recently I decided to bundle up and give the Canal a shot, despite the wintry temperatures.

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5 “Five-Minute or Less” Canal Fishing Tips That Yield Big Results. Especially #5

cape cod canal fishing tips

Lately I’ve been talking with many people who fish the Cape Cod Canal. Some are beginners while others have decades of Canal fishing experience.

Throughout these conversations I’ve noticed several little things that are yielding big results for beginners and experienced folks alike. I wanted to share those little things that are working for these people (and me too!) with you today.

Let’s dive right in…

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MFCC Podcast Session 008: Cape Cod Canal Interviews

cape cod canal fishing interviews

In this session of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast I interview MFCC member Brian Dongelewic and Jeff Miller from Canal Bait and Tackle.

Brian is a saltwater fishing rookie, and went from never catching a saltwater fish to landing stripers over 40 inches in just one season. Jeff is a well respected authority on just about everything Canal related, and has been fishing the Canal for years.

I highly recommend listening to this podcast if you are new to fishing the Cape area, especially fishing the Cape Cod Canal.

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October is the Time for Monster Bass, Tuna & other Creatures

cape cod tuna fishing october

Want to hook a tuna from shore? As ridiculous as that may be, now is your best chance to do it. Is there are a 60 pound striper in your future? If there is, then October is probably when it will happen. Looking to encounter a big shark, see a whale close to shore or watch a 500 pound ocean sunfish jump straight clear of the water? Right now’s the time.

Anything can happen during October and you truly never know what you may see.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report for October 9th

cape cod canal fishing report

Cape Cod Canal fishing can be off the charts good, or dry as a desert at this point in the season. October can be a fickle month for sure, as schools of fish migrate south along the coastline and through the Cape Cod Canal into Buzzard’s Bay. [click to continue…]

Exploring Cape Cod’s Nooks & Crannies

surfcasting october cape cod

I let out a deep breath this past weekend while standing beneath a giant cliff that was so high I swear it blotched out the stars. It felt good to be alone on the beach, as it always does.

The crystal clear skies, flat calm conditions and warm temperatures were really the icing on the cake. I was exploring a stretch of coastline I had never before stepped foot on, which has been a common scenario for me this season.

This year I have been branching out, because I have an overwhelming urge to explore Cape Cod’s nooks and crannies. Additionally, I want to learn new areas and catch fish in places I’ve never been before.

There is a big learning curve to conquer when fishing a new area, especially when you are on foot. There’s no sonar or fleet of boats to lead the way. The bass could be right there in the wash, or they could be 20 miles down the beach.

You never know until you start casting.

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So Many Hotspots, So Little Time

cape cod striped bass fishing shore beaches

I set off Tuesday evening as a brisk northwest wind blew down over Cape Cod. Just before sunset the breeze was around 15 knots and I could already tell it was going to be a very cool and refreshing night. I had the entire night ahead of me and soon a nearly full moon would be rising in the east. At this time of the year anything could happen.

Due to the wind direction I knew that any beaches that faced north may be “munged up.” Strong onshore breezes often push sea weed and other debris in towards the beach, which can make effective surfcasting impossible. I decided to check out some areas before sunset so that I could gauge how much of an issue sea weed would or would not be.

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Little Known Ways to Catch Big Bass at the Cape Cod Canal during July

fishing the cape cod canal at night july

Click here for the latest Cape Cod Canal fishing report.

Seven years ago this July Fourth I was a 20 year old kid with a big decision to make. Should I go to the Plymouth waterfront and watch the fireworks, or fish the Cape Cod Canal? It was a perfectly flat calm and clear evening which made the decision fairly easy. I called my buddies and told them I was going fishing.

My first Canal fishing spot of the evening was a little hole towards the East End of the Canal, right by the Scusset Beach fish pier.

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Big Bass in the Big Ditch | May 24 Canal Report

cape cod canal east fishing

Torrential rain and heavy wind is a good way of describing conditions this morning at the Cape Cod Canal. I almost felt foolish as I stood there on the rocks, getting pelted in the face by wind whipped H20.

Nevertheless I felt like my chances at connecting with a decent bass were pretty good. I knew there was a large biomass of fish somewhere in Buzzards Bay, just waiting to push through. Would today be the day they decided to make their move? Only time would tell.

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Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report | May 10

cape cod canal fishing report

With each passing day more bass, and larger bass, are filtering into Cape Cod’s bays, sounds, harbors, estuaries and of course the Canal. Right now is an awesome time to be a striped bass fishermen. It’s an even better time to fish Cape Cod from the surf. We might as well enjoy these near-shore opportunities while we have them, because stripers will be harder to find in these close-to-shore haunts once the heat of July and August settles in.

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