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MFCC Chronicles: Arena Alta Wildlife Village & Reserve, Costa Rica

Kevin Collins

MFCCC has gone international! In this episode we interview Noah Werner, a former New Englander who is now located in Costa Rica.

Noah goes into detail about his wildlife village and reserve, Arena Alta, and also shares what life and fishing is like in Playa Zancudo Costa Rica.

This is the same area of Costa Rica where Ryan is right now. Over the years Ryan and Noah have become friends, with both of them sharing a common interest in fishing.


arena alta wildlife village sunset playa zancudo

This picture was taken at sunset from Playa Zancudo beach, which is located a short walk from the Arena Alta Wildlife Village & Reserve.

This episode may be of particular interest to anyone who's interested in owning property in a rural and relatively untouched area of Costa Rica with a large amount of natural biodiversity and wildlife.

You can listen to our chat with Noah by clicking play below 👇

arena alta wildlife village and reserve entrance

This new entrance into the Arena Alta Wildlife Village & Reserve.

Our mission with the new Chronicles podcast is to share the magic of Cape Cod through through interviews with local experts and members of the Cape Cod fishing community.

Each Chronicles episode will last around 25 minutes, and will include a written transcription of the podcast for people who prefer to read instead of listen. 

Episodes of the Chronicles can also be listened to on iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever else you get your podcasts! 

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