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Black Sea Bass Fishing Has Been “On Fire”

Ryan Collins

Over the past 7 days I've made three separate trips for black sea bass and they have all been amazingly productive, with quick limits of sea bass as large as 24 inches in length.

In fact on May 31st, during a My Fishing Cape Cod group trip, we even encountered blitzing fish, with sea bass surface feeding under birds for as far as the eye could see!

These fish have moved in shallow to spawn and they won't be around for too much longer. If you want a chance at a "State Pin" size sea bass, then right now is the time to go.


May 29th | Scouting For Sea Bass

Kevin Collins (pictured above) is the host and producer of our weekly members-only podcast, which covers fishing reports for the Cape region. He's all business in these photos, but trust me he does smile from time to time.

Back on May 29th my cousin Kevin (pictured above - who is also the host of our podcast) and I headed out to do some scouting around for sea bass. I had a TV shoot scheduled for the next day, so I wanted to make sure I knew where the big sea bass were hiding.

Fortunately we found the motherload of 20 inch plus sea bass within an hour of leaving the dock. It took a little searching around, but the fishing was lights out once we reached the area shown in the map below.

May 30th | TV Shoot With Goose Hummock Shops

Just before sunrise on May 30th I met MFCC TV director/produce Shane Uriot, our cameraman Evan Schneider, and Sam Brown, PJ and Tyler from the Goose Hummock Shops at the boat ramp pictured below.

What do you think?

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  1. I was out in BBay the past two nights from 1800-2000 and caught numerous black sea bass in the low 20″. The biggest one was 23.5″ definitely still a hot bite out there.

    1. Thanks Brent, may go there tomorrow.

    2. Nice Brent! Glad to hear you got into them.

  2. Ryan, hoping to look for BSB Monday. Is B Bay still hot and how about CC Bay?
    Got a nice Tog, 17” in CC Bay Friday.

    1. Nice job with that tog! I’ve also seen a few nice sea bass come from Cape Cod Bay the past week, but I’m not sure where exactly they were caught. BBAY still has good sea bass action 🎣

  3. Great blog Ryan! I had a chance to catch lots of Sea Bass with my brother over Memorial Day weekend. They are delicious! I just saw the commercial for Goose Hummock! Great work!

    1. Awesome Leslie! They are delicious and they are also great fighter! Tight lines 🎣

  4. Awesome article. I keep telling myself I’m going to drop the boat in BB and get in on this bite. Just hasn’t worked yet. Hopefully I can get kit before they disperse

    1. I hope so too Billy, however they are also being caught in Cape Cod Bay now, so who knows – they might be in your neck of the woods too.

  5. Hey Ryan, just read your entire post and I think my previous question was answered.

    1. Roger that 👍🏻

  6. Ryan, I hope to go out later this week for BSB. What depths in that B Bay area should I be searching?

  7. How long do you think this hot spell will last with BSB in BB?

    Where could one launch and fish a kayak for BSB?

    1. I think the real big sea bass will be around for another 10 days. After that I would expect the size of the sea bass to decrease, as the big ones move back further offshore.

      I’ll private message you in the forum with a link to where you could launch a kayak. 👍🏻


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