April 15 2021

My First Cape Cod Canal Cruise of 2021


Last weekend on Saturday April 10th I splashed our family's boat the Miss Loretta. For this trip I was with my dad Jake and my friend Garet.

We purchased a new 150hp Evinrude Etech at the end of last season, so our goal for this trip was to just make sure everything ran smoothly.

Our secondary goal was to just check things out along the canal and enjoy our first boat cruise of the year. It was a bit chilly on the water but it felt pretty good to be back out there!


Cruising The Canal

For this trip we launched at the Sandwich Marina at the Cape Cod Canal's east end. Unlike the busy summer season, we were the only people launching our boat and the marina was very quiet.

It was about 9 in the morning as we passed by Fishermen's View Seafood Market & Restaurant. All was quiet at the restaurant as their staff awaited the arrival of one of their offshore lobster boats.

When boating in this area, it is important to remember that the Cape Cod Canal is a major shipping route, and upon leaving the marina we were greeted by a massive barge and tug.

As a recreational boater you definitely need to give these barges and other large ships plenty of room as they have the right-of-way. 

I spotted several people fishing as we approached the Scusset Jetty at the canal's east entrance. It's still very early in the season for fishing at the canal, but I applaud their effort!

We passed over Pip's Rip as we exited the east end. You can see in the sonar shot below how the bottom undulates in this area. There are many "holes" like this throughout the length of the Cape Cod Canal.

As you can see from the sonar shot above, the water temperature was 45.6 degrees F. Throughout our canal cruise we recorded temperatures between 43.5-46.4 degrees.

We gave a half-hearted try for mackerel outside the east end of the canal. We did not fish for long and I did not mark any mackerel on the sonar. 

I personally feel we'll start to see a lot more life moving into the Cape's waters once the water temperature hits 50 degrees. The month of May is usually a pretty good bet for mackerel in this area.

Eventually we turned around and headed back for the marina. The boat was running fine and we had gotten our first taste of being back on the water. It had been a successful first trip!

I hope this brief post created a little nostalgia and melancholic memories of time spent at the canal. Spring has arrived and I know many people reading this will visit the canal at some point this season.

As always I would like to wish you good luck if you head out fishing this week. Freshwater fishing is a great option right now and it won't be long until the saltwater scene really gets going.

Please stay tuned to our blog as well as our forum for the latest updates. If you have any questions or comments, then please feel free to leave me a message by commenting below.

Tight lines! ?

What do you think?

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About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • your browns and ours out here look to be about the same size! I bet they came from the same hatchery!!

    • LOL, yes you are probably correct! I’m not sure where the browns on Cape came from, but I’d say there’s a good chance they originated from the same hatchery. Good luck if you head out fishing this weekend!

  • 50+ degrees is the right temperature for the fish to arrive and bite and for this old timer to get out on the water! I have lived in Plymouth for 10+ years and found that to be the magic number for the fish (mackerel, flounder, tautog, etc.) to show up and start to bite, and for this old (84+ years) body to survive out on the water!

  • Nice Ryan! I have great memories of riding through the Canal on my dads boat. It’s a beautiful ride.

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