The Cape Cod Canal eCourse

8 lessons to help you become a better Canal angler.

Canal eCourse part 1 | Must Know Cape Cod Canal Lingo
If you are serious about learning how to catch striped bass at the Cape Cod Canal, then it's important to[...]
eCourse part 2 | An Overview of the Cape Cod Canal
The Cape Cod Canal is a very interesting place to wet a line. Actually, I really cannot think of a[...]
eCourse 3 | Bass Blitz Breakdown
Over the past few decades the Canal has become famous for it's bass blitzes. These are the days when thousands[...]
eCourse part 4 | Tips on Targeting 40 Plus Pound Bass at the Big Ditch
I'd be lying if I told you that catching a 40 plus pound striper from the Canal happens regularly. For[...]
eCourse 5 | Understanding Tides
The Cape Cod Canal has some of the strongest tides on all of Cape Cod.During extreme weather situations the current[...]
eCourse 6 | How to Avoid Losing Gear
A lot of folks, myself included, have lost tons of gear to the Canal's bottom. In some areas the bottom[...]
eCourse 7 | Night Fishing during the Dog Days of Summer
During May and June the Canal sees a lot of migrating striped bass. Big pushes of bass occur every week[...]
eCourse 8 | The Cows of Late October and Early November
During the Fall large schools of striped bass use the Canal as conduit to the south. Just like in the[...]
Ryan Collins
My Fishing Cape Cod

About the Author

I started fishing Cape Cod when I was 5 and have been hooked ever since! I have my Dad to thank for that. We fished for years out of a 12 foot aluminum skiff powered by a 6hp. We chased stripers, bluefish and even tuna in that thing. I feel in love with the Cape Cod fishing lifestyle, and as a result My Fishing Cape Cod was born. MFCC was created for people who love fishing on Cape Cod. It is a place to learn and to share the fishing experience with others. Good luck, tight lines, and be sure to remember that catching fish is always just a bonus!

“I just want to share a thanks to all on this site, and the wonderful contributors who help out newbies to the canal like me. I have spent most of my surf fishing life from Cape beaches (especially Nauset) and the north shore. But with a recent move closer to the Cape (and the amount of seals on the outer beaches) I made a decision to focus on the canal to fish.I have never fished the canal until this week, and with the help of all of the info on this site, the forums and the members, I didn't feel lost, out of place or intimidated by the ditch."

Robert Cavicchio
Jane Smith

Thank you for all the work you do and information you provide-it has helped me more than you know. I've grown up my whole life fishing the North Shore, mainly the Merrimack River and Plum Island beaches/estuaries. A few months ago things cooled down up that way so I took my first trip to the canal and was immediately hooked-probably because it was a new challenge and something I could set my mind to. With help of lots of research/trial and error, and the MFCC Canal Forum, I have found multiple favorite spots, techniques, etc. which led to me catching just shy of 20 keeeper-size bass this year from the canal, which were all c&r.

Riley McLaughlin
Shane Melaugh