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i just can't say enough good things

I'd been following MFCC via email and Facebook for several months, before deciding to join. I think the MFCC site is AWESOME! Now that I'm a member, I'm sure I will enjoy the increased content that much more.

Jonas Moscartolo - Member since 2016

I want to thank everyone in the forum for their advice. It was SO helpful. I have been having a blast kayak fishing this season!

John Lapenta - Member since 2014

You'll improve your fishing skills and knowledge of Cape Cod.

Ryan has forgotten more about fishing than many of us will ever know. He’s a student and always learning - and sharing information. His knowledge of Cape Cod - from the surf to the bays to the ocean - plus his knowledge of the species, means he’ll be able to get you on fish. You’ll come away with some great memories - but also improve your fishing skills and knowledge of Cape Cod.

Bob Flaherty - Member since April of 2018

Your site has been a huge factor in helping me.

First of all, thank you for all the work you do and information you provide-it has helped me more than you know. I've grown up my whole life fishing the North Shore, mainly the Merrimack River and Plum Island beaches/estuaries.

Riley McLaughlin - Member since June 2016

You made my summer!

I owe my success to Ryan and others who have advised me through MFCC. Until this season I had never surf fished in June and this was my "bucket list" trip. I cannot thank you all enough.

David Stetson - Member since 2014

Our trip to Cuttyhunk was a great time.

What impresses me most about MFCC is the quality people that you meet on the site. All posts in the forum are friendly, helpful, and show a desire to connect with nature and others through fishing.

Dex Chadsey - Member since 2013

I look forward to long time membership!

I just wrapped up an incredible Cape Cod vacation and wanted to thank you for the terrific info/instructions you provide!

I met friendly and helpful people during my canal trips, and was amazed at the valuable information forum members provided. I look forward to long time membership!

Paul Davey & Family - Member since January 2019

Thanks for helping me catch tuna!

I joined My Fishing Cape Cod when I first moved to the Cape. Over the next three seasons I caught my first bluefin, followed by 9 more tunas from 60 to 85 inches. I owe a big thank you to MFCC, captain Cullen of Cape Star Charters, and the many others who helped me get started.

Captain Bob Hovey - Owner, Troll Naked Apparel

You've helped my son build up his confidence as a fisherman.

Ryan - you've helped my son build up his confidence as a fisherman. I am not sure you really know what type of impression you have made on him. THANK YOU!

Kristin Walton

I can't say enough about My Fishing Cape Cod.

Between my group fishing trip last summer with captain Cullen, and my most recent surfcasting trip with Ryan, I've had some amazing experiences with MFCC. The trips, community and website have been a ton of fun.

Steve Davis - Member since 2016

I caught 34 stripers!

Just got back from 2 days fishing up in Falmouth. This was my first time ever striper fishing, and I just wanted to thank you for all the info you post because it totally made the difference. I had a blast, and in 2 days I caught 34 stripers. Thank you again for all the pointers!

Mark Proch

I'm happy to be a member! 

Thanks to My Fishing Cape Cod, I have met a bunch of really great fishermen. I never would have met these people without being part of MFCC. Thank you Ryan for running this gig. I'm sure it's more work than any of us realize, but it's such a great thing you do for the community.

Gary Routenberg - Member since 2016

I've caught 4 stripers over 40 inches.

Thanks to the help of your site I have gone from trying to catch my first keeper, to having caught four fish over 40 inches, all in less than a year at the canal.

Jame Stewart - Member since January 2017

Ryan answered all of my questions and heightened my passion for fishing

Being relatively inexperienced at fishing, spending time with Ryan and tapping into his vast knowledge has been wonderful. Ryan answered all of my questions and heightened my passion for fishing, without treating me like an amateur.

Jeanne Smallcomb - Member since July 2017

This site is outrageous!

Ryan, this site is outrageous! I could spend a month just watching the videos and reading the stories about the canal. I was expecting just a fishing report about various locations on the Cape that would give me a heads up in regards to spots to fish, methods and equipment to use-but I can see that MFCC is much more. I am really impressed with your site and will recommend it to others.

John Liss - Plum Island Surfcasters

One Of My Most Memorable Fishing Experiences Ever

Thank you for helping me put together a plan for the handful of days I was on Cape Cod. On my first night I hiked from Inman Beach to Swan River with great luck landing blues and stripers, using techniques mentioned throughout the website.

Daniel J. McCaffrey - Member since 2016

MFCC is worth every penny.

Thanks for continuing to upgrade My Fishing Cape Cod and reinvesting in the Members. The monthly dues are worth every penny.

Jay Walpole - Cape Cod Salties/MFCC member since 2015

The best investment I have ever made was to join My Fishing Cape Cod, and take a guided surfcasting tour with Ryan.

As a novice saltwater fisherman, I've had limited success from shore. The best investment I have ever made was to join My Fishing Cape Cod, and take a guided surfcasting tour with Ryan. It was my best day of fishing I've ever had in fresh or saltwater.

Nate Curran - Member since October 2017

I have learned practically everything I know about Striper fishing from your blog, and from other members on the site.

Ryan, I just wanted to reiterate how much I value the site you have created. I also value the ability to share my own success and failures with others throughout the season. My wife makes fun of me because I don’t do social media….except when it comes to MFCC when she frequently says… “are you on the fishing site again?!?”

Michael Tarnoff - Tufts University School of Medicine/MFCC Member since 2015

Try the $1 month membership and test it out for yourself. I did, and fishing has never been better.

I joined MFCC because I wanted to get back into ocean fishing and surfcasting. After doing the trial one month membership and viewing the information and videos on the MFCC webpage, I knew this site was very different. Ryan gives all the members the ability to actively enjoy the membership by learning on their own, but also by going on fishing trips to meet other members and learn from Ryan and the other professional captains that work with him. Ryan has given me the opportunity to get the most out of my fishing experiences. If you enjoy fishing and want to become part of the MFCC community, try out the $1 month membership and test it out for yourself. I did and fishing has never been better.

Mike Marcus - Member since 2017

Thanks from a Canal newbie

Thanks to everyone on this site who help out Canal newbies like me. I had never fished the Canal until this week, and with the info on this site, the forums, and the members, I didn't feel lost or intimidated by the "Big Ditch."

Robert Cavicchio - Member since 2015

I love this site!

I love this site! Where else can you post a question, get a response, and yield success in a 2 hour window? Thanks for helping me catch my first striper on my fly rod!

Steve Kwietniak - Member since January 2015

We got an incredible amount of intel about where to fish, where to park and where to eat.

I’ve been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod for the last four years. This year, I decided to switch things up a bit and plan a June kayak fishing trip to the Brewster flats. I reached out to the MFCC community and the response was overwhelming. We got an incredible amount of intel about where to fish, where to park and where to eat. One of the members invited us to join him for an outing fishing the incoming tide on the flats. We had a blast! I just wanted to let everyone know what a valuable and generous resource we found MFCC to be. Keep up the great work!

John Lapenta - Member since 2014

Today my son and I landed 2 schoolies where you told us to go.

Hi Ryan,

Back in February my son and I came the breakfast that you hosted. I told you that we had not had much success catching stripers, and you gave us some suggestions. Today my son and I landed 2 schoolies where you told us to go.

Thank you for your help and insight!

Dave Peling - Member since 2019

Thank you for your generous donations throughout 2019 totaling $600.00!

We are thrilled that you see the value in helping struggling parents raise thriving babies. We greatly appreciate you joining our mission to make that happen by supporting A Baby Center! By assisting over 1,500 children from low income households on Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard last year and donating over 250,000 free diapers to keep babies healthy and well, it is clear that the need is great in our local community. Because of kind donations such as yours, each visit our clients not only receive critical health and wellness items such as supplemental diapers, wipes and formula, but are also invited to select from our donated inventory of gently used clothing, equipment and other baby care items. Thank you for caring enough to make a difference in the future of the babies we serve!

Robin Hayward - Director - A Baby Center, Cape Cod

Thanks for striving to give members a high quality experience!

Since joining MFCC I’ve been inundated by the wealth of knowledge and generosity of the members who share the same passion as me. Being a teenager with a small fishing network, MFCC has been a dream come true as fellow members have given me the opportunity to not only grow in the sport, but to also give back to the sport.

Nick Beltramini - Member since May 2019

My approach and game plan has greatly improved, especially at the canal.

Thank you Ryan for the information you provide on My Fishing Cape Cod. Your website and team has allowed me to accumulate years of knowledge in a short time, and has brought more enjoyment to my fishing at the canal and surf. Catching fish is a bonus, but knowing I am well positioned for the fish of a lifetime is exciting and makes my time on the water more enjoyable.

My wife and I look forward to retiring on the Cape in a few years and I look forward to my toughest decisions being to fish, golf, or join my wife at the beach. Thank you for all you do and please keep the same approach you have now, no matter how big My Fishing Cape Cod may get. Your approach and sincerity in what you do serves you well in my opinion.

Ed Barron - Member since July 2016

The amount of information Ryan's made available to members is unbelievable!

Paul Morgan - Joined MFCC in 2012

I never miss a posting!

I went from never catching a striper to catching them in my own neighborhood with the guidance from Ryan and this site. The reports read like good journalism-especially with the photos & videos.

Jane Simpson - Member since 2012

I’ve learned a lot from the MFCC site over the past few years.

Having the opportunity to spend several hours on the boat with Ryan was another excellent learning (and catching) experience. Ryan is an excellent teacher and he does it in such a way where you don’t feel silly for not already knowing how to do something – whether it is applying a certain technique, or simply forgetting to use your thumb to guide line back on to the reel properly. I learned 2-3 new techniques and now have a lot more confidence in my ability to find and catch fish.

Drew Hamilton - Member since 2013

The members in the forum are great!

Last week I posted about some extra fishing gear I was hoping to sell, and so far I've already sold 2 rods and 3 reels. The members in the forum are great!

Jeff Coates - Member since 2014

This is such a wonderful community!

I will start by saying this is such a wonderful community, and I have already learned so much from many of you-thank you all for that!

I wanted to take the time to shout out Capt. Steve Leary, an MFCC member. A few buddies and I were headed to the Cape this week to relax and do some fishing. One friend of ours suffered a spinal injury and is in a wheelchair.

This posed a few concerns for getting out on the water, but Capt. Steve and Capt. John of the Lucky Lady II couldn’t have made it a better experience. We reached out to Capt. Steve in advance, and he was quick to find us a boat that would accommodate us. Within hours of speaking with Capt. Steve we had a charter booked and were in great hands.

We had a great day on the water with Capt. John and his mate Blake. Caught lots of big blue fish, and schoolies. We also had the pleasure of meeting Capt. Steve before we headed out, thanks again Capt. Steve you’re the man! And thank you Ryan, and the MFCC community for all the resources and great people available to us all!

John Patrick - Member since June 2019

I owe a ton to Ryan and the My Fishing Cape Cod community!

Without My Fishing Cape Cod (and my best bud coercing me into switching over to salt water fishing) I probably wouldn’t have moved to south Plymouth to get closer to the fishing grounds I’ve become obsessed with over the last 4 years or so. I owe a ton to Ryan and the My Fishing Cape Cod community & it’s evident that plenty of other MFCC members feel the same way. #tightlines #capecodforlife

Nicholas Caparell - Member since 2017

You guys are awesome!

Thanks to tips from Ryan I was able to catch my first striped bass this past summer. Suffice it to say that I'm hooked on surfcasting. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Joe Kovacs - Member since 2015

MFCC is my great escape!

I work as a detective, and with all the horrible encounters that I manage daily, it is so nice to unwind while reading the MFCC site. Keep up the good work!

Cheyenne - Member since 2018

Awesome place - I wish I found it earlier.

I guess I didn’t expect this place to be that fantastic, with real anglers and enthusiasts, with so much content and activity (sharing and discussions. etc). Awesome place - I wish I found it earlier.

Marius Limbus - Member since 2020

I finally caught my first fish on the Cape!

Ryan, after years trying to surf fish (and using everything you suggested) I finally caught my first fish on the Cape!

Linda Flowers - New Cape Cod Angler

It's a big one Dad!

Just wanted to say thanks to Ryan and My Fishing Cape Cod. My family and I spent the weekend at Smugglers Beach and all the advice and tips that Ryan provided were very helpful in catching stripers. My son was most impressed when I pulled that first striper from the ocean. It was especially nice meeting some of the local anglers, and just talking about fishing like I had known them forever. Then to top it all off we stopped at the Canal on the way home. On my second cast I hooked up with a nice one, as my son was jumping and yelling "It's a big one Dad" - Great times!

Donald Hayes - Member since January 2017

My Fishing Cape Cod is a fisherman's dream.

Having fished my entire life, I have been looking for a place to learn, share, and grow with other people who share this passion. Whether I am checking the forum/blog from work in my morning routine or listening to the weekly podcast, the amount of information on a daily basis is truly special. The community Ryan built has been a pleasure to be a part of in my first few months as a member!

John Steele - MFCC member since May of 2018

The openness and information available for fishermen is unreal.

MFCC has such a unique fishing forum. I really enjoy reading everything at the end of the day - such great info and very entertaining. I look to the expertise of "the MFCC crowd” for advice. Thank you Ryan for creating something we all wanted.

Patrick Vardaro - Member since February 2018

My Fishing Cape Cod has given me the "salt life" that I've yearned for!

Some of the greatest friendships and connections in my life right now are because of My Fishing Cape Cod. All of us have formed incredible life memories and we talk daily- we've all become super close.

I have great pride for MFCC and really respect it. Its brought so many beneficial aspects to my life. It's helped make me the angler I've been striving to be, and honestly given me the "salt life" that I've yearned for!

Matt Linsky - Member since 2015

I've gone from struggling, to catching 100's of stripers per year.

Thank you to Ryan, and all the members of My Fishing Cape Cod. I have only been a member for a couple of years, but I have learned so much from listening to the podcasts, reading the insightful posts, lure suggestions, and all-around great information.

Chris Goguen - Member since 2015

I OWE IT ALL TO My Fishing Cape Cod

Caught a 39 incher at the Sandwhich bulkhead, Thursday 6AM, on a Sebile swimmer in mac color. Biggest I have ever caught and I owe it all to MFCC.

Mark Sullivan - Member since 2014

I’ve been following MFCC since 2016

I want to take a moment and thank you. I’ve been following MFCC since 2016, and all the fish we caught during my recent trip to Monomoy, were caught using techniques I’ve learned from your site. Thanks so much for being part of my learning experience.

Daniel Mccaffrey - My Fishing Cape Codder since 2016

I’m finding MFCC to be an excellent resource between the forums, blogs and videos.

I first discovered MFCC through your television program last year. My dad was excited to share an episode with me since it dealt with our region and the type of fish we liked to target. From that time on we made it a point to watch whenever a new episode would air. A few months back I decided to become a member of MFCC to learn more. Thanks for putting the work in to make content and facilitate this site.

Dave Lavallee - Member since February 2019

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