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Behind the Scenes of Episode #6: Catch & Cook Striped Bass

Lauren Collins

The second season of My Fishing Cape Cod TV is airing every weekend on NBC SportsBOSTON, now through the beginning of March. This season of My Fishing Cape Cod TV has definitely been the year for the Collins women to get on screen!

Last weekend in episode #3, you may remember watching Ryan's mom Kathy as she reeled in some of the biggest stripers of the entire season by trolling the tube and worm.

This weekend in episode #4, we included a "cooking your catch" segment to help give you some ideas for what to do with your catch! Our cooking the catch episode was a lot of fun to film.


I made two recipes for the cameras, with one recipe being very simple and using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. The other recipe is just as easy to make, but uses ingredients you may have to go out and buy.

The first recipe is called "Panko and Parmesan Crusted Striped Bass" and the second recipe is called "Coconut Green Curry Chowder with Striped Bass" - you'll find the recipes for both of these at the bottom of this post. 

Overall I hope this catch and cook episode, as well as Kathy's episode last weekend, helps to get more of the wives and girlfriends to tune-in to the show. It makes me happy to know all you ladies are watching!

Want to know how it all went behind the scenes? Please read on to get a sneak peek, and to download the recipes I used during this episode.

Lights, Camera, Action!

I was pretty nervous about the fact that tens of thousands of households would see my kitchen in all it's glory, so I scrubbed the ever loving daylights out of it.  

What I didn't think about was how the additional camera lighting would quite literally highlight any tiny mess I may have missed!

Tyler (left) and Shane (right) look on as Evan (below) sets up lights in places I never would have thought possible in my kitchen!

Do not cry, Do not cut myself, Do not mess this up.

Giada De Laurentiis and other famous television chefs have an entire crew to prep everything ahead of time. This means that Giada and all those famous TV chefs never have to worry about cutting onions, and potentially crying on camera. 

I do not have a crew of people prepping my meals, so there I was, cutting up an onion, holding my eyes open so hard that I was giving myself a headache, and refusing to give in to that onion (and my tears).

I was faced with a similar predicament when I had to chop up the jalapeño. In my mind, I was thinking "do not cry, do not cut myself, do not mess this up!"

I also didn't think about how many takes Giada and the other famous chef probably have, and how many dishes the crew has to make before it's done perfectly. So naturally I didn't plan for any of that, and only had enough ingredients to make each meal once.  

Thankfully both meals came out great the first time!

I will admit I had to do multiple takes of me squeezing the lemon juice over the fish in slow motion. There was one poor piece of fish that basically ended up with an entire lemon squeezed onto it, so needless to say I ate that one!

Reminder:  I am not a professional

I am no Julia Child (although I wish I was). I'm just a girl who likes to cook!

I am very aware that the way I might mince or chop something may not be "textbook correct", but it works for me!    

I am a self-taught cook inspired by my mom, who can whip up some seriously memorable and delicious meals. My recipes are created by either myself, from my mom, family and friends, or adapted from another recipe I discovered along the way.  

I also tend to go very light on the salt in my recipes, so you may want to add more to your own dishes, but that is up to you, and dependent on your own taste buds.

The Recipes

I decided to go with two different recipes, one being easier with ingredients you probably have, and the other also being easy, but you may have to go buy some of the ingredients - trust me though, it's worth it!

The easiest of the two is a Panko and Parmesan Crusted Bass that is started in a pan to create a really nice crispy and crunchy outside, and is then finished in the oven. Ryan and I had it for dinner that night with some leftover broccoli mac and cheese.

The second dish I made was my personal favorite, Coconut Green Curry Stew with Striped Bass. The chowder is a rich, creamy broth, with sweet corn and jasmine rice, making it a hearty companion for the fish. Even Evan (our main camera guy) who usually doesn't eat fish, wasted no time and gobbled it all up! 

*To print the Green Curry Stew with Striped Bass recipe, click here.

*To print the Panko & Parmesan Crusted Striped Bass, click here.

In Conclusion

Cooking your catch is something that has really caught on the past few years. Not only is it a sustainable way to eat and live, it is also really rewarding to know that what you're putting on your plate is something you personally pulled from the ocean and made yourself.  

This was such a fun experience.  I hope you enjoyed the episode and perhaps I inspired you to try a new dish!

Happy cooking 🍴

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

  1. So many worry’s 🙂 you did great L!

    1. Haha well thank you Igor!

  2. Hey Lauren, just watched the episode (DVR). You did a great job! Man! the curry stew looks so good! I will definitely try that one! So many different flavors that are new to me! Thanks!

    1. Hey Leslie, thanks so much for watching!! The coconut green curry is one of my favorites – perfect for winter too! I hope you give it a try, let me know what you think!

  3. I watched the show on Sunday and really enjoyed the culinary arts presentation. Very tasty looking dishes. I think you need Ryan to make you a big kitchen with a big center island and all the implements you need.

    1. I like your thinking here Gary, sounds like a perfect idea! Thanks so much for watching and I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Totally enjoyed watching you cook the catch. As an avid fisher woman, I too cook my catch often. Loved your simple recipes and plan to utilize them when summer comes around. Look forward to your upcoming shows. Jean

    1. Thanks so much Jean! I will be working on new recipes to add to the site for this upcoming season too!

  5. Thanks for the cooking tips!

    1. Thanks for watching Jim!

  6. Awesome! I’ll be over shortly for dinner! Both recipes look fantastic! Am missing just one ingredient – the fish!! Can’t wait to see more!

    1. Thanks so much Dave!

  7. Hey Lauren!You two are a great combo! One catches the fish the other cooks the fish! Can’t wait to see the episode! Both of these recipes look delicious!

    1. Thanks Leslie!!


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