Sight-Fishing For Spring Tautog From Shore

cape cod tautog fishing from shore

Catching tautog from shore on Cape Cod during the spring is a blast! Plus it is super simple fishing. No expensive gear or boat required.

In this post I'll share with you a quick video overview of the concept, and also provide MFCC members with some locations I feel will produce tautog from shore this spring.​

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Fishing the Cape by Boat | Replay of the 9:30am Bass Pro Fishing Class

glory shot featured

We cover a lot about fishing the Cape by boat in this 1 hour and 10 minute long presentation. In general here are the 4 major items we'll discuss:

  • Spots on Cape Cod to find stripers in your boat
  • How to find striped bass using your sonar and other tools
  • Techniques that work best for striped bass in specific areas around Cape Cod
  • Night fishing from your boat
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Sight Fishing For Stripers At Night | EXTENDED Cape Cod Fishing Report October 30

featured image

(Continued from the report Sight Fishing For Stripers At Night | Cape Cod Fishing Report October 30 )

Seeing that bass, and the phosphorescence which it caused to light up and glow, got my blood pumping. At this time of the season I never know when my last good fish from shore will bite, and here I was with a school of fish directly in front of me in a mere 2-3 feet of water.

Suddenly the school spooked, and the water in front of me went from a deep dark, to a bright neon green. The bio-luminescence fluttered there in the water, much like small shreds of glitter would in the air.

How many more schools of stripers were looming in the darkness on this shallow sandbar?

It was then that it dawned on me that I could walk the bar, and sight cast to fish. It might of been night time, but the bio-luminescence created a sight fishing opportunity similar to fishing during the day.

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2 Easy Access Surfcasting Spots In Provincetown


A common request I received throughout the 2014 season was to provide information about easy-to-access fishing spots. Many people here on MFCC wanted to fish spots where parking was free, simple and easy.

In Provincetown two particular places come to mind. I feel comfortable sharing these productive spots here online because there is plenty of parking, no private property involved and tons of space, so crowding is not an issue.

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Cape Cod Striped Bass Fishing Report for October 20



Before I dive into this post, I want to let you know that I am thinking of hosting an in-person fishing class before the weather turns too cold. Topics covered would include how to work certain plugs like pencil poppers, how to fish a live eel and virtually anything you may personally be interested in learning.

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Surfcasting Cape Cod’s Backside Beaches | Day 2

standing in foam outer cape beach

I watched as a set of breakers rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean towards one of the outer sandbars which ran parallel to the coast, about 50 yards offshore. The third wave in the set, which was the largest, curled at its top and fell forward, pounding hundreds, if not thousands of gallons of water into the sand of the bar.

The crashing breaker produced a sound which bellowed into the evening air and echoed off the dune behind me. The ground on which I stood shook. The process repeated itself, time and time again, for as far as I could see down the beach.

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EXTENDED VIDEO REPORT Surfcasting Cape Cod’s Backside Beaches | Day 2

featured image

(Continued from the report Surfcasting Cape Cod's Backside Beaches | Day 2)

In this video report I'll share with you the scenery and experience of fishing one of Cape Cod's most famous backside beaches.

A few things you'll see include:

  • Stunning vistas of Outer Cape Cod's impressive landscapes
  • The tackle and lures I used for fishing this wild area
  • An explanation of the areas fished and why I feel fishing the backside beaches right now is worth the effort
  • Helpful tips for finding and catching bass along these beaches
  • And some more stuff I am undoubtedly forgetting to include in this list LOL

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Outer Cape Cod Fishing Report | October 16

outer cape cod fishing report surfcasting striped bass

I was feeling restless and I think Lauren could tell. Sometimes I feel an odd, uneasy feeling which permeates through my torso.

Through past experience I've learned the feeling diminishes once I see the ocean and begin walking on the beach.

Lauren understands, so without too much discussion I embarked on a 36 hour, overnight striped bass surfcasting excursion, to the famed beaches of Outer Cape Cod.

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