Fishing the Cape by Boat

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We cover a lot about fishing the Cape by boat in this 1 hour and 10 minute long presentation. In general here are the 4 major items we'll discuss:

  • Spots on Cape Cod to find stripers in your boat
  • How to find striped bass using your sonar and other tools
  • Techniques that work best for striped bass in specific areas around Cape Cod
  • Night fishing from your boat

Post any questions or comments below. Tight lines!

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How to Catch Bass in < 3 Feet of Water Fishing on Cape Cod

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Fishing on Cape Cod during the month of May is my favorite time of the season for targeting striped bass in close to shore.  For whatever reason, bass seem to hug the shoreline more so during May than any other month - at least in the Cape Cod fishing spots I tend to gravitate to.  May is a great time to slap on a pair of waders and stalk stripers in skinny water, often in depths of less than 3 feet.

Because bass are in so tight to shore, the fishing can be pretty exciting.  I still get an adrenaline rush when I see a nice fish swimming by a boulder just a few feet in front of me.  I get a big adrenaline rush when I watch an entire school of stripers cruising through crystal clear water on top of a sandbar.

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Shake Off the Cobwebs this Spring with Bluefish at South Cape Beach

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One of the most exciting parts about spring on Cape Cod is the arrival of bluefish. After a long winter, nothing gets the adrenaline pumping like casting top water plugs to voracious blues off the southside of the Cape.

One of the best areas for this type of fishing is South Cape beach in Mashpee. If you are looking to shake off the fishing cobwebs this spring, then I highly recommend casting top water plugs at Soutch Cape during the month of May.

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Fish Where the Fish are in 2013


First off Happy New Year!  I hope you have a great time tonight ringing in 2013.  Stay safe and have fun.

With 2013 now upon us, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming Cape Cod fishing season.  2012 was a phenomenal year on Cape Cod for striped bass fishing, so I think we have a lot to look forward to in 2013.  Will the fish return in droves?  I suppose only time will tell.

Regardless of whether the fish show up in the same numbers as they did this past season, there will be certain ways that you can maximize your odds of finding them.  Of course in some areas finding fish is as simple as finding the boats.  Love it or hate it, certain Cape Cod fishing spots get pretty busy during the season-resulting in more folks searching for fleets of boats than actually looking for signs of life and trying to "think like a fish" in order to find the bite.

If you are like me then you prefer to not take part in the whole "look for a bent rod and go there" mentality.  For me in this coming 2013 fishing season, I will be focusing on fishing more obscure locations.  I want to head off the beaten path to Cape Cod fishing spots where I'll be the only fishermen for miles.  Believe me these areas still exist, they just require a little extra time and energy to get there.

"Fish where the fish are" seems like a no-brainer.  Yet viewed from a more broad perspective, fishing where the fish are is actually very important and easy to overlook.

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Fall 2012 Tuna and Bass Fishing Forecast

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As mentioned in the last article, I really enjoy this time of the year.  You just never know what is going to happen when you head out on a boat, or hit the sand.

Autumn Bluefin Tuna Fishing

October is a phenomenal year for tuna fishing off Chatham, on Stellwagen Bank and inside Cape Cod Bay.  There will be some seriously big tuna in these areas from now through December.  One of the best ways to target these tuna will be using live or fresh dead bait like whiting, mud hake, mackerel and herring.  The technique that most folks will be using is to anchor up and start chumming.

For most areas you will need at least 400 feet of anchor line with some chain.  I have 20 feet of chain and that has held my 21 foot boat with no problems thus far.  Obviously larger boats will have to compensate accordingly.

There will most likely be fleets of boats on the Cape Cod Bay side of Provincetown, the SWC of Stellwagen Bank and various locales off Chatham.  I'm not all that familiar with fishing for tuna east of Chatham, so if anybody here has experience I'd love to hear about it in the comment section below.  Thank you!

For information on anchoring and chumming click here.

For information on how to catch live whiting click here.

During the fall bluefin tuna can show up surprisingly close to shore.  In recent years hot spots have included the area 5 or so miles east of Plymouth Bay and the area 3-9 miles north east of the Cape Cod Canal's east entrance.  In both areas we have seen dozens upon dozens of tuna of all shapes and sizes.  From 40 pound footballs to 500 plus pound giants.

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Cape Cod’s Early Season Striped Bass Fishing Hot Spots


Could the weather have been any better this winter?

I feel as if the winter never really happened here on Cape Cod, or really anywhere in New England for that matter.  As I write this I am enjoying a nice "spring-like" breeze that is blowing through many of the open windows in the house.  It's 50 plus degrees and sunny at the moment with tomorrow's temperatures expected to be in the mid 60's.  Unreal!

The warm winter weather has kept water temperatures well above normal.  From what I have heard Cape Cod Bay is about 2-3 degrees warmer than usual for this time of the year.  How this will affect the 2012 saltwater fishing season is yet to be determined.

Some folks believe that this year's fishing will be a little off due to the extraordinarily warm winter we have been having.  However all current signs seem to be pointing to the contrary.

I'm really looking forward to this season because it will be my first year of providing in-depth and detailed Cape Cod fishing reports for subscribers to the blog.  To access premium fishing reports during the 2012 season, considering becoming a member.  Right now you can sign up for just $1.

Click here to check it out.

I'm also looking forward to this season because I think the incredibly high amount of whale and dolphin activity this past winter in Cape Cod Bay bodes extremely well for the upcoming striped bass season.

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Surfcasting South Cape Beach for Blitzing Bluefish

fishing spots on cape cod

This article was published during the spring of 2011.

This particular afternoon, now a full decade into the past, was unusually warm by Cape Cod standards.  I recall driving into the South Cape Beach parking lot and noticing how the sun reflected nicely off the white caps that were heaving in at the beach from Vineyard Sound.

The weatherman had nailed the forecast on the sunshine, but had dropped the ball on the wind, which was cranking at around 30 knots.  Grains of sand propelled by the strong breeze stung my cheeks as I made my way down to the water’s edge.  It felt good to hear the waves and smell the salt after such a long harsh winter.

There were birds diving about 30 yards offshore down to my right.  After a quick jaunt I was greeted by hordes of squid and some very enthusiastic sea gulls.  The scene was set for my first bluefish blitz of the year.

Within minutes acres of bluefish had invaded the beachfront.  The fish slashed and crashed through squid in water as shallow as six inches.  Each cast provoked a catastrophic top water hit, followed by a lengthy fight on light tackle.  Some casts even produced two bluefish-one fish on the plug’s front hook and one fish on the tail.

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