Fishing the Cape by Boat

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We cover a lot about fishing the Cape by boat in this 1 hour and 10 minute long presentation. In general here are the 4 major items we'll discuss:

  • Spots on Cape Cod to find stripers in your boat
  • How to find striped bass using your sonar and other tools
  • Techniques that work best for striped bass in specific areas around Cape Cod
  • Night fishing from your boat

Post any questions or comments below. Tight lines!

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How I caught this 40 lb striped bass from shore at night on Cape Cod

newly featured video how i caught this 40lb striped bass from shroe at night on cape cod

I find nature to be mysterious! Striped bass in particular are puzzling creatures.

​Today I found myself watching video of this special trip which you can read about by clicking here, and thinking about the many variables and conditions which all came together so well, to help me catch a striper of this size from shore.

  • I thought about the reason I chose to fish this specific beach.
  • I thought about the reasons why this big bass was hanging out in such shallow water​.
  • I pondered the idea I had discovered a pattern, which will help me catch a 50 lb bass from shore during 2015.

I discuss the above ideas and more in this video.

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My #1 Cape Cod Striped Bass Kayak Fishing Trip Of 2014

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As we move into the New Year, I find myself reminiscing about the 2014 Cape Cod saltwater fishing season. Throughout the 2014 season I can swiftly recall numerous highlights and memorable moments, in which I declared “I will remember this come winter!”

Several of those memorable moments include:

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How To Fish A Live Eel From Shore | Click Here To View

how to fish a live eel from shore

This past weekend felt like summer, which for me means it is time to start thinking about fishing live eels from shore.  This morning I decided to sling a few live eels for the first time this year. In this MFCC members' video I will share with you:

  • An overview of how to fish a live eel from shore
  • How to avoid and prevent the dreaded "eel ball"
  • How to "lob cast" an eel
  • How to tell if your eel bumped bottom, or was bit by a lethargic striper
  • A simple method for hooking a live eel to diminish the amount of eels you'll lose midcast
  • And more!

If you have never fished a live eel from shore before, then I feel this video will be extremely valuable to you.

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Late Summer Live Eel Fishing for Cape Cod Stripers

live eel fishing stripers

There was a "nip" in the air the other morning when I woke up, which to me is a clue that summer is waning. I love late summer on Cape Cod, more so than any other time of the year. The hot and muggy air is dissipating, and the bass bite on truly large stripers is improving.

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Trolling Eels

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One topic which I have received a fair amount of questions and interest on is trolling eels for striped bass. "How to troll live eels" has also been trending a bit in Google searches-which indicates that a reasonable amount of folks (maybe yourself included) have been researching this technique. So despite the arrival of the first stripers of 2012 still a long ways away, I figured now is as good of a time as any to talk about trolling these slimy snakes.

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Live Eel Fishing 101


“Oh boy,” I said as she stepped into my car.  “Don’t look down at your feet.”

A shriveled, decaying eel was lying on the floorboard of my Ford Focus.  I had been on the water for the past few days and didn’t notice that I had accidentally left an eel to bake in my car.

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July is Time for the Snakes


So far live bait fishing for me this season has been all live mackerel.  However with the summer heat now settling in, I'm planning on purchasing dozens of pounds of live eels to cover me for the next few weeks.

In my experience, live eels begin to produce well off Cape Cod beginning in July.  This works out well with the departure of most of the mackerel from our area.

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