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Classic Lobster Mac & Cheese

Lauren Collins

This classic lobster mac & cheese, using a mixture of sharp cheddar and nutty gruyere, is so easy to make yet much lighter than most other recipes you find.  

Adding in savory breadcrumbs then letting it bake to bubbling and crispy perfection, is what makes this dish so irrisistable.

Living in New England, on Cape Cod nonetheless, means that lobster is a quintessential part of living here, so of course I had to do a few lobster recipes for you! 


It's hard to believe that the pilgrims fed lobster meat to their pigs, and never thought of it as a delicacy.  It may have gotten them through their first winter here on Cape Cod, but it was never considered something deliciously important to them.  I bet they'd be shocked if they knew that lobster meat in some areas of the country cost between $65-75 a pound!

But I digress...

This lobster mac and cheese is out of this world ya'll.  The creamy, cheesy, buttery, crispy and tender textures of this dish combined should be illegal.

How To Make Lobster Mac

When you go to a restaurant and see it on the menu, or hear someone say they're serving lobster mac for a dinner party, it probably sounds like some big-to-do recipe that requires hours of work and too fancy for a Monday night dinner, but I promise you it's not!

The ingredients are so simple, and really it's just like making a regular mac and cheese, but adding in the lobster.  Some people like to add nutmeg to this as well as several different types of cheeses for a more dynamic flavor, but for us, we really prefer it to be as simple as possible.

I like to use gruyere and cheddar cheese for their sharp and creamy flavors.  Grating your own cheese rather than buying pre-shredded cheese is always going to give you a smoother, creamier, better melt, so I highly recommend grating your own.

We start with lobster meat, boiled and pulled from it's shell, then chopped into bite size pieces.  Next, we toss it with elbows and the cheese sauce, then bake it with a crispy layer of panko breadcrumbs, mixed with salt, pepper and parmesan cheese.  

The cheese sauce is a universal cheese sauce I use for all mac and cheese dishes, whether its broccoli mac or lobster mac, it's all the same.  It is a lighter version, but you still get the cheesy, creaminess of a regular sauce.  

Creating a dish like this isn't time consuming or requires a ton of ingredients, so go ahead and treat yourself to a Monday night lobster mac and cheese dinner (meatless Monday anyone?).  

Check out the recipe below or click here to print.  This is intended to serve four people and take about 1 hour to make.  Enjoy!

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