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Escape To Costa Rica with My Fishing Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

In December of 2015 I stepped onto the beach in Costa Rica for the first time, and instantly I knew I had "discovered" a very special place. 

Since that day my wife and I have spent 9 weeks in Costa Rica, in a simple and quaint cabina, just steps away from the beach where I've caught roosterfish of up to 70 pounds. 

I am sure there are plenty of wonderful places to visit and explore throughout Costa Rica, but honestly, when I arrive at our little cabina by the beach, I simply do not want to leave! 


Life In Costa Rica

My normal routine is to wake up with the sun, eat a mango or banana, and then surfcast the beach. At around 8am I return to the cabina and have breakfast and a cup of coffee with Lauren.

My afternoon is spent on the internet, working remotely on my computer. Every couple of hours I take a break from work and go for a swim in the 80 degree water.  

Just before dusk I surfcast the beach again and watch the sun go down.

Then Lauren and I grab dinner and a beer with friends in the community. Around 9PM I fall asleep listening to the sounds of the jungle, and the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean. 

What is there not to love about that kind of lifestyle? 

Our Friends & The Community

Since first visiting Costa Rica in 2015 we have made lots of terrific friends throughout the community, like my fishing buddy Henry pictured above. 

Many of my best friends in Costa Rica are actually Americans. A lot of these people have retired and relocated to Costa Rica for the warm weather, beautiful ocean, simpler way of life and lower cost of living.

Yet not all Americans in Costa Rica are retirees.

One of my closest friends Noah (originally from Massachusetts) is in his thirties with a young family. Six years ago Noah (pictured below) made a bold decision to leave the hustle and bustle of life in America for a simpler existence on the beach and in the jungle of Costa Rica.

Unlike some of the more touristy sections of Costa Rica, where we stay along the Golfo Dulce on the southwest Pacific coast is still rural living. There are about 350 local Costa Ricans and 150 gringos. 

Lodging is comfortable with kitchens, electricity and internet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered every Sunday and Thursday. There is a local restaurant/bar and a little store where you can buy other necessities. 

Yet that is about it. There are no large towering hotels or "tourist traps." There is one dirt road in town and I usually get around by walking or riding a bike.

It is very simple living, yet very comfortable at the same time. 

Join My Webinar On June 17th @ 8AM For More Information

During December of 2017 we hosted three members from My Fishing Cape Cod in Costa Rica for a week of fishing, exploring and relaxing. We had a terrific time together and I would like to start planning another trip for anyone who is interested.

In addition, our friend Noah has been clearing a large piece of land 250 steps away from the same beach where I have caught roosterfish as large as 70 pounds! Noah is calling this project the Arena Alta Wildlife Community.

And as you can see below he is doing it the old fashioned way utilizing livestock to remove trees and our friends in the community to help clear land and build modest and affordable tree houses and cabinas.

So in conclusion, I have three exciting ideas that I would like to share with you during a webinar on Sunday June 17th @ 8:00AM.

Here are the ideas which we will discuss:

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    Idea #1 - plan another My Fishing Cape Cod group fishing trip to Costa Rica for January/February of 2019
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    Idea #2 - build a My Fishing Cape Cod "lodge" in Costa Rica
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    Idea #3 - give anyone here on My Fishing Cape Cod the opportunity to purchase land and build a tree house or cabina 250 steps from the beach for around $75K

We will discuss all this and a lot more during this live webinar which will probably run about 45 minutes. You will learn all the details including exactly where in Costa Rica I am talking about, how to get there, information about the fishing and much more.

Please click the button below to register to attend the webinar:

I am super pumped about the opportunities we have at our fingertips in Costa Rica and I look forward to sharing them with you during this live webinar!

In the meantime if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask by leaving a comment below. 

Tight lines 🎣