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Donate Some Of Your Fishing Tackle To This Good Cause

John D. Silva
Member since 2012

Many folks get their first experience fishing using a tiny rod and a closed face, push-button reel. They're easy to use, inexpensive, and a great way to get started fishing. 

Their ease of use can also benefit the elderly. Specifically, they benefit the senior citizens of Sacred Heart Nursing Home and Rehab Center, who take part in an annual saltwater fishing trip. 

Once a year,  Marc Folco of The New Bedford Standard Times and I work in conjunction with Sacred Heart Nursing Home. Together, we take senior citizens on an annual saltwater fishing trip - day away from the facility, out in the sun, and on the shoreline. 


You Can Help!

After several seasons worth of outings, the fishing gear we provide for the seniors has begun to deteriorate. Servicing most of these combos isn't cost effective, so we're in need of inexpensive push-button setups and other terminal tackle.

This is where you can help us!

We're currently looking for any inexpensive, unwanted, lightweight rods and closed face fishing reels. Some of us learned how to fish using one of these setups and might have one lying around somewhere, or perhaps have bought one for the kids. 

Most of these folks are limited physically in one way or another, so short and light are musts. Our goal is to make their fishing experience as comfortable as possible. 

Anything in working order would be much appreciated! Freshwater gear is sufficient, as are mostly targeting bottom species such as scup, sea robins, and young black sea bass.

The folks really look forward to this outing each season, as it provides them with a fun-filled day in the sun. 

Specifically we are looking for:

  • check
    Push button rods and reels
  • check
    Flounder and scup hooks
  • check
    Snap swivels
  • check
    12-14 pound test monofilament fishing line
  • check
    1 ounce, 1/2 ounce, and 3/4 ounce sinkers
  • check
    Rod holders for wheelchairs. Do they exist? This would be  HUGE help.

Thank you in advance to anyone here on My Fishing Cape Cod who is able to help by donating some tackle and equipment. We really appreciate it. 

If you have something you'd like to donate, then please leave a comment below or send me an email via

Have some gear you'd like to donate?

Then please send me an email at:

  1. Hey John – Jeff from Canal Bait & Tackle said he would donate some hooks, swivels, snaps etc. for scup.

    LMK the next time you plan on being in the canal area and I will connect you with Jeff so you can pick up the gear. 👍🏻

  2. Perhaps Cabelas would help you as part of their ‘Outdoor Fund’:

    A dozen $20 rod/reel combos would be a reasonable request, I’d think.

    1. Excellent idea Peter. Thank you, we’ll definitely check it out…


  3. Hey John, Great cause! I don’t have any old equipment but I will be on the look out for you!

    1. Thanks Leslie,

      Another thing that would be extremely helpful would be about a half-dozen wheel-chair fishing rod holders, (as many of the residents are disabled and wheelchair-bound). Unfortunately upon researching it, it just wasn’t cost effective enough for us to attempt to purchase them. Budget is real tight…


      1. Not sure what your budget is.. but I have great success with these holders clipping them on to practically anything – including Bikes.

        Do you think they would work?

        When is the outing and where can I donate? I won’t be on Cape til next week.. but will check back when I arrive. Alternatively I can send direct from Amazon if you can provide an address to ship to. I may also have a rod/reel if I can fit it in the car on my way in from PA.

        1. Thanks Steve, I’ll send you an email….


  4. Thanks for checking out our little blog post in support of our cause. The staff and residents of Sacred Heart are sincerely grateful for any and all support.

    We are especially in need of small terminal tackle, such as…
    * Flounder and scup hooks (preferable pre-rigged packages with loop-leaders, single hook per leader)
    * Snap Swivels
    * 1/2, 3/4, and 1-ounce sinkers
    * 10-12 lob test mono

    Every little bit helps. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and to all of those who will. It is very much appreciated.


    1. Terrific John and sounds good. I’ll be sharing this post on social media and in our email newsletter, so hopefully we can round up some good donations for Sacred Heart!

    2. Hi John stopped at Walmart last night spoke with a manager they have a link on their website to request donations they cannot do anything right at the store it has to be Run through corporate.
      I’ll have some stuff myself that I can donate I just have to dig through the basement and find it

    3. Hi John,

      Can you send me an address where I can have some equipment shipped to?
      Dick’s is having some good discounts and I’m sure I’ll see more and I figured with free shipping it would be the easiest way to get anything I order to you.
      I’m also going to start going through all of my stuff and I have a lot of extra gear from package deals and flea markets that would like somebody to take it fishing. Anything extra the shipping would be on me, I can get it pretty cheap through work.
      I was thinking of a couple or 3 of these to start…
      (won’t let me paste picture?)

      Shakespeare Navigator Spincast Combo
      Rod Length: 5’6″
      Power: Medium
      Retrieve: Right
      Pieces: 2

      Eagle Claw Clamp-On Rod Holder


      1. Thank you Todd.
        The positive response from so many kind and generous (fishing addicted) souls here within this website community really warms the heart. Your donations for the residents are well received and very much appreciated — probably more than you’ll ever know.

        Take care and be well.



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