July 12 2021

July 12th Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report


I woke up this morning at 4AM and felt surprisingly energetic - I didn't even have any coffee! Perhaps it was because weather conditions were going to be perfect for topwater plugging at the Cape Cod Canal.

The tide was right too, and with reports of mackerel in the canal I felt my odds of coaxing a striper or two into biting were quite high. I got my gear ready and took my time getting down to the Big Ditch.


When I arrived at the canal I was greeted by a fair amount of anglers, but the crowds were not overwhelming. I huddled into one of my favorite stretches of rip-rap and enjoyed about 100 yards of elbow room.

The current was slowly starting to move east towards Cape Cod Bay. There was not much going on when I arrived, but I figured my odds of success would increase as the current picked up.

  • Iwas at the bulced 1weekago today,tinkers showed up by the 100s around 10/11 am,no bass on them,since then the morning bite has been on fire end to end,today being one of the best in my op. cause it lasted well into slack,west end,east end lites out also,agree ,couldnt see fish most days in pea soup,but surely could here the cannon balls,tinkers were spotted all week,i m sure there s other smaller bait, awesome week,shower,bed,mambo out…

  • No Coffee , Thats Crazy , Love the Top water antics of Bass chaseing bait , just gets the blood flowing , seems like you had an eventful day with the slots , nothing wrong about that !! <(

  • Nice to hear the action may be picking up at the Canal. Will try my luck at the beaches, I have an order to pick up at the Goose. I would like to hear about fishing along the Brewster Flats for stripers, blues and fluke. Thanks for the reports.

    • Sounds good Shawn. I haven’t personally been down to the flats in about a month, but hopefully the guys in the forum can provide some updates for you. I do plan on surfcasting the Outer Cape beaches very soon. Hopefully the seals aren’t too bad.

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