June 6 2019

Kayak Fishing for Black Sea Bass, Scup & Tautog


Ryan Collins

When weather conditions allow, bottom fishing from the kayak in the waters surrounding the Cape & Islands can be productive and a lot of fun.

Just remember to please put safety first! The water this time of year is still very cold, and depending where you are kayaking, you might not last very long if you capsize.

Kayaks are stable, however it's very possible to get flipped over and end up in the water - especially if the wind and current are strong. 


For example, back on May 23rd the forecast was calling for calm winds in the morning, increasing to 20-25mph by 11AM. There would be a weather window of opportunity, but it would not last long.

Fortunately the tide was incoming and the current would be running with the wind. If the current was running against the wind, then sea conditions would of been even choppier.

This is very important to keep in mind when fishing from a kayak.

2 Simple Kayak Bottom Fishing Techniques

This spring while fishing from the kayak I have used 2 simple techniques to catch scup, black sea bass, and tautog.

The first technique is using a weighed jig with a green crab, and the second technique is using an artificial jig with an artificially scented soft plastic bait.

You can get a preview of these simple techniques in action by clicking play below.

Members can watch the full 18 minute video by clicking here.

Equipment used in this video:

*Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can watch the full 18 minute video recap of this Cape Cod kayak fishing trip by clicking below (please make sure you are logged-in).

Joe Baggs Jigs Giveway!

This week I would like to giveaway a bunch of Joe Baggs blackfish jigs (also called Togzilla jigs) as well as a bunch of Joe Baggs flukies.

All the scup, tautog and black sea bass I have caught so far this spring have been caught on these jigs. Joe Baggs Tackle is also a sponsor of My Fishing Cape Cod TV.

GIVEAWAY CLOSED!!! Congrats to our winners Javier Grimaldi and John Figmic!!! ​??

In Conclusion

At the end of this weekend I will randomly select 2 winners out of everyone who leaves a comment at the bottom of this post. Each winner will receive an assortment of Joe Baggs jigs. 

*Please note that only people with an active My Fishing Cape Cod membership will be eligible to win. ✌?

I hope you have a great week. Be safe and good luck fishing!

Tight lines ?

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • Ryan, please I am in for the giveaway. I am from MA but new to the area, first fishing season at the Cape. Can you recommend a couple of kayak fishing spots? Preferably near Pocasset, thank you

    • Hey Ronnie! Just an FYI that this giveaway closed a couple months ago. Stay tuned for more giveaways coming soon. ✌? I also saw your email about kayaking etc., which I will answer now. Thanks!

  • Count me in … I should have taken a picture of Lenny turtling on that trip … we laugh at this now, but it could have been serious … glad I was there to help him out.

    PFD, proper clothing, and a buddy … always

  • Ryan, please count me in for the giveaway. I am new to the area, first fishing season here. Can you recommend a couple of kayak fishing spots? Preferably west of Yarmouth?

    • Congrats Javier! You won the giveaway! We’ll contact you via email for your mailing address. ?

      Have you tried posting in our kayak forum about places to kayak fish west of Yarmouth? There are lots of helpful people in the forum.

      Plus I go through the forum at least once per week and always try to answer as many forum questions as possible. ?

  • Kayak fishing looks like a lot of fun will have to give it a try sometime! I would also love to add those jigs to my bag.

    • I enjoy kayak fishing just as much as fishing from my larger 21ft boat. It’s a joy not having to listen to the engine idling all day long! ??

      As mentioned in this post you just have to be careful, especially in areas with a lot of current (which there are plenty of on Cape Cod).

      Actually one of our members had a very close call just the other day. You can read it about here if you’d like. ?

  • Would love to add some of those flukies and blackfish jigs to my spring bag! Great video. looked like a fun outing.

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