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Land Based Shark Fishing on Cape Cod | Video Report

Ryan Collins

Earlier this week I published this written report about a recent brown shark fishing trip I took part in here on Cape Cod.

Today I finally finished editing down the video footage from that trip. In this video I will take you from start to finish, so you can actually see for yourself how to catch brown sharks from shore on the Cape.

Historically speaking, the month of August is one of the best times of the entire year to catch a shark from the beach. I hope you will watch this video report and consider giving this unique Cape fishery a try!


  1. very cool. how many hours did you guys clock with lines in the water?

    1. I’d say we had lines in the water for 45 minutes before that shark bit. Overall that night we had lines in the water for around 3 hours.

  2. Interesting to watch! Don’t think I’ll be shark fishing but enjoyed the video! Thanks guys!

    1. lol, thanks for watching!

  3. Never seen anything like that. Thank you John and Tim.


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