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October 9th Striped Bass Fishing Report

Monomoy is holding some stripers according to what's being shared here inside our forum. A few of our members found slot-size bass there yesterday as well as some albies.

Some nice 40 inch bass were caught yesterday morning at the Cape Cod Canal. Based on this report, jigging the bottom is producing the best, but there has been some topwater action.


Cape Cod Bay produced some awesome shore fishing Thursday morning for MFCC member Aaron Perlmutter. The 39 inch striped bass below was caught by Aaron at sunrise on an unweighted Slug-go.

According to Aaron, the bass were swarming around schools of pogies over sandbars in very shallow and clear water. You can learn more about where and how Aaron caught the bass by reading his forum post.

I also encountered a lot of stripers Thursday morning in Cape Cod Bay while on my way out tuna fishing. The bass I encountered ranged in size from schoolies to low 30 inch class fish. 

Below is some video action of the school of stripers as it was feeding on peanut bunker that were being swept over a mussel bed. To learn more about where I was fishing please read my forum post.

Thursday must of been a good day for striper fishing, because MFCC member Mike Marcus also got into some decent fish using a pink Al Gag's Whip-It-Fish.

According to Mike's report, he has been encountering bass pushing bait incredibly close to shore along the southside of the Cape.

October fishing presents anglers with a multitude of choices, an array of different fish species and fishing options. Hopefully the striped bass fishing remains strong through the month of October. 

In past years I've caught striper along the beaches and inside the Cape Cod Canal through the month of November too-so there is still plenty of time left!

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  1. Ryan, the salt ponds off the back of some of the south side Falmouth beaches have been going crazy for 2+ weeks, loaded with bait and bigger stripers. After dusk you can see/hear them pretty much constantly, virtually regardless off tide. In around 15 trips fishing exclusively off of dry land I’ve landed 28 linesiders ranging from 25ish up to 41 inches and probably a dozen or so mid-sized schoolies. Never seen the bite so consistently good in my life, and I’ve especially never seen the ponds hold this many larger fish….went with my buddy the other night who did a little wading with a fly rod and in 2 hours he pulled in 5 slot bass.

    1. That’s epic Peter! Thanks for sharing the intel, I really appreciate it. Hopefully the good fishing continues for another few weeks!

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