March 23 2022

Smoked Salmon Chowder


This smoked salmon chowder is full of broccoli, baby potatoes, cauliflower, onions and garlic for a comforting and healthy meal that can easily be made dairy free.  

Bagels and lox and smoked fish pate have been done already. This is a whole new spin on how to use smoked salmon! You can also use smoked trout or smoked bluefish in place of the salmon.

For Ryan's birthday this year he was gifted a smoker, and we are slowly but surely figuring out the perfect brine, timing and heat. Until then, this chowder is made with a store-bought smoked salmon filet.

For those of you who are experts at smoking blues or trout, by all means use that instead - any smoked fish will do.  


What is in the broth?

This chowder is made by pureeing potatoes, cauliflower, vegetable broth, milk (almond milk or 2% regular milk), cheddar and sauteed onion and garlic.  

Once pureed, add in more sauteed onion and garlic, and then the steamed florets of one large head of broccoli. Next, gently add the smoked salmon, flaked into bite-size chunks.  Add some salt and pepper to taste and serve.

It's really that easy! The smoked fish will help give the chowder all of it's flavor, so the longer you can let this sit, the better it gets-making this chowder a great meal prep idea as well.

If for health reasons or otherwise you aren't eating potatoes, then you can follow the same directions and substitute another head of cauliflower instead of the potatoes.  The broth might not be as hearty and thick without the potatoes, but it will still be just as good.  

You'll also notice in the recipe PDF that I added nutritional yeast as an option, which simply adds an extra boost of cheesy flavor, and keeps the chowder really thick.  

You can learn more about nutritional yeast by clicking here to view my post about it on my cooking website. Nutritional yeast is completely optional, and your chowder will still be delicious without it!

Recommended Smoked Salmon

I prefer to use a smoked fillet of salmon rather than the sliced kind, because you can easily flake it into the chowder and get big chunks of fish.  This also goes for smoked trout or bluefish as well.

Printable Recipe

This recipe is comforting and perfect for the colder months ahead.  The simple ingredients make this chowder an easy recipe to try.  

The smoked salmon flavors the chowder, so the longer you let the chowder sit (a full day or more) the tastier this chowder will get. 

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did! You can click here or on the image below to print the recipe.

What do you think?

Let me know by commenting below.

About the author 

Lauren Collins

Through the eyes of a fishermans' wife, I'm excited to share my cooking and photography with you here on MFCC. You can learn more about cooking, and get more recipes by visiting my website Creatively Delish.

  • Very interesting chowder. Inspiring.

    Will definitely try with smoked bluefish!

    I like to occasionally make chowder with bacon and use bacon fat to make the roux. However, I often give it away to people and one of them doesn’t eat meat – so on those occasions I use butter. Makes me think if I smoked my clams open it might lend some of that complexity I get from bacon.

  • Yum–might try it with the King Salmon that are starting to
    run our creeks here in Fairport. How was the bluefish you
    were going to experiment with after our trip with Wingman Charters in Sept?

    • That’s great, let me know if you try it out!

      I think I let it sit in the brine too long and we had to figure out the temp on the new smoker, so it was of course delicious but I learned some things, and we smoked a second batch and it turned out really great! Just a simple brine of sugar, salt, black pepper, soy sauce and water. If you have a good brine I’d love to know about it!

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