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Spin Fishing for Tuna (Full Episode)

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Over the past week I have seen photos and heard reports about school-size bluefin tuna being caught off Cape Cod.

During late summer and fall it's not uncommon at all to encounter young bluefin tuna in the 45-70 inch size class. 

I would never recommend using spinning tackle to catch a giant bluefin tuna. Giant tunas are just too big and too powerful. However, young school-size tunas can be a blast to catch on the spin.


You can see what I mean by watching the episode below! 👇

This episode originally aired on NBC Sports Boston during 2019. Here on My Fishing Cape Cod we have this collection of 19 additional TV episodes which can be accessed by members of MFCC.

In addition, we also have a database of articles, reports and video clips about tuna fishing which members can access here

Our members' forum has also been active this week, and quite a few members have caught tunas this year. MFCC members can read the latest tuna updates by going to the forum.

Good luck if you make it out fishing this week! As always, please let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment a below.

Tight lines! 🎣

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