FREE Video Course: Surfcasting For Striped Bass

Hosted by:

Ryan Collins

5 Part Video Course Includes:

  • How To Fish A Live Eel From Shore
  • How To Fish A Pencil Popper
  • How To Jig Inlets 101
  • How To Fish The Magic Swimmer
  • How To Find Stripers
  • *Plus, free bonus

Receive One Video Per Day Covering...

  1. The technique for fishing live eels from shore
  2. How to fish a pencil popper, when pencils are most effective and areas they work best
  3. The technique for jigging inlets and catching striped bass that are hugging the bottom
  4. The easiest and most effective way to fish Magic Swimmers from shore
  5. How to find striped bass and bluefish from the beach.
  6. Plus, free bonus: register today and get a special opportunity upon completion of the course