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Trout Fishing Cape Cod’s Kettle Ponds | “Behind The Scenes”

Ryan Collins

In this episode, we go trout fishing in one of Cape Cod's numerous kettle ponds. These kettle ponds were carved out thousands of years ago by receding glaciers.

Not only are Cape Cod's kettle ponds gorgeous places for fishing and outdoor recreation, but the state of Massachusetts also stocks many of them with plentiful amounts of rainbow, brook, tiger and brown trout.

The filming of this episode began back in late October of 2017, and the episode originally aired during season #1 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. However it was a very popular episode, and with trout season right around the corner here on Cape Cod, we figured now would be a good time to air it again.

The rest of this post will include extra information about good trout fishing spots on Cape Cod, and will outline some of the simple techniques we used during this episode, plus much more.


Where To Trout Fish
On Cape Cod

During the filming of this episode, we focused our efforts in one of Cape Cod's most pristine freshwater environments. Fishing and hiking through this area of Cape Cod (especially during the offseason) is a real treat of an outdoors experience. 

You can view the area we fished during the filming of this episode in the map below.

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There are many, many ponds on Cape Cod which are stocked with trout during the spring and fall. In fact you can even view online which ponds have recently been stocked by the State of Massachusetts by going here 👉🏻 Trout Stocking Report.

Simple Cape Cod Trout Fishing

There was a foggy mist over the surface of the kettle pond as we began the filming of this episode. We had a full team including camera crew Shane Uriot and his friend Pat, myself and Sam and Danny from the Goose Hummock Shops.

Danny had urged us to arrive before sunrise and for good reason. Trout will often bite best first thing in the morning, so Danny wanted to make sure we didn't miss out.

We began by casting small Baker jerk baits and the Joe's Fly, which is similar to these in-line spinners. You can get a glimpse of each lure in the video above. 👆

In addition to casting lures, Danny and Sam had setup several rods with Power Bait and live shiners. 

Power Bait in particular is hard to beat for pure fishing caching ability, and it would end up producing the most strikes. 

To learn exactly how to rig Power Bait and live bait for trout fishing, please read this informative post by MFCC member Steve Madden 👉🏻 Cape Cod Trout Fishing You Can Bank On!

However for me personally, I prefer to cast lures. No one can argue the effectiveness of fishing bait, but for me, casting lures is more challenging and more fun!

Trout Reports & Updates

As mentioned earlier in this post, I was excited to have NBC re-air this trout fishing episode, because excellent trout fishing here on Cape is just on the horizon. For fishing on Cape Cod, the upcoming months of March, April and early May are probably the best for targeting trout in the Cape's many kettle ponds.

However, many members from My Fishing Cape Cod are catching trout right now on Cape! An entire crew of members including Billy Mitchell, Anthony Besaw, Tim Mugherini, Matt Murphy and others have been catching trout over the past 15 days.

You can view their reports and updates here 👉🏻Trout Time! 2019 Edition

We also have loads of trout fishing information here on the website, to help you make the most of this upcoming spring season. Here are a few of my favorite trout articles, videos and reports from years past...

In the meantime, please feel free to ask us any trout fishing questions in our members forum. For example, if you need help finding a good place to fish, then make a post in our forum and we'd be happy to help out.

For gear and equipment, I recommend swinging by the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans. Mention you watched Danny and Sam them on this weekend's episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, and I'm sure they'll go above and beyond to get you setup for trout fishing success!

Tight lines 🎣

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  1. Haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet! But I was at the Goose today buying some supplies! I was at Nickerson this weekend, limited open water access but fun to be out there! Looking forward to seeing the show and getting back out there soon with my new “stuff!”

    1. Hey Leslie! 👋I hope you enjoy the show when you get a chance to watch it. Nickerson sure is a wonderful place to hike around this time of year. Right about this time of year, I think everyone is chomping at the bit to try out their new tackle and equipment!


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