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Exploring the Wilderness of Truro

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This past Saturday I braved the traffic (fortunately there wasn't much!) and headed down to Truro for some hiking and photography.

Considering it was midday I decided to leave the fishing rod behind, which is always a difficult decision. Fortunately I didn't encounter any blitzes. 😂 

However, I did get to experience the peace and quiet of the dramatic Truro shoreline. On the way down I also stopped at Fort Hill in Eastham where there is currently a vast amount of wildflowers. 

The only thing better than experiencing the Cape's scenic and peaceful areas, is hooking into a fish while you're at one of these special places. In this post, I'd like to share with you some of the sights and scenes from this beautiful area of Cape Cod.


Ballston Beach, Truro

All of Truro has spectacular coastline, but Ballston Beach is certainly one of my favorites. High rising cliffs, a dramatic storm break, and winding trails through the dunes make it one of my favorite places to stop for a walk.

There are two access points for Ballston, one off South Pamet Road and the other off North Pamet Road. I prefer North Pamet Road because of the nearby trail system which takes you through pine forest, bearberry fields, and sand dunes.

Ballston Beach was once an epic place to go surfcasting for huge striped bass. Many 40 and 50 plus pound stripers have been caught here over the years, however the action nowadays doesn't seem to be as great as it once was-probably due to the abundance of seals.

Truro Highlands

Located not far to the north of Ballston are the Truro Highlands. The cliffs here are the highest on Cape Cod, dropping as much as 125 feet down to the beach and ocean.

There is also a radar dome known locally as the "Golf Ball" which is used as a referance point by lobsterman, tuna fisherman and other boaters in the area. The radar dome was once used during the Cold War, but it's purpose now is to help with weather forecasts.

A good access point is Highland Light and the Highland Links golf course. I would imagine this is one of the few golf courses in America where you can see whales, great white sharks, seals and more while playing a round

Cape Nature

If you enjoy fishing, then you probably also enjoy being outside in nature. Even though I did not go fishing during this trip, I still enjoyed the experience. A few hours in the dunes is fantastic for the mind and body.

In addition to the photos above, I have also included some video footage below. In the video are some clips taken from Fort Hill in Eastham, which is another scenic area worth visiting.

Best of luck if you head out fishing this week! I hope this video and post help you get a taste of the nature of Cape Cod, even if you are watching and reading from halfway around the world.

I will get back in touch soon with more new fishing content. Please check the forum for our latest fishing reports and updates being shared by our members.

In the meantime, you can also browse a few more posts about Truro, by scrolling below. 👇

Tight lines! 🎣

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  1. love those high points in that area, including the highest elevation point on the outer Cape. looking out from there, next land is Nova Scotia or Ireland, …or Portugal if you look a little to the right.

    1. Yeah it’s pretty awesome out there Todd! Thank you for reading and commenting. Tight lines! 🎣

  2. Hey Ryan, nice footage! What’s the parking situation at Ballston Beach? Is there a fee or sticker requirement?

    1. Hey Giles,

      I think you’ll need a Truro beach sticker if you want to park there and have a beach day. However, I’ve never had trouble parking early mornings, later in the evening, or during the off-season.

      Here is a link with more parking info. LMK if you have any other questions. 🎣



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