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Derby Sponsors

Thank you to our derby sponsors for providing prizes for this tournament!

Ken Whiting

Thank you to MFCC member Ken Whiting for carving a handmade wood replica of a striped bass for the grand prize of the 2018 derby.

Guppy Lure Co.

Thank you to Wayne Hess of Guppy Lure Co. for supplying custom handcrafted wooden My Fishing Cape Cod pencil poppers.

Joe Baggs Tackle

Thank you to Joe Baggs Tackle for supplying their Patriot Fish and Sand Eels as prizes for this year's My Fishing Cape Cod Derby.

Al Gag's Lures

Thank you to Al Gag's for supplying packages of Whip-It-Fish as prizes. These soft plastic jigs are great for fishing the canal.

Daddy Mac Lures

Thanks to Daddy Mac for supplying new Bobby Rice Series RD Bomb spook plugs as prizes. We have two different versions, a 7 & 9 in.

Striper Gear

Thank you to Mike Webster of Striper Gear for supplying a half dozen Canal Buster plug bags as prizes for this year's derby.


Prize packages will be awarded to members who catch the largest striper for a given season - Spring (May/June), Summer (July/August), and Fall (September/October). We'll also have random drawings & prizes for special catches - so you don't have to catch the biggest fish to win!


This is a members-only tournament, and catch and release is highly encouraged. Members can fish from the canal, the beach, or from a boat/kayak from the waters of Rhode Island (excluding Block Island), Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine.



Largest striper

​Dane Wetmore is currently sitting in first place overall with a 48 inch striped bass caught on June 14. This bass ​slammed a Tsunami jig in the depths of the Cape Cod Canal. You can learn more about where and how this bass was caught by clicking here.


2nd largest striper

​Drew Hamilton is currently sitting in ​second place overall with a 44.5 inch striped bass caught on June 1. This bass hammered a topwater plug not far from the boat, and is Drew's heaviest striper of all time. You can learn more about where and how this bass was caught by clicking here.


3rd Largest striper

​​Eddie Podgurski currently sits in ​third place overall, with a 44 incher caught on June 16. This bass ​ate a Magic Swimmer fished ​in a boulderfield. You can learn more about where and how this fish was caught by clicking here.

Special Prize

first 40 incher

MFCC member Steve OMalley was the first to submit a 40 inch striped bass to this year's derby, beating out MFCC Member Drew Hamilton by must a matter of minutes! By catching the first 40 incher, Steve has won two RD Bomb Series spook plugs from Daddy Mac Lures. You can learn more about prizes and upcoming "mini competitions" within our derby by clicking here.

Recent Catches

Any bass over 36 inches is eligible to receive a random drawing prize. Below you will find all of our recent catches. Members of My Fishing Cape Cod can access information about the general location where each fish was caught, as well as the technique used to catch the fish.

​Eddie Podgurski
​June ​16
Length: ​44 in
Girth: ​23 in

​​Gary Sahagian
June ​16
Length: ​42 in
Girth: ​2​0 in

​Will Wall
​June ​15
Length: ​43 in
Girth: ​N/A in

​​Dane Wetmore
June 14
Length: ​​48 in
Girth: ​2​5.5 in

​Chris Gonyer
June 9
Length: 43 in
Girth: ​22.75 in

Gary Sahagian
​June 9
Length: 39 in
Girth: ​21.5 in

​Mark Dondero
June 8
Length: ​38 in
Girth: ​20 in

​Christopher Rhoads
June 6
Length: 37.5 in
Girth: ​22 in

​Boo Perry (photo coming soon)
June 6
Length: ​40 in
Girth: ​2​0 in

​​Stephen Milliken
​June 4
Length: 43 in
Girth: N/A in

Jim Murphy
June 3
Length: 43 in
Girth: ​23 in

Peter Walker
June 2
Length: 43 in
Girth: ​N/A

Drew Hamilton
June 1
Length: 44.5 in
Girth: 23 in

​Larry Campbell
​June 1
Length: 38 in
Girth: 19.5 in

Steve OMalley
June 1
Length: 42.5 in
Girth: 23.5 in

Gary Sahagian
May 31
Length: 38.5 in
Girth: 19 in

Igor Vasiljuk
May 29
Length: 38 in
Girth: 17 in

2017 Derby Winners

Congratulations to the members below for winning last year's My Fishing Cape Cod Derby.

Joe Raspante

Joe won the 2017 canal category with a 51 inch striped bass caught at the East End of the canal on August 29th. 

From Joe: It was about 2:30pm when I clocked out of work at Fishermen's View and decided to take a few cast while I waited for my ride home. The tide was flowing west when I put on my secret custom plug, took a couple casts and on my fifth cast I hooked up to a cow. She went on three long runs. The battle took place for 15-20 minutes as I walked with the tide so I could get down from the bulkhead onto the rocks. When I saw this fish I was speechless! It was easily my personal best. The beast swam off fine as wine.

David Griswold

David won the 2017 surf category with a 48 inch striped bass caught at the Brewster Flats on July 14th. 

From David: I was using a 7ft Penn rod with a 4500 Pen reel and 20 pound braided line. Caught on a top water popper.

Pat Helfrich

Pat won the 2017 tuna category with a 105 inch giant bluefin tuna caught off Wood End on October 1st. 

***This year's derby will not have a specific category for tuna (it will be striped bass only).***

From Pat: Got some fresh macks in the tank 50 yards off the west side of Ptown. Cruised over to Woods End and bridle rigged one on a 130 with 200# leader. After about 20-30 minutes we got the bite and he emptied 2/3 of the spool in 2 minutes, boated it in 2.5 hours. First tuna ever after a 3 year effort. Unreal experience.

Kevin Conway

Kevin won the 2017 boat category with a 54 inch striped bass caught in Cape Cod Bay on July 27th. 

From Kevin: Caught a ton big big bass yesterday and last night fishing eel's . Hooked up to this monster 54 inches and 50.3 lbs. I got it on 20 lbs mono with a 40 lbs leader. I couldn't stop this fish after I set the hook into it, took out line and I was under 5-8 boats. I reeled my other lines up and had to snake around the boats to land this fish. I got it close and gaffed it. The fish thrashed out and the gaff slipped out of my hands. I thought I was going to loose this fish but I walked it down the side of the boat and pulled it over by hand. I also hook 4 other fish in the 40 lbs range; overall great night out on the water. I usually use braid but this one rod I bring with mono is always lucky for some reason, it catches the most fish and biggest night after night. Yes, it's probably because of the mono but it's tough to use all mono in those big bass fleets

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