November 21, 2020

After adding a few more frisky mackerel to the live well, I punched in the GPS setting and turned Wingman east toward Billingsgate Shoal, located along the eastern side of Cape Cod Bay. It was a prefect early June day, with bright blue skies and a light breeze out of the ...

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Wingman Sportfishing 2020 Season-In-Review | Part #1
December 26, 2019

As I begin collecting my thoughts for this post, I am sitting at the helm of my charter boat the WINGMAN for the last time this season.My fingers are shriveled, my jeans and boots are wet, and there are scents of wax and detergent in the air from the past ...

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2019 in Review: A Cape Cod Bay Charter Captain’s Perspective
August 5, 2019

Captain Steve LearyWingman SportfishingThere is no doubt each time I engage folks in conversation related to fishing with wire line, I brace myself for the standard onslaught of old or newer more “colorful” expletives related to using that “x*&%#>@” crap!Sure, I’ll admit wire is not very forgiving if not handled ...

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How To Fish With Wire Line On Cape Cod
June 26, 2019

 Steve LearyI am sure we’d all agree that with the many miles of ocean surrounding Cape Cod it can be overwhelming at times sorting out where to fish and when. Keeping a log and networking are two of the best things you can do to consistently improve your catch.There are many ...

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Keeping a Log & Networking – Key Steps to Consistently Improve Your Catch
June 11, 2019

Steve Leary Charter captain & MFCC member Lets pretend for a moment that it's late June and the early morning bite has been on with big bass crushing surface plugs and inhaling slow trolled live baits. It's predawn, conditions are prefect, with the moon sinking and the sun yet to ...

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Saltwater Fishing Reel Maintenance & Care
May 22, 2019

Steve LearyCharter captain & MFCC memberAs I prepare Wingman for another charter season, my primary focus is on safety as it relates to the overall condition of safety gear, hull, propulsion, electronic and fuel systems.I am a firm believer in preventive maintenance, and would like to share some of my ...

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Simple Safety Tips For Boating & Fishing Off Cape Cod