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A few weeks ago I received a call from Sean Davey, who is a member of My Fishing Cape Cod, and also the Boston area president of iHeart Media. Sean asked if I would be interested in contributing a 60 second daily fishing tip which would air Monday-Friday on the Cool 102 radio station.

Shortly thereafter I received another call from radio host Kevin Matthews about contributing a 60 second daily fishing report as part of the WXTK Newsradio 95 morning programming.

Obviously I jumped at both opportunities!

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Nantucket Sound Fishing Report | June 8th

In this 15 minute podcast we get a full Nantucket Sound fishing report from MFCC Bruno Demir of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi.

In this report you'll hear the latest updates for black sea bass, stripers and other fishing happening in Nantucket Sound and beyond.

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Nantucket Fishing Report

Yesterday I received a new Nantucket fishing report from Matt Reinemo of Nantucket Tackle Center.

In this report you'll hear Matt's latest updates and fishing reports for the waters surrounding the island of Nantucket.

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Cape Cod Fishing Report (mini podcast) with Ryan of MFCC

This week I wanted to try something new and publish a bunch of shorter 15 minute fishing report podcasts throughout the week. 

In this report you'll hear me talk about the recent fishing trips I've been fortunate to embark on over the past several days. 

We recorded this podcast on Saturday June 5th, but I'm just getting around to publishing it today. Sorry for the delay!

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Early June Striper Fishing on Cape Cod

One year ago on June 4th 2020, I had a unique opportunity to film and photograph a school of hundreds of striped bass as they hunted sand eels along the bottom and on the surface.

In this video, we primarily utilized epoxy jigs which closely imitated the profile of the sand eels which the bass were feeding on. 

Please click play below to check it out!

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This Week’s Top Catches | June 2, 2021

MFCC Intern

Despite the recent stretch of less-than-stellar weather, local ocean water temperatures have pushed into the mid 50’s, and striped bass fishing along the Massachusetts coastline is yielding consistent success, with larger fish being caught more frequently by the day. Most notably, migratory fish in the 30 inch range and beyond are becoming increasingly common.

In addition to more summer-like striper action, black sea bass, flounder, and tautog fishing has produced much more encouraging results over the past few weeks, and there is no sign of any of that slowing down! The MFCC community has had an excellent week of fishing. 

In this post, I'd like to highlight just a few of the notable catches I have seen over the past several days from inside our members forum.

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Fishing the Memorial Day Weekend Nor’ Easter

The wind was howling and the rain was coming down in sheets this past Saturday afternoon. Nevertheless I could not resist an overwhelming urge to head down Cape and do some surfcasting.

I pulled my truck into the parking lot and was greeted by a chilly 30 mph wind out of the northeast. It was 1:15pm and high tide would be happening at around 2:45pm, so I had made it just in time.

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Martha’s Vineyard Fishing Report | May 30th

Today I'm excited to share with you a Martha's Vineyard fishing report I recorded on Saturday May 30th, with Abbie Schuster of Kismet Outfitters.

In addition to running Kismet Outfitters, Abbie also does a lot of guiding on the island. Her expertise is fly fishing. Today's podcast with Abbie will be a great listen for anyone who enjoys fishing the island.

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Friday May 28th Cape Cod Fishing Report

Here is our latest podcast Cape Cod fishing report for Friday May 28th, 2021. In this report you'll hear about the arrival of the first 40 inch striped bass of the season - plus more!

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