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Cape Cod “Grand Slam” of Rainbows, Brookies, Tigers and Browns

Ryan Collins

On this very memorable late October morning, I woke up before sunrise to prepare for my first ever Cape Cod fly fishing trout trip. 

I have caught striped bass and other saltwater species on the fly rod, but never have I fly fished for trout. So needless to say I was pretty excited!

The morning was fresh, cool and picturesque. The fall foliage was coming in nicely, providing a perfectly scenic backdrop to an already very beautiful and serene Cape Cod kettle pond.

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Day #1 | Fishing and Blogging from Mexico

Ryan Collins

Over the course of my 33 years on this planet I have observed and participated in the rapid rise of technology. With the advent of cellphones and the internet, life began to change in ways I never could of predicted. If you are my age or older, then I am sure you can relate!

I'm only going to write a sentence or two about the negative side of technology. For example, one of the most obvious negatives is that many of invest hours of our day staring at a pixelated screen. 

Even if you spend just three hours per day staring at your cellphone, over the course of one average American lifetime, that would amount to a staggering nine years of your life spent staring at your cellphone! 

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There Are Still Plenty Of Stripers On Cape Cod | November 9th Report

Ryan Collins

Yesterday evening was as picturesque as it gets for November on Cape Cod. The weather was perfect, so Lauren and I decided to take our dog Rosie for a walk on the beach.

I encountered great November schoolie action during my previous beach walk with Rosie, so I made sure to once again bring my rod and reel, in hopes of encountering more striped bass along the beach.

This time of the year we don't encounter many people on the beach, which means its okay to let Rosie run free off the leash. The dog enjoys chasing sea gulls, snacking on crabs, and just being free.

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Catching Striped Bass On Cape Cod During November

Ryan Collins

Sure it's November, but you can still catch striped bass on Cape Cod! In this trip my dog Rosie and I found great action with schoolie stripers from the beach.

I was not really planning on doing much fishing - instead I was primarily taking the dog for a walk. However it can pay to always pack a rod and reel (especially during the fall) because you never know what might happen.

Once Rosie and I arrived at the beach it only took a few minutes for me (and the dog) to notice a flock of sea gulls dive bombing bait up against the shoreline. The dog and I both took off sprinting down the beach towards the action.

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40 Years Of Tuna Fishing Tradition

Dan Kenny

Member of My Fishing Cape Cod since 2017

After watching Ryan's video of his first giant of the season, I left a comment about how seeing the unloading station at the very end of Barnstable Harbor brings back a ton of great memories for me.

When I was younger, I spent 7 seasons as a charter boat mate on the Malsie B., whose slip was only about 20 feet from where Ryan offloaded his tuna. 

It's so awesome to see the exact same spot where so many legendary pioneers of the giant bluefin tuna fishery have offloaded their catch over the years!

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How To Catch Striped Bass With Live Eels At Inlets

Ryan Collins

Nighttime fishing for striped bass on Cape Cod during late October can be a dark and cold experience, and there are no guarantees you will find fish. The bass can be here one day and gone the next as they migrate south.

However one of the most reliable late season spots for me are Cape Cod's numerous inlets. And without a doubt one of the most effective baits to use at these inlets are live eels.

In this video I'll teach you how to catch striped bass (stripers) by using live eels at inlets. This video was filmed this October in the middle of the night on Cape Cod. I will include more information about the location in the members download.

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3 Techniques for Sealing Homemade Plugs


Washed Ashore Fishing

Sealing lures is perhaps the most daunting step of the building process. With so many potential methods, choosing one and practicing it properly is often times overwhelming.

The purpose of this list is to give you a broad overview of the potential methods that can be used. Each has its advantages and drawbacks which should be considered.

It is impossible to prevent all water from entering your lure. Knowing this, the point of sealing lures is to prevent as much water as possible from entering the wood. The better this is done, the longer the life of the lure.

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Cape Cod Largemouth Bass Fishing From Shore During October

Ryan Collins

In this video I am freshwater largemouth bass fishing from shore on Cape Cod during October of 2018. I am with my rescue dog Rosie, who I am discovering does amazingly well during fishing trips.

She basically stays with me the entire time off the leash and doesn't wander off anywhere which is great. 

The largemouth bass fishing was also great during this trip, with many small ones caught around submerged timber and especially lily pads (which are quickly dying off now that it's getting cold here on Cape Cod).

The lure used during this video is a broken-back Rapala that was passed down to me from a 75 year old fishing friend of mine. Please click play below to watch!

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The Cape Cod Striper Season Is Far From Over

Ryan Collins

This weekend myself and members of My Fishing Cape Cod have found good numbers of striped bass from shore and from boat.

Early this morning I met up with my good friend and MFCC member Todd Baranowski at the un-Godly hour of 2am for a few hours of eel slinging.

We hooked into plenty of nice stripers as the stars shone above in the cool clear sky. As soon as the moon began to sink near the horizon the coyotes began howling and barking somewhere in the woods nearby, all while we were reeling in fish!

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“Run and Gun” Bluefin Tuna Fishing with Team GOOSE

Ryan Collins

In this video I am fishing with the team from the Goose Hummock Shops in Orleans and Dennis. We are on Phil Howarth's 39 foot Contender fishing for "football" size bluefin tuna off Cape Cod.

The day started flat calm with beautiful conditions. About an hour in we were hailed on the VHF radio and needed to assist a boat in distress! 

We towed the boat, passed them off to the Coast Guard, and then managed to catch 2 hard fighting bluefin tunas before a gale started blowing over Cape Cod. The ride home was rough, plowing through 6 foot seas into a 30knot wind. 

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