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Thank you for creating this amazing place.

I don’t have any friends that fish so discovering this community has been great. I love getting to share my passion with like minded people. Plus everyone here is helpful and nice, which doesn’t always happen on these online forums.

Amos Putnam - member since 2020

Specific threads for specific fishing


One of the most popular sections of our forum is the Surfcasters' Thread which contains daily reports, updates and other information from anglers who regularly fish the beaches, bays and inlets of Cape Cod on foot. Recently we've also seen more anglers chiming in with posts from Plymouth, the South Shore, Boston, Plum Island, and even Rhode Island - although the focus has and probably always will be Cape Cod. Many of the anglers who participate in the Surfcasters' Thread have become fishing friends and even meetup and fish together. The thread has become a community of its own, with over 8,700 posts shared in the last three seasons.


Within our forum we have an entire category devoted to Tuna and Offshore fishing. And within that category we have a specific thread for anglers to post their daily and weekly tuna fishing reports and updates to. The Bluefin Tuna thread began in 2022 and has so far generated over 1,300 posts in just two seasons. Members have even taken it a step further and created their own on-the-water communication system using Zello. To be included, simply visit this post within the Bluefin Tuna thread and ask to be added to the Tuna Zello group which can be used to contact other members from My Fishing Cape Cod while on the water. Finding tuna and staying on the bite can be a huge challenge, and for that reason we believe the relatively small cost of MFCC membership that gives anglers access Tuna and Offshore Fishing category within our forum is of tremendous value - especially considering the $$$ investment tuna anglers make into their gear, boat, fuel etc. 


Many members of My Fishing Cape Cod fish the rips off Monomoy Island each season for stripers, bluefish, fluke, sea bass and albies. That is one of the reasons why the Monomoy Thread has become one of the most popular threads on the site. Started in May of 2023 the Monomoy Thread has gained 300 posts in its first season, with members routinely updating one another on how the action has been in the rips. 


For anglers who fish Billingsgate, Barnstable Harbor, the Race, the Brewster Flats and other nearby areas, the Cape Cod Bay category is the place to check out. And within that category the Cape Cod Bay thread is the spot to go for weekly and often daily updates for how the boat fishing (and surfcasting) has been inside the bay. We even have specific threads for areas such as the Brewster Flats, which contain tremendous value even during the winter offseason for anglers who are looking to "study up" on what worked in past years, and when fish arrived in different areas. In fact, the historical value of being able to browse posts from previous years is one of the main reasons why many of our members have told us that My Fishing Cape Cod has allowed them to shave an estimated 10 years off the typical learning curve.


Our Buzzard's Bay category and the Buzzard's Bay Thread contains posts and information covering the waters from the West End of the Cape Cod Canal, south through Bourne, Wareham, Falmouth, Marion, Mattapoisett and all the way to Westport and Cuttyhunk. Whether you are interested in fishing for tautog during the spring and fall, striped bass, bluefish or false albacore, you will find a treasure trove of information within this thread and category. This category is not just for boat anglers, as we often see members posting surfcasting reports and kayak reports too. The Buzzard's Bay section of the forum is particularly active during the springtime Black Sea Bass season with members posting daily reports and updates. Many of our members who fish Buzzard's Bay have even met up and fished together on each others boats and become close friends over the years. In fact, the forum in general can be a terrific way to connect with other members, expand your fishing network, and establish relationships that continue beyond the forum.


Out of all the sections within the My Fishing Cape Cod forum, the Cape Cod Canal category has proven to be one of the most popular since we launched the forum in 2013. If you are looking for information on canal-specific tackle, gear, and lures, then you will find the Cape Cod Canal category to be an invaluable source of information. If you are trying to plan your trips around the tides, then being able to look back over the course of the past several years worth of posts will be incredibly useful. Once again, many of our members have told us that the forum has helped them shave up to 10 years off the learning curve, and it is not unusual at all for us to see new members have the best canal fishing season of their lives simply because they read and participate in the canal category. In particular, as is true with other categories inside the forum, we have specific threads for regular canal updates and reports. The Cape Cod Canal 2023 thread is one such spot, but we also have the Cape Cod Canal 2022 thread, the Cape Cod Canal 2021 thread etc. which as has been mentioned before, are invaluable sources of historical information for the best tides, months and weeks to fish "The Big Ditch".


While the focus of My Fishing Cape Cod has and will always be Cape Cod, many of our members live and fish along the coastlines of Plymouth, Duxbury, Kingston and rest of the South Shore. It's only natural then for a thread to develop that specifically serves this area. The Plymouth/Duxbury/Kingston thread began in 2023 and has been gaining momentum as a place for anglers from this region to connect with one another. In fact, throughout the Cape Cod Bay category you will find a variety of threads devoted to fishing Plymouth Bay and even further north all the way to Boston, which we'll address in greater detail in the next toggle box.


We all know that many, many people travel to Cape Cod each weekend from Boston and the surrounding communities. In fact, a growing percentage of our membership also fishes Boston Harbor and the surrounding shorelines from boat and from shore. The Boston Harbor 2023 thread has been steadily picking up steam since it launched early in the 2023 season and we see it growing in the years to come. Our South Shore/North Shore & Boston Harbor category contains hundreds of posts going back to 2021 with information for surfcasters and boat anglers alike. As we've mentioned previously, My Fishing Cape Cod will always be primarily for Cape Cod, but we understand our membership also lives and fishes nearby coastlines such as Boston, which is why we've expanded a bit into these areas too.


Our forum is not simply a place to find information for specific areas. We also have specific threads for specific species. For example, our Albie Season 2023 thread was a huge hit with over 300 posts and reports shared during August-October of 2023. This thread has been hugely helpful for many members considering how finicky albies can be, and also considering how quickly they can move around. Albies are here one day and gone the next, so any information you can garner can really help. 


Fly fishing is hugely popular on Cape Cod not just for saltwater species such as striped bass, but for freshwater too.

And for anyone interested in fly fishing, our Fly Fishing 2023 thread is definitely worth checking out. In less than one year the thread has gained over 350 posts and reports from anglers on My Fishing Cape Cod who love to fly fish. From fly fishing the kettle ponds for trout, to stalking stripers over the Brewster Flats, the Fly Fishing Thread is a valuable tool to have on your side.

In fact, the thread is just the tip of the iceberg. Several years ago we devoted an entire Fly Fishing Category inside our forum to anglers from MFCC who prefer this method of fishing. Topics range from places to fly fish, to an entire thread devoted to Tying Flies with more than 2,000 posts!

If you fly fish the Cape regularly or just visit once a year to fish in the Cheeky Tournament, then you will find the fly fishing section of our forum helpful.

Sell & Swap

Our sell and swap thread is the place on My Fishing Cape Cod where you can put your tackle up for sale, or list it as a trade-with no additional cost and zero fees.

Many of our members have scored great deals by utilizing this section of our forum.

Jeff Coates

Member since 2014

The members in the forum are great!

Last week I posted about some extra fishing gear I was hoping to sell, and so far I've already sold 2 rods and 3 reels. The members in the forum are great!

Thanks for striving to give members a high quality experience!

Since joining MFCC I’ve been inundated by the wealth of knowledge and generosity of the members who share the same passion as me. Being a teenager with a small fishing network, MFCC has been a dream come true as fellow members have given me the opportunity to not only grow in the sport, but to also give back to the sport.

Nick BeltraminiMember since May 2019

The people in the forum are wonderful. Someone stole my bag while I was at the canal, so I posted about it inside the forum, with the thought of letting the other members know to be sure to watch their stuff carefully. To my surprise I had many offers (more than I could count!) from members who wanted to send me lures lures to help rebuild my stolen bag. There are just some wonderful people here on MFCC. 

John FigmicMember since 2018

The openness and information available for fishermen is unreal.

Patrick VardaroMember since February 2018

I love this site!

I love this site! Where else can you post a question, get a response, and yield success in a 2 hour window? Thanks for helping me catch my first striper on my fly rod!

Steve KwietniakMember since January 2015

Your site has been a huge factor in helping me.

First of all, thank you for all the work you do and information you provide-it has helped me more than you know. I've grown up my whole life fishing the North Shore, mainly the Merrimack River and Plum Island beaches/estuaries.

Riley McLaughlinMember since June 2016

Thanks from a Canal newbie

Thanks to everyone on this site who help out Canal newbies like me. I had never fished the Canal until this week, and with the info on this site, the forums, and the members, I didn't feel lost or intimidated by the "Big Ditch."

Robert CavicchioMember since 2015