Costa Rica & The World

January 14, 2022

In this video, we'll recap my past experiences panga boat fishing Costa Rica for yellowfin tuna, black tuna, roosterfish and more. This footage was filmed during my 2015-2018 fishing trips to Costa Rica.

Panga Boat Fishing in Costa Rica!

January 24, 2020

Ryan CollinsBefore I dive into this post I'd like to let you know that a new event has been added to the MFCC calendar for 2020.On Saturday March 7th at 8:30am we are going to host a Bluefin Tuna Fishing Meetup at the Fishermen's View Restaurant in Sandwich.Members of MFCC

Needlefish In The Surf | January 22 Report

January 21, 2020

Ryan CollinsYesterday afternoon I was working on my computer, taking care of some business in preparation for the Feb. 22 MFCC Breakfast event.The front porch where I was working provides me with a clear view of the Golfo Dulce. It's a perfect spot where I can be productive on the

Topwater Jack Crevalle From The Costa Rica Surf

January 18, 2020

Ryan CollinsThe past few days here in Playa Zancudo Costa Rica have been interesting. In this post I will fill you in on what's been going on the past several days here in Costa Rica.From broken down golf carts to chipped teeth, howler monkeys to yellowfin tuna, there's been no

Golfo Dulce Yellowfin Tuna & Dorado

January 13, 2020

Ryan CollinsOver the past 6 months I have realized just how effective the drone is for not just locating fish, but also for understanding their behavior.Being able to observe fish from a birds-eye perspective has been an eye-opening experience, whether filming at home on Cape Cod or abroad in Costa

Giant Needlefish: New Drone Video

January 10, 2020

Ryan Collins This past Wednesday at around 4pm I made the short walk from our Costa Rica beach house rental to the shoreline of the Golfo Dulce. The Golfo Dulce is one of the most biodiverse bodies of water on the planet, and you never know what you may see

First Roosterfish of 2020: Full Video

January 7, 2020

Ryan Collins Right now Lauren and I are currently in Costa Rica, fishing and working abroad. Ah the power of the internet! I'll post more details about this trip very soon, but tonight I wanted to quickly share a cool new drone video with you. This past season I had

New Drone Video | Jack Crevalles in the Surf | Costa Rica

April 27, 2019

Ryan CollinsWith the Cape Cod saltwater fishing season about to kick-off, this will be the last "Costa Rica Saturday" blog post for quite some time.If you watched the roosterfish kayak video from last weekend, then you may of noticed how difficult of a time I had removing two sets of razor

Fishing for GIANT Roosterfish in Costa Rica from the Kayak

April 20, 2019

Ryan CollinsThis past winter my wife Lauren and I guided two awesome groups of MFCC anglers and their wives in Costa Rica. We explored the jungle together, saw sloths and monkeys, and of course went fishing​The fishing from the beach in the days leading up to this kayak trip had

Roosterfish in Costa Rica | Insane Kayak Fishing

April 13, 2019

Ryan CollinsWelcome to another edition of "Costa Rica Saturday," a weekly series that will continue for the month of April.This past winter my life Lauren and I guided two groups of anglers and their wives from the USA in Costa Rica. We explored the jungle, saw sloths and monkeys, and

Wild Blitz of Jacks, Roosters, Black Tuna, and Spanish Macks! | Costa Rica 2019

April 6, 2019

Lauren CollinsLife in Costa Rica is in many ways similar to life on Cape Cod. Yet there are also many, many differences.One BIG difference is that here in Costa Rica, it is very possible to catch a fish and then find yourself eating that same fish for lunch less than

Spanish/Sierra Mackerel Catch and Cook | Costa Rica 2019

March 30, 2019

Ryan CollinsThe morning of January 27th began like any other morning in Costa Rica. Lauren cooked the crew an amazing breakfast, while we kept a lookout for monkeys in the trees.Over breakfast I chatted with MFCC members John Silva and Mike Hollander about the action along the beach. A couple

Costa Rica Surf Casting | Big Jack Crevalle On Light Tackle

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