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June 28, 2024

It's officially been 10 years since I started kayak fishing on Cape Cod.  Throughout that entire time I've kept it simple by using the same

April 15, 2024

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day on Cape!  Honestly, you might even be able to go to the beach.  Right now it's 70 degrees and

April 8, 2024

With bright sunshine and temps in the mid 50's, I figured today was as good a day as any to try for my first tog

April 2, 2024

I pulled into the beach parking lot yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see a man lying on the sand a couple hundred yards down

March 21, 2024

Yesterday afternoon I set off around 3pm to do some more kayaking and fishing for holdover stripers on Cape Cod. Over the weekend I had success

March 17, 2024

It was dark and breezy last night as I made my way down the mid-Cape highway.  There were very few cars on the road, especially

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Kayak Spots

Captain Mike Hogan from Hogy Lures has created the most in-depth list of kayak launch spots on the web. Click below to check it out.

My 5 Best Kayak Trips of All Time

This eBook contains true accounts of my best Cape kayak fishing trips. I think you’ll find the accounts to be of good value, especially if you are new to kayak fishing or new to fishing on Cape Cod.