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Group Trip Registration Is Now Open!

Last month our first 20 group fishing trips of the year sold out within 48 hours!  Fortunately I just added a new batch of trips

March 31, 2024

The last episode of season 7 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV has been airing this weekend on NBC Sports Boston. In case you don't

Season Finale of MFCC TV

March 27, 2024

Tuna fishing off Cape Cod has been nothing short of remarkable, and many anglers here on My Fishing Cape Cod have caught giant tunas of

Anchor/Ball Setup For Giant Tuna Fishing

March 16, 2024

Harpooning is one of the oldest and most primitive methods of harvesting fish.  Obviously it's been perfected with modern day technology, but the technique itself

Harpooning Tuna off Cape Cod

February 28, 2024

It still boggles my mind that it's now possible to do a day trip to the Northeast Canyons, which are located about 100 miles south/southeast of

What It’s Like Fishing for Tuna 100+ Miles off Cape Cod

February 24, 2024

*Before fishing for sharks, vessel owners must obtain an Atlantic highly migratory species permit, with the shark endorsement. Please click here to learn more.In the

Thresher Shark Fishing

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Access Regularly Updated Tuna Reports

Our members inside the forum regularly share tuna fishing reports for different areas around Cape Cod. The forum is also a great place to get answers for your questions about tuna fishing.

2022 Tuna TV Show Episode

Summer has arrived on Cape Cod and the dunes are getting greener with each passing day. In this episode we'll go fishing with a group of members from myfishingcapecod.com, in search of the first tuna of the season.

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2021 Tuna TV Show Episode

It’s early August on Cape Cod, and giant bluefin tuna have arrived in great numbers. In this episode we head out fishing for tuna with a group of members from My Fishing Cape Cod and captain Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters. During this trip we hooked three bluefins and observed amazing humpback whale feeds. It was an amazing trip that none of us will ever forget!

Tuna meetup recording

Learn how to catch giant & rec-size tuna by watching this private meetup recording with captains Chris Nashville and Cullen Lundholm.