April 2, 2024

I pulled into the beach parking lot yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see a man lying on the sand a couple hundred yards down the beach.  I was debating walking over to see if everything was ok when a woman on her phone popped out of a nearby car ...

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Sunset Stripers | April 2nd Fishing Report
January 31, 2024

Striped bass pretty unique creatures if you stop to think about it. What other fish species can be targeted in open water, up tight to the beachfront, in rivers, harbors, bays, canals, estuaries, rips, rock piles, shoals, and drop-offs as well as in a variety of other interesting environments.Without a doubt ...

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3-Way Rig Fishing Live Eels for Stripers
June 6, 2023

Today I wanted to share a quick underwater video clip of some tinker mackerel trolling footage I captured on May 30th while fishing onboard one of our group fishing trips. Onboard for this memorable trip were My Fishing Cape Cod members David Faherty, Rick Davis, Bruce Perlman and Bruce's friend ...

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Trolling Tinker Macks for Striped Bass
February 7, 2022

Pogies are also called menhaden or bunker. They are often referred to as the most important fish in the sea, because they are filter-feeders, and they help keep the water clean. Pogies are also an important food source for whales, birds and many species of fish. In particular, live-lining pogies ...

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Cast Netting Pogies to Use as Bait for Huge Stripers
June 14, 2021

So far this season I've found myself fishing a lot using live pogies for bait. Whether caught via a snag hook or cast net, live pogies have been the ticket to catching bass of up to around 45 inches.Last week on Thursday June 10th the wind was blowing 25mph and ...

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Cow Bass Chasing Live Pogie on Drone
July 17, 2020

Note from Ryan: This post was originally published on August 4th of 2015. I figured now would be a good time to re-publish this post, because there has been growing interest in the forum about raking your own sand eels.This past Friday morning I received a text message invitation from ...

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How to Rake for Sand Eels on Cape Cod
March 28, 2020

​ In this segment, we take a look at how striped bass sometimes react to frozen bait.  The type of bait used in this video is 4 week old frozen mackerel. The bait was definitely not fresh by any means. Striped bass will eat frozen bait, but you are much ...

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Angler Education: Striped Bass Investigating Frozen Bait
March 24, 2020

​ In this video, we go underwater for a unique view of a school of Cape Cod striped bass as they chase a live eel in shallow water. I filmed this footage during the 2019 season, and it will air during this weekend's episode of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. ...

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Amazing Underwater Footage of Striped Bass Chasing an Eel
July 23, 2019

Garet Suomala Hello My Fishing Cape Cod. ??  Garet Suomala here with another interesting Cape Cod fishing adventure to share with you. So sit right back, and you will hopefully enjoy this adventure. Something really cool happened to me back on June 10. I was fortunate enough to be invited ...

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My Experience Filming An Episode Of My Fishing Cape Cod TV
June 17, 2019

Ryan CollinsEffective next year (2020) recreational anglers not fishing aboard for-hire vessels will berequired to use inline circle hooks when fishing for striped bass in Massachusetts with whole or cut natural baits.Since inline circle hooks will soon be required by law, I figured now would be a great time to ...

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Stop Gut-Hooking Striped Bass, By Using This Type Of Circle Hook
January 13, 2019

Andrew Burke The first episode of season #2 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV aired this weekend. I hope you were able to tune-in! Back during the summer of 2018, I had the opportunity to join the MFCC TV crew as they filmed this "live-lining mackerel for stripers" episode of ...

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MFCC TV “Behind The Scenes” Of Live-Lining Mackerel For Stripers
August 13, 2018

Ryan Collins I first learned about 3-waying live bait for big striped bass when I was 18 or 19 years old. At the time I was working at One Shot Bait & Tackle in Sagamore Beach, a small bait and tackle shop that has since closed its doors. Back then ...

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How To 3-Way Live Bait For “Trophy” Striped Bass On Cape Cod