PUBLISHED ON April 2 2024

Sunset Stripers | April 2nd Fishing Report

by Ryan Collins

I pulled into the beach parking lot yesterday afternoon and was surprised to see a man lying on the sand a couple hundred yards down the beach.  I was debating walking over to see if everything was ok when a woman on her phone popped out of a nearby car and stood beside the man.

A few moments later I heard sirens and within a minute or two ambulances and police cruisers appeared on scene.  Oddly enough the man stood up just as emergency personnel pulled into the lot.  I have no idea what was going on but he appeared ok.  

It was an interesting start to my fishing trip to say the least!  I launched my kayak as the ambulances left the scene and began my paddle to the general area I talked about two weeks ago in this report.

My Fishing Cape Cod member Grant Stark was up ahead of me in his new boat which he purchased from another member here on MFCC.  It was great to finally meet Grant and see his new fishing platform!

Grant Stark has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod for just over one year now.  Stay tuned for a podcast we recorded with Grant about his first year of fishing on Cape - publishing this spring!

I was really happy when Grant told me he used our popular Sell & Swap Thread here on the site to find and purchase the boat.  

The Sell & Swap Thread is a hugely valuable, yet little talked about benefit to My Fishing Cape Cod membership.  If you're a member and you haven't visited the thread yet, then I definitely recommend checking it out!

This bundle of lures was posted this week in the Sell and Swap thread.  It's 100% free for members of My Fishing Cape Cod to post items for sale and the site does not take any sort of commission. 

One of our members, captain Jason Colby, recently posted that he has 7 Diawa Ryoga’s for sale.  From lures, to boats, to reels, to sonars, you never know what you might find in the Sell & Swap Thread!

Grant provided me with an amazing report.  On his way out while traversing shallow water, he had spotted three striped bass that appeared to be over-slot (larger than 31 inches).  This was great news and it got me excited for the evening.

We fished together for a little while before I decided to continue onward and explore some areas that I could get to in my kayak, but might be a little too shallow for Grant in his boat.  I told him I would text him if I caught anything and we parted ways.

I spooked my first bass of the night about one quarter of a mile from where I said goodbye to Grant.  The fish rolled off my bow and nearly gave me a heart attack!  

The wind was dead calm and the surface of the water was like a pane of glass. Another striper rolled of my starboard side in the flat calm conditions. Now my heart was really pumping. 

I rigged up my first bait (which we'll talk about below) of the night and began a slow troll.  Not more than 5 minutes later and my rod doubled over in the holder. 

Fish on!


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