Getting Started With My Fishing Cape Cod

cape cod fishing ryan collins

Thanks for coming to the My Fishing Cape Cod blog.  My name’s Ryan and I am a fisherman, blogger and fisherman. I think you catch  my drift.

That’s my Mom and I in the above photo. I am fortunate to have been able to have fished Cape Cod since I was in kindergarten. 

As a youngster the Cape’s beaches, bays, harbors, flats and estuaries were a terrific playground. 

The mission of MFCC is to help you catch more fish and have more fun fishing on Cape Cod.

The writing you’ll find here offers my ideas and experiences fishing and exploring this wonderful area.  I write through personal experience, including the good and the bad.  

The My Fishing Cape Cod community is comprised of folks who like to fish, and love “just being out there” in the Cape’s terrific natural environment.  Many of us live year round on Cape, some just for the summer and others just for a weekend.

The page below goes into more detail about the site itself.  You can learn more about MFCC membership by clicking here.

My story

I started fishing Cape Cod when I was 5 and have been hooked ever since.  I have my Dad to thank for that.  We fished for years out of a 12 foot aluminum skiff powered by a 6hp.  

12 foot cape cod tin boat

We chased stripers, bluefish and even tuna in that thing.

By high school my Dad had upgraded the boat and I was commercial fishing for striped bass every summer.  I made a little money and absolutely fell in love with the lifestyle.  

ryan collins commercial fishing

At age 16 I was spending full moon nights afloat on a dark bay, alone as my Dad slept in the cabin.  I experienced so much during those years.  We caught fish, rescued whales and learned that on a boat a 5 gallon bucket is a completely legitimate bathroom.

I then set off to college in Worcester and somehow ended up in Cairns, Australia. Throughout it all I kept coming back to Cape Cod each summer to hang out on the beach, commercial fish and eventually run fishing charters.  

In 2011 my grandmother Loretta passed away, so my Dad and I did what we felt was right.  We bought a boat and named it the Miss Loretta

cape cod trolling for striped bass

I ran striped bass fishing charters for several years out of that boat. I met some excellent people and experienced incredible fishing.

Not too long ago I made a choice to pursue what I love, and somehow I’ve ended up here, writing to you. This season I plan on fishing as much as I can while also maintaining “a life,” as some people would say!

The MFCC team

I started My Fishing Cape Cod in 2011 and since then MFCC has grown into quite a team effort.

I have a lot of people to be thankful for!

Lauren Blacker

lauren  mugshot with frameThe prettiest face you’ll see here on the blog for sure, I was lucky enough to meet Lauren at a summer cookout when I was 23. For some odd reason she keeps me around. Lauren cooks and blogs at her website Creatively Delish and also contributes recipes here on My Fishing Cape Cod.


Jason Mazzola

jason mazzola mugshot with frame 125 by 125Jason and I have been fishing together since elementary school. Jay caught the tuna bug in his early twenties and has been in pursuit of giant tuna ever since. Jason has played a major role in developing the bluefin tuna content you see here on MFCC.


Garet Suomala

DCIM100GOPROI met Garet when I was 17 years old and we have been friends ever since. Garet was born with a condition called spina bifida but it hasn’t stopped him one bite. We’ve caught bass up to 35 pounds together. Click here to learn more about Garet and what he does for MFCC.


Andrew Massard

andrew mugshot actually 125!Andrew didn’t fish much when I met him at Bourne High School. But recently Andrew’s taken interest in fishing. He joined MFCC to help him catch a keeper striper, and now he’s fishing offshore for yellowfin tuna and swordfish. Click here to learn more about Andrew and what he does for MFCC.


Kevin Collins

kevin collinsKevin is my cousin and we have been fishing together since we were kids. Kevin plays an integral role in producing the radio show and podcast for the New England Patriots. Here on MFCC Kevin produces the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast and is the lead force behind everything podcast/audio related here on the site.


Jeff Miller

jeff miller canal baitJeff Miller runs Canal Bait and Tackle, a shop specializing in outfitting the Canal fisherman. I’ve done business with Jeff and Canal Bait since I was 18. Jeff is a valuable resource for anything Canal related and he contributes here on MFCC by posting Cape Cod Canal fishing reports.


Sturgis Boat Works

sturgis boat works matt wake ryan collins hobieDuring the late summer of 2014 I was granted a Hobie kayak from the terrific crew over at Sturgis Boat Works in West Yarmouth, MA. That kind gesture is responsible for every piece of kayak fishing content here on MFCC. Sturgis Boat Works owner Matt Wake, general manager John Frazee and the rest of their team are top notch and I’m thankful they are part of the MFCC team.


Bob Hovey | USCG Rescue Swimmer

uscg rescue swimmer bob hoveyBob Hovey is a rescue swimmer for the United States Coast Guard. His career has allowed him to fish off every state on the East Coast. He now shares his passion through fishing, teaching safety and water survival. His post about Cape Cod Boating Safety is a must-read.



Dex Chadsey | Teacher & MFCC Member

dex and gracie 135Member Dex Chadsey has been fishing on Cape Cod since 1963. He and his dog Gracie are excited to initiate the new fly fishing section here on MFCC. Dex will retire this June after 40 years as a teacher in Wayland, MA. He is excited to join the MFCC team! You can learn more about Dex by clicking here.


Cullen Lundholm | Cape Star Charters

cullen mugshotCullen has navigated the entire Eastern Seaboard, placed in a number of fishing tournaments, and fished the waters of Bermuda, the Bahamas, and Coastal New England extending out to the Gulf Stream. Cullen commercially fishes for bluefin tuna and striped bass on Cape Cod, and is on the water each fishable day from April-October. Cullen specializes in live bait fishing, and is certified with a US Coast Guard 100 ton Master’s License. You can learn more about his charters by clicking here.


John D. Silva | Professional Outdoors Journalist

john d. silva my fishing cape codJohn D. Silva is an award winning outdoor writer and photographer with over 45 years of experience fishing inland and coastal waters in the United States and Canada. An active member in the New England Outdoor Writer’s Association, he has published feature articles, columns and photos in a variety of popular outdoor publications, including On the Water Magazine, N. Carolina Sportsman, Eastern Fly Fishing, Sporting Classics, Coastal Angler, and The Fisherman magazine among others. Silva has written a wide variety of instructional and entertaining articles and columns ranging in content from fishing tips, tackle, rigging, and techniques; to outdoor humor, cooking, and even motion-sickness remedies.