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Ryan Collins

It's not easy figuring out where and when to go fishing for saltwater species like striped bass, bluefin tuna, albies and many others. Saltwater fish can move quickly, and the location of the best bite can change by the hour.

Here on My Fishing Cape Cod we provide daily (and often hourly) Cape Cod fishing reports for the Cape Cod canal, Cape Cod Bay, Buzzard's Bay, Vineyard & Nantucket Sound, Lower Cape Cod and Outer Cape Cod. 

On this website you will find several different types of fishing reports. First is our fishing report podcast which we make every effort to publish on a weekly basis during the season.

Second are the daily (and often hourly) fishing reports which are shared by our members inside our private forum. Third are my own personal fishing reports which I publish every few days.

All of these fishing reports are categorized by areas. Please scroll below to view our Cape Cod fishing reports, or click a jump link to access fishing reports for specific areas around Cape Cod.

If you are looking for fishing reports for striped bass, bluefin tuna, false albacore, black sea bass, tautog and other species then you have come to the right place. We even have reports for offshore fishing at the Northeast Canyons, fly fishing, freshwater fishing and more.

Below you will find some of our latest content for specific areas around Cape Cod & the Islands. However, for daily (and often hourly) updates and fishing reports, then please head over to our private members' forum.

Inside our members' forum you will find constantly updated Cape Cod fishing reports and information which is being shared daily by our friendly and helpful community of more than 1,500 anglers. 

Cape Cod Canal
Fishing Reports

Here on MFCC we have published thousands of Cape Cod Canal fishing reports since the website was launched in 2011. For this season, the most valuable asset for recent canal reports will be the 2021 Canal thread inside our members' forum. That thread will be the best place to get daily updates.

In addition, we have hundreds of Cape Cod Canal articles, videos and tutorials which are linked to below. The two most recent posts are shown below. To access our complete canal database please click the button beneath the two most recent posts. *You will have to be logged-in as a My Fishing Cape Cod member to access all of our canal fishing content.

Cape Cod Bay
Fishing Reports

Cape Cod Bay encompasses more than 600 square miles. The bay stretches from Plymouth in the west across to Provincetown in the east. Fishing Cape Cod Bay can result in catches of striped bass, bluefish, giant bluefin tuna, flounder and much more.

For daily Cape Cod Bay fishing reports and updates, please visit the Cape Cod Bay category inside our members' forum. As always the daily and hourly fishing reports shared by our members will be the fastest way for you to get up to speed on the latest fishing news from Cape Cod Bay.

In addition, we have hundreds of Cape Cod Bay articles, videos and tutorials which are linked to below. To access our complete Cape Cod Bay database please click the button beneath the two most recent posts.

Buzzard's Bay
Fishing Reports

Buzzard's Bay is home to many different species of fish including fluke, stripers, blues, black sea bass, scup and more. The bay stretches from the West End of the Cape Cod Canal all the way south to Cuttyhunk Island.

For daily Buzzard's Bay fishing reports and updates, please visit the Buzzard's Bay category inside our members' forum. We have many members who post daily and hourly Buzzard's Bay fishing reports. In addition to obtaining recent intel, our forum is a great place to network with other anglers who fish Buzzard's Bay.

Just like the categories above, I have also published dozens of Buzzard's Bay videos and reports of my own. To access my complete Buzzard's Bay database please click the button beneath the two most recent posts.

Vineyard Sound
Fishing Reports

Vineyard Sound is bordered by Cape Cod and the Elizabeth Islands to the north, and Martha's Vineyard to the south. Strong currents and rips can be found throughout Vineyard Sound, and the fishing can be good for a variety of different species.

For the most up-to-date Martha's Vineyard, Elizabeth Islands, and Vineyard Sound fishing reports, please visit the Nantucket/Vineyard Sound category inside our members' forum. The forum is very active during the season (May-October).

I find myself fishing Vineyard Sound most often during the spring for stripers, and during the fall for false albacore. Over the past decade I've added all these posts to the Vineyard Sound database which members of My Fishing Cape Cod have full access to.

Nantucket Sound
Fishing Reports

Nantucket Sound is home to the famous Monomoy Rips. The rips produce great fishing for stripers, bluefish, fluke and albies. The beaches of Nantucket Sound are great for stripers during the spring and fall, brown sharks during the summer, and albies and Spanish mackerel during late summer.

As mentioned above, please visit the Nantucket/Vineyard Sound category inside our members' forum. The forum is very active during the season (May-October).

Over the past 5 years I've made quite a few trips out of Saquatucket Harbor and Bass River for bass and tuna. I also occasionally fish the Nantucket Sound coastline from shore. My Nantucket Sound database contains all my stories and reports from these adventures, which members of My Fishing Cape Cod have full access to.

Lower/Outer Cape Cod
Fishing Reports

Cape Cod's Great Beach stretches from Chatham in the south to Provincetown in the north. Over the years this shoreline has produced legendary surfcasting for striped bass and bluefish. The waters east of Outer Cape Cod are home to cod, haddock, giant bluefin tuna and more.

For the latest Lower and Outer Cape Cod fishing reports please visit the Lower/Outer Cape Cod category inside our members' forum. 

Since launching MFCC in 2011 I've made it a ritual to fish the beaches of Outer Cape Cod at least a few times each season. I've also embarked on many boat fishing trips for striped bass and tuna in this area. My Outer/ Lower Cape Cod database contains all my fishing reports from this special area of Cape Cod.

Canyons & Offshore
Fishing Reports

The Northeast Canyons are located roughly 100 miles southeast of Cape Cod and the Islands. This is the edge of the continental shelf and is where warm Gulf Stream waters can be found. 

There aren't as many anglers here on MFCC who fish the canyons as there are who fish inshore, but each summer these members post offshore reports to the Offshore category inside our members' forum. The crew from the Goose Hummock Shop in Orleans also often provide offshore canyons reports when they call-in to our weekly podcast.

Over the past several years I've had a handful of opportunities to fish Veatch, Hydrographer and West Atlantis Canyons. We also have contributors here on MFCC who've created videos and articles about fishing 100+ miles offshore for yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, marlin and more. Members of MFCC can access these videos and reports by visiting my Offshore/Canyons fishing database.

Costa Rica
Fishing Reports

Back in 2015 my wife Lauren and I went on a month long "do it yourself" adventure in Costa Rica. I had zero expectations with regards to the fishing, but to my surprise I caught big jacks, Spanish mackerel and roosterfish of up to 70 pounds from the beach.

What I discovered was that fishing in Costa Rica is very similar to fishing on Cape Cod. The species are different, but the gear, tackle, and strategies are pretty much the same.

Since 2015 we've returned to Costa Rica each winter, sometimes bringing members of My Fishing Cape Cod with us. If you would like to read more about Costa Rica fishing and watch videos from these trips, then please visit my Costa Rica fishing database.

We also have this category inside our forum which is dedicated to fishing in Costa Rica and elsewhere around the world.

Around The World
Fishing Reports

In addition to Cape Cod and Costa Rica, myself and many members from MFCC enjoy traveling to fishing destinations around the world. From Puerto Vallarta to Belize and beyond, I always have fun sharing and reading about these adventures.

Just like above this "around the world" fishing content has been organized into a Fishing the World database which can be accessed by members. In addition, we have a Fishing the World category in the forum.