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August 29, 2022

*Please visit our members' forum to access our latest most up-to-date fishing reports It was 3:30 in the morning last Thursday August 25th when my alarm went off. I hopped right out of bed and headed downstairs. I made a cup of coffee and then went into the basement to

A Stellar Day of Fluke Fishing off Cape Cod: 8 Different Species Caught in One Trip!

July 31, 2022

Today I would like to give members of My Fishing Cape Cod the opportunity to access a video presentation with Jimmy the Greek of On Time Charters. Captain Jimmy is one of the most skilled fluke fisherman in the area and we were very fortunate to have him share his

Fluke Fishing Tips & Advice with Jimmy the Greek of On Time Charters

July 30, 2022

Several years ago on a summer day out on the shifting shoals southeast of Monomoy Island, my brother Mark tied into a nice fluke.  His medium heavy, fast action rod had a big parabolic bend in it, with the tip dipping into the water as he was reeling and cranking

Drifting For “Doormat” Fluke

June 19, 2022

*This article was originally published on July 11th, 2021.The Monomoy Shoals, located off the southernmost tip of Monomoy Island, encompass a unique topography made up of pebbles, cobblestones and shifting sands. In fact, constant change is embodied by the term Monomoy Island. Currently Monomoy is a true island, but throughout history

Monomoy Rips Fishing Techniques

April 29, 2022

This article was originally published in May of 2020. I figured now would be a good time to re-publish, because squid will soon be arriving off the Cape!Over the past week on Cape Cod we've enjoyed some sunny warm days, but we've also had some snow flurries!Nevertheless the action with

How To Catch Squid On Cape Cod

September 5, 2021

Back in June we were contacted by Vineyard Wind, and they asked if they could publish a guest blog post on My Fishing Cape Cod about their offshore wind project and how it may impact anglers. Their post was originally shared inside our members' forum. You can read the post and

15 Things Anglers Should Know About Offshore Wind

September 3, 2021

The wind has quieted down and the torrential downpours have ended. The weather is clearing up and I think we might be in for a great weekend of fishing.With light north winds predicted for today, I would expect Cape Cod Bay to be fishable for stripers and bluefish. There were some

Friday September 3rd Cape Cod Fishing Report

August 17, 2021

This summer I've been fortunate to fish with dozens of members from My Fishing Cape Cod, whether it be from shore or from boat. During one particularly memorable trip I was fishing with MFCC member Jeff Campbell aboard his 27' Southport center console. We left the dock at 5am on

The Most BREATHTAKING Underwater Striper Fishing and Drone Footage of 2021!

August 11, 2021

Buckle up, because you’re about to go on a ride to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where fluke are king!This is the MOST INTENSE fluke fishing footage I’ve filmed! If you've ever fished for fluke before, then I think you'll enjoy this video.Please click play below to watch! Members of

THE MOST INTENSE Underwater Fluke Fishing Footage Ever!

July 28, 2021

Today we have a new Nantucket fishing report with your host (and my cousin) Kevin Collins, and Matt Reinemo of Nantucket Tackle Center.In this report you'll hear about how the fishing has been on Nantucket for stripers, bluefish, fluke and tuna.We'll also chat about the opportunities to come for bonito

Get Ready For Bonito – Nantucket Island Fishing Report

July 13, 2021

In today's show we get a full update and fishing report for the waters of Nantucket Sound. If you're interested in fishing Nantucket Sound for bass, bluefish, fluke and more, then this will be a good listen for you. Please click play below to listen

July 13th Nantucket Sound Fishing Report

July 2, 2021

In this podcast report we get a full, publicly-available update on how the fishing has been around Nantucket Island, from captain Matt Reinemo of Nantucket Tackle Center.If you are interested in learning about the striped bass, bluefish and bluefin tuna fishing around Nantucket Island, then this podcast will be a

Nantucket Fishing Report for July 4th Weekend

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