July 9 2024

Top Catches from MFCC | July 9th, 2024

by Ryan Collins

It's been an amazing couple of weeks of fishing here at My Fishing Cape Cod. Our community of members inside our private forum have been sharing their fishing escapades, and I find it truly inspiring to read about your adventures. 

Today I'd like to highlight just a few of the reports, nice catches and stories that were shared by our members inside the forum over the past week. 

Let's dive right in and check out just a few of these top catches and stories from the MFCC community. You can scroll below to continue reading, or skip to a particular section by using this nifty table of contents. 👇

Patrick Yanovitch's Boston Harbor Adventures

Patrick Yanovitch has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since 2022 and its been great having him onboard the site these past couple of years. 

Patrick fishes out of 24 foot Key West center console named Karl Too.

Patrick's boat is a sweet 24' Key West.

Recently Patrick provided some valuable insights into fishing Boston Harbor, which is an area that I am interested in developing more content around.

After all, even though My Fishing Cape Cod is primarily a Cape Cod fishing community, I understand that many of our members live in Boston and also fish that area, as well as the North Shore.

Patrick and his crews had a lot of success with stripers during June by snagging and then live-lining pogies.

In his forum post from June 29th Patrick mentioned the status of pogies in the area...

"A few weeks ago they were so thick you could throw a cast net anywhere and get them," Patrick reminisced.

However, according to Patrick's post from the 29th, the pogies have been more scattered throughout the harbor. 

For More on Boston Harbor

Check out our growing South Shore/North Shore/Boston Harbor category inside our forum for more information about fishing in these areas.

John Willard - Bluefin Tuna at Peaked Hill

According to a July 3rd post from John Willard, he had a pretty good day off Peaked Hill Bar in Provincetown. 

John hooked into a rec-size bluefin tuna and a solid striper on the same trip!

John has been a member since 2018 and it's great to have him onboard the site. 😎

For More on Tuna

Check out our  2024 rec bluefin tuna thread inside our forum for more information and tuna updates.

Fly Fishing with Johan Frenje

Johan Frenje has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod since 2020 and I always enjoy reading about his fly fishing adventures.

Recently Johan had not one, but two outstanding fly fishing outings on July 3rd and July 5th.

On July 5th during a brief 30-minute window on the low incoming tide, he landed five bass, including a hefty 35-inch specimen.

"These had moved up on the flat when water level was right," Johan explained enthusiastically. 

In another adventure on July 3rd Johan brought a friend to a productive flat in Maine. Despite challenging conditions, Johan observed, "Bass were cruising the flat close to the surface (could see them finning)."

He also shared this colorful photo of the sunrise. It's moments like these we will be remembering during the colder winter months!

You can read more about Johan's fly fishing adventures  here and here inside the fly fishing section of our forum.

For More on Fly Fishing

Check out our  Fly Fishing 2024 thread inside our forum for more information and fly fishing updates.

Flats Fishing with Ken Holt

On July 3rd fourth year MFCC member Ken Holt ventured out during midday to explore the Cape's flats, where he had an absolutely beautiful afternoon.

Reflecting on the experience, Ken shared, "Absolutely loving figuring out the flats fishing!!" 

He and his friend successfully targeted fish ranging from 16 to 27 inches, using different fly fishing techniques. Ken's detailed report is available here inside the forum.

Outer Cape Boat Fishing with Ian Marcus

Ian Marcus joined MFCC in 2022 and since that time he's received over 150 likes on his posts from other members!

Back on June 22nd Ian embarked on two scouting/whale watching trips to Northern Crab Ledge. He ended up catching mackerel and then moving in tighter to the beach in 30-40 feet of water where he discovered an area loaded with bass ranging from 26 to 40 inches.  

As Ian shared in his post, "Absolutely loaded with bass... Put out four macs/shad in 30-40ft and all were eaten in less than ten minutes."

Thank you for posting Ian and it's great to have you onboard as a member!

William Vranos' Strategic Move at Stonehorse

Willy Vranos joined MFCC way back in 2018 and since then he's created over 270 posts that have generated more 550 likes from other members on the site. 

Willyy Vranos has been a member of My Fishing Cape Cod for over 6 years now!

I think anyone who was on Cape last week would agree that the Fourth of July holiday was busy, busy busy!

For exampe, on July 3rd Willy headed to Stonehorse Shoal off Monomoy Island in search of stripers, however he was greeted by a "parking lot" of boats. 

Yet as is often the case at Monomoy, Willy and his crew found success by relocating away from the crowded fishing spots at Stone Horse.

According to Willy's July 3rd posting - "Moved away from the crowd and did ok," he reported, emphasizing the importance of exploring less pressured areas. 

For More on Monomoy

Check out our  Monomoy Reports-2024 thread inside our forum for more information on fishing this beautiful area.

In Conclusion

This quick blog post is just the tip of the iceberg of the fishing experiences that have been shared within our members' forum over the past few weeks. In fact, I didn't even get a chance to highlight some of the many surfcasting posts from our 2024 Surfcasters' Thread

Keep the fishing stories coming, I really appreciate reading them. Best of luck if you make it out fishing this week.

Tight lines! 🎣

About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

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