September 27, 2022

*For the latest reports updates please visit the MFCC forumIt had been a while since I had been fishing in my Old Town Sportsman 106 pedal kayak. I got out a few times in the spring, but the consistent southwest winds quickly warmed up Nantucket Sound, and the night bite ...

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Bluefish Kayak Adventures in Cape Cod Bay
September 16, 2022

When it comes to cod, the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is offshore deepwater fishing. While most successful cod fishing takes place in cold, deepwater grounds, there are oases closer to shore that provide pretty reliable fishing if you know what to look for. When conditions are right ...

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Inshore Cod Fishing?…Yes, It’s Possible!
August 31, 2022

The afternoon of Friday August 26th was breezy and ominous. The wind was blowing about 20 miles per hour out of the southwest, and thunder and lightning was predicted for the afternoon and evening. Nevertheless, I decided we could give it a try, and attempt to squeeze a trip in before ...

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Getting Kids Onto Fish During The First Peanut Bunker Bass Blitzes of the Season!
July 19, 2022

Yesterday I stumbled across largest school of pogies I have seen in my entire life! The school was 2 miles long (perhaps longer) and several hundred yards wide. I have no idea how many menhaden the school contained but I would estimate it to be in the millions. I had ...

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The Most Epic School Of Pogies I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life
July 18, 2022

Lobster fishing has been entrenched in our history for centuries. In colonial times, it was seen as peasant food made for the lower class citizens.That notion has shifted dramatically since those times. Lobster is now one of the staple seafoods across the country and we’re lucky to have such an ...

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Getting Started With Recreational Lobstering
May 12, 2022

I've really been looking forward to haddock fishing this spring, so when I got a text from My Fishing Cape Cod member Eddy Kooyomjian asking if I wanted to go haddock fishing with him on May 6th, I jumped at the opportunity! Haddock are a beautiful bottom dwelling fish with ...

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Early May Haddock Fishing Report
April 14, 2022

Springtime has arrived on Cape Cod and saltwater species are migrating back into Cape waters. One of the first fish to start biting during springtime is the winter flounder. Flounder can be caught throughout Cape Cod and the Islands, but perhaps the most productive area is Cape Cod Bay, which ...

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Springtime Flounder Fishing with Mike Fowler of Bad Dog Sportfishing
October 18, 2021

Autumn on Cape Cod is a time of solitude, peace and quiet. Things begin to wind down after a busy summer season, and the landscape is full of color.  In this video you'll explore the Cape from above with some beautiful new drone footage.  Please click play below to watch! ...

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Beautiful Cape Cod: Autumn in the Dunes
October 11, 2021

Last week while tuna fishing in Cape Cod Bay I hooked into a big thresher shark.I happened to have an underwater camera rigged up on the line, and when the shark dove deep I was surprised to see bioluminescence on the tips of the thresher's pectoral fin. I thought the footage ...

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Bioluminescence on Camera | Thresher Shark
September 30, 2021

Back on September 22 and 23 my dad and I encountered some great action with big bluefish by speed trolling with Magic Swimmers.Below is the full drone video which features all of the best bluefish bites. I hope you enjoy the footage and maybe learn something new!Best of luck and ...

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Bluefish Attacking Magic Swimmer – The Best Bites Caught on Drone
September 28, 2021

During the fall on Cape Cod big fat bluefish often invade places inside Cape Cod Bay, the canal, and along the Outer Cape.Below is footage from recent "speed trolling" for bluefish trips I went on with my dad on September 22 and 23. 👇If you look close at the video ...

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Speed Trolling for Big Bluefish
September 14, 2021

Yesterday at 12:30pm I drove to the town of Sandwich where I picked up my friend Garet for an afternoon fishing trip aboard my 21 foot Hydra Sport the Miss Loretta. Some of you might recognize Garet from the articles he's contributed over the years to My Fishing Cape Cod. ...

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Big Bluefish Are Around!