PUBLISHED ON June 30 2024

Morning Bass in the Fog | June 30th Report

by Ryan Collins

The rain was coming down in sheets and the wind was blowing hard out of the southwest early this morning at 2am as I sat cuddling our 2 week old baby girl.

However I had a solid 4 hour nap under my belt leading into my 2am baby shift, so I was feeling pretty good. I had one eye on the baby and the other on the weather radar, secretly hoping I might be able to sneak away to make a few casts once my wife Lauren woke up.

By 8am the baby and house was finally "under control" and I could sense that a lull in household commitments was on the horizon. We had friends scheduled to come over at 11am, so my window of opportunity was short, but I decided to give it a shot nonetheless.

I then realized the dog Rosie needed a walk, so I made the decision to just take her along. She could sit on the beach and watch me fish for 45 minutes. 

When we arrived at the beach the wind was howling offshore and it was foggy. Perfect conditions for a quick mid-morning fishing session.

I began wading and casting while Rosie sat patiently in the sand watching my every move. Not more than 5 minutes into fishing I had a nice hit and I was on with a fish!


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