April 23 2024

How to Sell (or swap) Your Gear on My Fishing Cape Cod

by Ryan Collins

In the world of fishing, where the quest for the perfect tackle setup never ends, the My Fishing Cape Cod community has established a new marketplace that’s become a valuable resource for anglers of all levels.

Fishing gear accumulates, whether it's the impulse buys from the latest tackle sale or the remnants of past seasons' adventures, every angler knows the feeling of looking over a collection that's grown just a bit too large.

The Sell & Swap Thread within MFCC's forum is the perfect place to offload unused gear or snag a great deal, whether it be fishing lures, a pair of waders that's been sitting in your closet for years, or even a beloved boat you're ready to pass on to the next angler!

Why Sell or Trade on MFCC?

1. Zero fees taken by My Fishing Cape Cod

Access to the Sell & Swap Thread is reserved for members.  It's another benefit of membership and as a result, My Fishing Cape Cod does not charge members to post items or take any sort of commission or fee. Any deals are 100% done between the person posting and the person buying or swapping.

2. Community Trust

Transactions between MFCC members carry a level of trust and transparency not always found on larger, impersonal platforms. With a community bound by a shared passion for fishing, there’s an implicit understanding and respect in every deal.  

3. Targeted Audience

Every item listed is presented to an audience that knows its value and utility. Whether it’s a specialized rod for surfcasting or a niche lure for targeting striped bass, your listings are directly in view of enthusiasts who appreciate what you're offering.

4. Beyond Transactions

Often, transactions go beyond mere buy-and-sell. Sellers and buyers exchange tips, experiences, and advice about the gear in question. This exchange of knowledge enriches the community, helping both novices seeking guidance and veterans looking to fine-tune their setup.

5. Eco-friendly Angling

By trading or selling within the community, members contribute to a cycle of reuse that’s both economically and environmentally beneficial. Gear finds new life in someone else’s tackle box, reducing waste and the need for new production.

Breathing Life Into Unused Gear

Consider the journey of a rod and reel that's seen seasons of action but now sits idle after an upgrade. Listing it on the Sell & Swap Thread not only declutters your space but also places quality gear in the hands of someone eager to use it. The satisfaction of knowing your beloved setup is catching fish with a new owner is priceless, and the extra cash or trade you receive is a bonus.

We've had members sell or swap their listings within hours of posting!

Since the thread began in 2020, members have been selling everything from rods, flies and jigs, to Simms boots, canal bikes, boats and engines.

Creating Your Own Sell & Swap Post

Jumping into the Sell & Swap Thread is simple and rewarding.  Here are a few tips on how to create the best and most effective post for your gear.

1. Capture Quality Photos - A clear picture speaks volumes about your item’s condition. 

2. Honest Descriptions - Full transparency about your gear’s history and condition builds trust.  Be sure to add measurements (or weight if applicable).

3. Set Fair Prices - Aim for a win-win scenario where both parties feel good about the exchange.  

4. Be Responsive - Engaging promptly with interested members fosters a positive marketplace atmosphere.

The Bottom Line

The Sell & Swap Thread is an easy place within the forum for members of My Fishing Cape Cod to sell or swap fishing gear, equipment, even boats and kayaks.  

Whether you’re in the market for new gear, looking to upgrade, or simply want to pass on your beloved equipment to someone who can use it, the Sell & Swap Thread is your go-to destination.

Dive in, and let’s keep the spirit of sharing and passion for fishing alive and thriving within our MFCC community!

About the author 

Ryan Collins

I'm fortunate to have grown up on the beach, and I've been fishing since kindergarten. I have great family, friends and fishing experiences to be thankful for. Just being out there is enough-catching fish is just a bonus!

  • Ryan for me it is also an opportunity to share a few stories from another time . It is also a time when those who may be new or old to fishing sit down and also share the experiences we all enjoy in a more informal manner. In some cases some of what was once the fish catcher of the day are still catching today . Appreciate your explanation and once again outstanding. Peace and Prayers

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