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Midday Topwater Monsters at Cuttyhunk Island | Part #2

cuttyhunk bass featured 570

Danny Guadagnoli

Billy had been behind the group, and while catching up he witnessed the crashing bass annihilate my plug.

He screamed, “Woah! Danny’s got a big boy on, fellas!"

All went silent as I fought hard to keep the fish from taking me into the rocks. It hit directly behind a boulder, and I was convinced I didn’t have a chance.

I lifted my rod tip as high as possible to keep my line from grazing one of the many boulders between me and the bass. After thrashing on the surface, the fish made several screaming runs.

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Midday Topwater Monsters at Cuttyhunk Island | Part #1

A "big boy" on the line...

Danny Guadagnoli

Growing up as a surfcaster, I have read many epic tales from the fabled striper waters of Cuttyhunk, yet for some reason at 24 years old, I had yet to take the plunge and experience it for myself.

The stories are almost mythical, and like many legendary fishing grounds, often times reality fails to live up to the imagined. 

My first trip to Cuttyhunk was not one of those instances— it lived up to expectations.

I’m sure our report pales in comparison to some of the striper action that takes place every year at Cuttyhunk, but the manner in which our first trip to the island unfolded was special and an experience I will never forget.

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Tautog in High Seas & Rough Weather

glenn tautog

Captain Jason Colby

This past Sunday I fished with Matt Newman of Newton and his sons Zach and Adien.

They caught their limit of tog in "tough conditions" on the close inshore rockpiles with several fish approaching 7 pounds and one that was over that mark, caught by Adien.

Even though I had two anchors out all day, the boat still was swinging from side to side making, the presentation of baits somewhat tough. The crew made the best of it though and we prevailed!

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Last Call For Gator Bluefish | Part #2

eric meyer's son with a bluefish

MFCC member Eric Meyer

So with the great weather predicted for Tuesday of this past week, I took my kid out of school for the day.

I figured why not. With a good trip on Saturday and the cold setting in, this may be our last chance of the season.

The wife was against it. "What would we tell the school?" she asked.

Being the quick thinker, I replied "tell them our son will have his arm in a cast!"

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Last Call For “Gator Bluefish” | Part #1

Cape Cod bluefish in a bucket

MFCC member Eric Meyer

It's late October, it's cold and the weather is always questionable.

I work so much, but I'm not complaining because my work provides a good life for my family and I. However work cuts into my first love, which is of course fishing!

This time of the year I seem to be alone on the ocean. I hold off winterizing the boat until mid November, and I do take pride in stretching out the season. 

But my most proud moment occurred last weekend, while taking out my two oldest children for some late season bluefish.

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October 29 Tautog Fishing Update

Sue tautog featured

Capt. Jason Colby

So the wind was blowing a bit today and the waves were a little high, but that doesn't matter...right? After all we are fishermen and fisherwomen!

Actually for this trip, we did have a woman on the boat and she did get seasick, but not before she caught a few good fish and broke off a couple more.

Feeling as sick as she did, Sue was not able hold her rod up to keep the tautog from running her into the rocks. Poor Sue!

However Sue did manage to catch her first ever keeper tog!

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Sunday October 25 Striper Fishing Report

kayak schoolie striped bass

It had been a slow weekend fishing wise but I was having fun. Especially since this was the first time in a long time I have used the kayak.

Last night I decided to do some exploring of the bays and harbors of upper Buzzard's Bay. These can be good spots early and late in the season.

I was hoping to find the acres of peanut bunker and blitzing bass which have thus far eluded me this weekend. The search took me from the West End of the Canal all the way to Marion.​

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Buzzard’s Bay Striper and Tautog Fishing Update

Ron Powers with nice bass

The past week or so has been "picky" with open boat on Thursday 10/15 taking a bit better than half limits. The water was still on the warm side and sizes were on the small side.

Saturday 10/18 I had My Fishing Cape Codder John D. Silva along with Ryan Collins. The fishing was "tough at best" as the wind really got cranking and the boat was swinging all over the place.

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Big Tog and Big Bass | October 13th Report

bass jason colby october

This past Sunday we headed out at 4:30 am to bass fish. Onboard I had John D. Silva (the famous outdoor writer and photographer) and Kevin Chueng (the Federal Fishery Biologist).

We were tossing "anything with a lead head" and the bite was slow and steady.

At one point I did have 3 or 4 on consecutive casts but for the most part it "felt slow" with around 20 fish for the three of us, including one real nice one for Kevin.

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