*You might be missing out on fishing reports because I don’t always classify my fishing reports by location. Be sure to check out the latest fishing reports to keep up to date.

Westport, MA Fishing Report

Little Sister Boat copy

This is a guest report from Captain Jason Colby of Little Sister Charters. Jason has caught more than 24 stripers over 50lbs. We are fortunate to have him contributing to MFCC!

We headed out on the morning of Sunday, August 23rd in search of deepwater fluke, and enjoyed excellent conditions on the ride "out there."

During the first couple of drifts we had little in the way of action, but then as if for no reason at all, the fish decided to eat.

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Awesome Topwater Action | June 15th Report

june 15 cape cod striped bass fishing report

This morning I recorded a podcast with Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters and learned about an amazing topwater bite that he's been experiencing the past few days off Cape Cod. 

There are no guarantees in fishing, but right now Cullen and his crews have been consistently catching 25+ pound striped bass, mostly on topwater plugs.

There have even been rumors of a couple 50 pound bass caught...

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June 8th Cape Cod Boat Fishing Report

cape cod striped bass fishing report capstar charters

This weekend I spoke with Captain Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters, who's been out on the water just about every day as of late. Since I have been mostly fishing from shore I was curious to see how Cullen has been doing out in his boat.

Fortunately for us Cullen is happy to contribute to MFCC and I was pumped up to hear that he's been doing well. Striped bass have been his main target species, but his crews have also been catching loads of scup and sea bass.

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Stripers and Finally Some Tautog


Over the past several days I've run a total of 8 charters, mostly for striped bass. I have a couple more striper trips coming up this week before sea bass starts on May 23rd.

My most recent trips have been similar to our MFCC group trip from a couple weeks back.​ It's been mostly plugging with some live mackerel, and finally some tautog mixed in.

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Surfcasting Buzzard’s Bay and Vineyard Sound

vineyard sound surfcasting report fishing for striped bass

There were some nice fish caught this past weekend on Cape Cod. So far the largest fish I have heard of is a 42 inch striped bass from the Cape Cod Canal.

It seems to me that so far the action in the Canal has been pretty good. Same is true for those fishing Buzzard's Bay. Perhaps this season stripers are choosing the Canal for migration opposed to swimming around the outer Cape?

Of course this is just a theory and I would probably have to fly over Cape Cod in a plane to know for sure. Nevertheless, yesterday I decided to try intercepting some of these migrating bass, by surfcasting the boulder fields of Buzzard's Bay and Vineyard Sound.

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Cape Cod Podcast Report | Friday May 15

cape cod podcast fishing report may 15

In this episode of the My Fishing Cape Cod podcast I speak with Jeff Miller of Canal Bait & Tackle, and captain Cullen Lundholm from CapeStar Charters. 

Expect plenty of intel and information just in time for this weekend's fishing, whether you fish the Canal, the beach or plan on going out on your boat!

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Striped Bass In Skinny Water

schoolie striped bass cape cod tidal estuary

I arrived at this unique spot at the leisurely time of 6:30AM. Fortunately for me the fog had rolled in thick, and I felt the morning bite may last longer as a result.

It was midway through the outgoing tide and to say the place "looked fishy" would of been an extreme understatement!​

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Cape Cod Fishing Report for Saturday April 18

striped bass for cape cod fishing report saturday april 18

Welcome to the first episode of the 2015 My Fishing Cape Cod podcast! This season I anticipate publishing these podcasts on a consistent basis, to help keep you updated with how the fishing is on Cape Cod.

In this first episode, my cousin Kevin and I interview two very knowledgeable local fishermen who will be appearing on the podcast regularly throughout the season.

These two guys are "gold mines" of information, and we are fortunate to have them contributing to MFCC.

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Cape Cod ” Fishing Forecast” For April 6

cape cod rainbow trout fishing

This week has lots of potential! Many kettle ponds on Cape are finally ice-free, which for me means it’s time to give freshwater a shot.

Trout will be my main target this week, but I’m not giving up on holdover striped bass either. Keep an eye on those water temps too, because once it hits 50 degrees the tautog ought to start showing up.

Here what I have planned for fishing this week.

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Now Is The Time To Get Ready For Big Tautog

cape cod tautog fishing

This is a guest post from Captain Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters. Cullen catches and fishes for every fish under the sun. We are fortunate to have him contributing to MFCC!

This past winter was grueling here on Cape Cod. We experienced record snowfalls and some epic arctic cold spells. Like me, I am sure many of you cannot wait to get out on the water and wet a line.

Right now, fishing from your boat may feel like a long ways off-especially with snow still on the ground and sea ice still melting off. Even with the 50 degree days, many small bays and tributaries in Buzzards Bay remain locked up.

For example, water temps yesterday off Monument Beach were a chilly 35 degrees! The good news is that the fishing (especially for tautog) ought to take a turn for the better as soon as water temps warm up.

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