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Late April Cape Cod Kayak Fishing Report

pogie kayak

Ryan Collins

This week I've been kayak fishing from the Hobie and encountering some wild scenes.

From stripers and acres of adult pogies, to seals and even an orphan squirrel!

You just never know what you might encounter when kayak fishing on Cape Cod.​

It's great to see all these micro-size stripers, but what I'm most excited about right now are the thousands of adult pogies which are stacked up in many of the Cape's bays, estuaries and harbors.

Can you imagine the carnage which may unfold if these adult pogies remain here until the really big bass and bluefish arrive? Things could get real interesting, real fast!

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Micro Schoolies Have Reached Cape Cod

micro schoolies have hit cape cod april 18th report

Ryan Collins

On Friday April 15th, I received a firsthand report of migratory stripers being caught on Cape Cod.

My source is as reliable and honest a fisherman as they come, plus he had caught the bass himself.

I instantly felt inspired to fish. However, fishing was (at least for the moment) out of the question.

Scouring the coastline of Cape Cod for my first migratory schoolies of the year would have to wait until after yesterday's Season Kick-Off Breakfast. 

I pushed my dreams of sea-lice covered stripers​ to the back of my mind, and prepared for what would turn out to be an awesome MFCC event.

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Midday Topwater Monsters @ Cutty [VIDEO]

cuttyhunk bass featured 570

Danny Guadagnoli

The weather was quintessential autumn—foliage, a crisp breeze, and bright warming sun.

I was officially psyched; finally, it was time to start relentlessly heaving plugs and covering as much ground as possible, working together as a fishing squad.

Almost as soon as the group split to start casting, my friend Billy hooked up on his yellow pencil popper. It was a nice fish that murdered his plug, but after a nice run, she was gone.

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My First Trip Of The New Year | January 9th Report

walking through estuary setting sun

Ryan Collins

I spent the past 48 hours exploring all over Cape Cod in search of the elusive winter holdover striped bass.

I had a great experience and it felt wonderful to be outside breathing the icy cold winter air.

I have not been fishing since Costa Rica, and this was my first trip of the New Year. The plan was to catch my first fish of 2016, however nothing is guaranteed when fishing for stripers in the winter.

​I would guess that 99% of the Cape's striper population has migrated to warmer waters. Despite the difficult odds I felt confident and was excited to give it a shot!

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Circumnavigating Cape Cod & Fishing Along The Way

round the cape

Ron Rudowsky

Why would I embark on a trip around the Cape?

Because I always thought about exploring the Outer Cape, using my boating and navigation skills, and fishing along the way.

For me that made it an easy decision.

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Last Tautog Of The Season

James with the fish of the day - a tautog which weighed a hair over 8 pounds.

Note from Ryan - We are just getting settled in Costa Rica. I plan on publishing a report very soon, probably tomorrow!

Captain Jason Colby

When I announced open boat for this particular trip over a month ago the boat was filled up almost instantly.

Strangely, of the 6 people who booked, none of them went out!

Broken bones, going out of town, no sleep and oversleeping!

As people were dropping out I booked two other people on Saturday so I figured I'd have five, but then the other two folks had last minute things to take care of so I headed out fishing with just 2 onboard.

I thought we would do great if I went to the west, as I have not fished over those spots all fall.

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Midday Topwater Monsters at Cuttyhunk Island | Part #2

wave bass 570

Danny Guadagnoli

Billy had been behind the group, and while catching up he witnessed the crashing bass annihilate my plug.

He screamed, “Woah! Danny’s got a big boy on, fellas!"

All went silent as I fought hard to keep the fish from taking me into the rocks. It hit directly behind a boulder, and I was convinced I didn’t have a chance.

I lifted my rod tip as high as possible to keep my line from grazing one of the many boulders between me and the bass. After thrashing on the surface, the fish made several screaming runs.

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Midday Topwater Monsters at Cuttyhunk Island | Part #1

A "big boy" on the line...

Danny Guadagnoli

Growing up as a surfcaster, I have read many epic tales from the fabled striper waters of Cuttyhunk, yet for some reason at 24 years old, I had yet to take the plunge and experience it for myself.

The stories are almost mythical, and like many legendary fishing grounds, often times reality fails to live up to the imagined. 

My first trip to Cuttyhunk was not one of those instances— it lived up to expectations.

I’m sure our report pales in comparison to some of the striper action that takes place every year at Cuttyhunk, but the manner in which our first trip to the island unfolded was special and an experience I will never forget.

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Tautog in High Seas & Rough Weather

glenn tautog

Captain Jason Colby

This past Sunday I fished with Matt Newman of Newton and his sons Zach and Adien.

They caught their limit of tog in "tough conditions" on the close inshore rockpiles with several fish approaching 7 pounds and one that was over that mark, caught by Adien.

Even though I had two anchors out all day, the boat still was swinging from side to side making, the presentation of baits somewhat tough. The crew made the best of it though and we prevailed!

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Last Call For Gator Bluefish | Part #2

eric meyer's son with a bluefish

MFCC member Eric Meyer

So with the great weather predicted for Tuesday of this past week, I took my kid out of school for the day.

I figured why not. With a good trip on Saturday and the cold setting in, this may be our last chance of the season.

The wife was against it. "What would we tell the school?" she asked.

Being the quick thinker, I replied "tell them our son will have his arm in a cast!"

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