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Chasing The Migration


Ryan Collins

The places I have fished all summer long are completely devoid of striped bass right now.

The bass schools were in their usual spots as recent as Thursday morning, but by Thursday night they were gone.

I was expecting this to happen, because I believe these schools of striped bass have begun their migration south. To find the fish this weekend I've also been forced to travel south in order to keep up with the schools.

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Fishing The “Bad Daddy” On Buzzard’s Bay

steve featured

Stephen Madden

On Saturday, June 11th 2016, I had the pleasure to be invited on the boat of Mimi and Russ Diamaro to fish the 2nd annual Bad Daddy Fishing Tournament in Buzzards Bay.

There were some great prizes to be won for the largest Black Seabass, Scup, and Tatoug.

Also onboard for this trip was Tom Heath, the President of Buzzards Bay Anglers Club. Mimi, Russ, Tom and myself are all members of BBAC and we decided to represent the club in this tournament.

At 5:00 am Tom and I were picked up at Besse Park on the Wareham River, which has a nice floating dock and access to Wareham Center. The weather for the day was warm and seas calm, so off we went to fish Buzzards Bay.

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Boulder Bass | Part #2

steve churchill striped bass

Ryan Collins

I thought my coffee tasted a little strange, so I asked Jack Bosch if his cup of Joe tasted a little salty.

He replied that yes, his coffee was indeed quite salty. That is when it dawned on us that we had been adding salt, not sugar, to our coffees.

That was just the start to what would be a very interesting day. We had worked very hard during Part #1 of this fishing adventure for several schoolies and one small keeper.

I had a feeling we would still have to work pretty hard to find the fish, but I also knew that conditions could change at any moment. Things happen quick in the ocean, and big fish can show up just when you least expect it.

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Fifteen Bass To 37 Inches

striped bass

John D. Silva

We transited out of the marina and began heading east. The sun had already crested the horizon on this brisk spring morning.

For mid-May the conditions were pristine. The eventual target would be migrating striped bass, but first we had to secure live bait.

As salty veterans know, mid-May can be a crapshoot for striper fishing on Cape Cod. Many factors combine to determine the migration’s progress -- water temperature, length of daylight, and available forage (such as menhaden/pogies, mackerel, squid, and herring) among other things.

So securing live bait (and keeping it active in a live well) is an insurance policy for success. Then all we needed to do is find the bass. The Cape Star (a 27-foot Conch) glided through the currents like a swan on a calm lake.

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Boulder Bass | Part #1

boulder striped bass

Ryan Collins

Our group of ambitious My Fishing Cape Codders had taken hundreds of casts, and covered miles of boulder strewn coastline.

I had two schoolies under my belt and Dex Chadsey had caught one. Yet despite our best efforts, the fishing had been very slow.

The morning for me had begun bright and early at 4AM. I brewed a pot of coffee and by 4:45AM MFCC members Dex Chadsey, Albert Carey, Steve Churchill and Jack Bosch were ready to fish. 

But now it was 6AM and there was little to no sign of life. No bait, no birds and no bass...but that was going to change soon.

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Early May Topwater Action

Richard Banks Steve Kwietniak Ryan Collins cape cod stripers

Ryan Collins

Schoolies to small keepers are around and they are biting! My last three trips on the Miss Loretta have been really productive.

On May 6th I went on this recon trip with my Dad. The recon paid off big time because we ended up locating a population of bass despite poor weather.

Now that I knew where the fish were hanging out, I emailed the MFCC members who I was planning to take out fishing the very next day.

I told the guys to meet me at a different boat ramp than expected, and to bring plugs and jigs. I had a feeling that our first MFCC Group Trips of the season would be a success.

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First Trip Of 2016 On The Miss Loretta

Blog Featured

Jake Collins

I had my first fishing excursion of the year last week on Thursday May 5th, onboard our boat the Miss Loretta.

I still get very excited before a fishing trip, even though I have been boating and fishing for the past 55 years.

My family got our first boat in 1960. That special vessel was an 18 foot Lyman, and was also named the Miss Loretta after my mother, Loretta Collins.

The first Miss Loretta was a wooden boat. This meant my two brothers (Bob and Gip) and I, would have to work on it for hours, painting and sanding the boat each season. 

The maintenance on our current Miss Loretta is of course much easier. With a fiberglass hull there is no more chipping and painting. All we have to do nowadays is wash the boat down, bleach her and throw on a coat of wax.

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Late April Cape Cod Kayak Fishing Report

pogie kayak

Ryan Collins

This week I've been kayak fishing from the Hobie and encountering some wild scenes.

From stripers and acres of adult pogies, to seals and even an orphan squirrel!

You just never know what you might encounter when kayak fishing on Cape Cod.​

It's great to see all these micro-size stripers, but what I'm most excited about right now are the thousands of adult pogies which are stacked up in many of the Cape's bays, estuaries and harbors.

Can you imagine the carnage which may unfold if these adult pogies remain here until the really big bass and bluefish arrive? Things could get real interesting, real fast!

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Micro Schoolies Have Reached Cape Cod

micro schoolies have hit cape cod april 18th report

Ryan Collins

On Friday April 15th, I received a firsthand report of migratory stripers being caught on Cape Cod.

My source is as reliable and honest a fisherman as they come, plus he had caught the bass himself.

I instantly felt inspired to fish. However, fishing was (at least for the moment) out of the question.

Scouring the coastline of Cape Cod for my first migratory schoolies of the year would have to wait until after yesterday's Season Kick-Off Breakfast. 

I pushed my dreams of sea-lice covered stripers​ to the back of my mind, and prepared for what would turn out to be an awesome MFCC event.

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Midday Topwater Monsters @ Cutty [VIDEO]

cuttyhunk bass featured 570

Danny Guadagnoli

The weather was quintessential autumn—foliage, a crisp breeze, and bright warming sun.

I was officially psyched; finally, it was time to start relentlessly heaving plugs and covering as much ground as possible, working together as a fishing squad.

Almost as soon as the group split to start casting, my friend Billy hooked up on his yellow pencil popper. It was a nice fish that murdered his plug, but after a nice run, she was gone.

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