September 25, 2023

I would love to see you next weekend for The 36 Hour Grind - My Fishing Cape Cod's 3rd annual surfcasting tournament!All are welcome to attend, so even if you don't participate in the tournament, or aren't a member of My Fishing Cape cod, it would still be great to ...

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You’re Invited to the 36 Hour Grind Tournament & Meetups!
September 18, 2023

In this edition of the podcast, we welcome MFCC Member, Calvin Toran-Sandlin as our guest to discuss fishing for big Striped Bass during the Fall Run.Calvin dissects the latest fishing conditions around Cape Cod following Tropical Storm Lee and gives his latest surfcasting reports.We also look ahead to the best ...

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Post-Tropical Storm Lee Surfcasting Forecast
August 8, 2023

In this episode, we chat with diehard surfcaster Calvin Toran-Sandlin about scouting locations and customizing your gear and lures for late August shore fishing. Written Transcript *Please forgive typos and grammatical mistakes as this transcript was generated by a computer. Well, hello and welcome to another edition of the My ...

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August Surfcasting Update with MFCC Member Calvin Toran-Sandlin
July 6, 2023

Hello and welcome to another edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast from This is your host, Kevin Collins, and I'm very pleased to be with you today for a very special edition of the MFCC Podcast. For those of you familiar with our programs, we usually do ...

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Braided Line Secrets with World Renown Angler Patrick Sebile
June 28, 2023

This podcast was recorded on June 22nd.In this special edition of the podcast, host Kevin Collins sits down with MFCC Member, Calvin Toran-Sandlin. Calvin discusses the June full moon and new moon phases and how the weather conditions, wind, and current play a role in how he targets big fish ...

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Surfcasting the New & Full Moons
June 21, 2023

I have fished for striped bass from shore using bucktail jigs for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I would often cast bucktail jigs from the beaches of Cape Cod Bay before and after school. Bucktail jigging is a technique that's been used on Cape Cod ...

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3 Simple Tips For Catching Stripers From Shore On A Bucktail Jig
April 7, 2023

In this video we surfcast one of my favorite beaches on Cape Cod with pencil poppers for big striped bass during a late May Nor' Easter. This footage originally aired during March of 2022 in season 5 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. To watch full episodes of our tv ...

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Nor’Easter Pencil Popping for Stripers on Cape Cod
January 28, 2023

In just a couple of weeks I will be heading back down to North Carolina to fish for hammerhead sharks, sandbar sharks and more in the surf.My first trip to North Carolina for sharks occurred in February of 2022 and it ended up being one of the most memorable fishing ...

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Winter Shark Fishing the North Carolina Surf with MFCC Member Nick Calabrese
January 4, 2023

The information in this article first appeared on My Fishing Cape Cod during the winter of 2013. It has since been updated and revised for the 2023 season. In this post I am going to share with you some ideas, tactics and secrets that I think will help you experience success ...

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Winter Striper Fishing and Holdover Striped Bass Secrets
October 17, 2022

Thank you to the 25 teams of anglers who participated this past weekend in The "24hr Grind" My Fishing Cape Cod Surfcasting Tournament. Many of the teams fished for 24 hours straight! ⁠⁠Based off reports, it seems like there are a lot of striped bass roaming Cape Cod's beaches, inlets ...

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The Results of the “24 Hour Grind” Surfcasting Fishing Tournament!
September 9, 2022

In today's podcast we speak with Ryan Collins of My Fishing Cape Cod who is fresh off the most epic morning of striper surfcasting he's experienced all year long. Ryan also updates us on "the week that was" around MFCC, including albie fishing from shore and the kayak, as well ...

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Surfcasting for Stripers is on Fire | September 9th Podcast
July 15, 2022

This post was originally published on October 15th, 2020.Personally the Darter might just be my favorite plug to fish in the surf.Identified by their distinct slope-headed profile, and their unique action in the water, the darter should have a place in every New England surfcasters' bag. Darters are an ideal plug ...

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How To Fish Bottle Plugs & Darters For Striped Bass