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The 2019 Guide For Targeting Holdover Stripers On Cape Cod

Ryan Collins

After publishing this striper report back on December 1st, I have received several messages containing questions about winter striper fishing on Cape Cod.

We have a ton of information here on MFCC about targeting holdover striped bass. So I figured now is a good time to highlight some of the best information.

If you are looking to learn about how to catch holdover striped bass on Cape Cod during the winter, then this blog post is for you. Below you will find links to all of our best seminars, articles, reports, videos and forum posts about holdover bass fishing.


Holdover Striper Videos

Below is a selection of videos about holdover striper fishing which I've created over the past few years. Some of these videos are more like tutorials, whereas others were shot on site while I was actually fishing.

As is the case with just about everything on My Fishing Cape Cod, some of these videos are viewable by the general public, but to get access to the best stuff you will have to be a member of My Fishing Cape Cod.

"How-To" Articles & Written Reports About Holdovers

I know a lot of people prefer to read written articles and reports, instead of watching video tutorials. Below are some of my favorite written articles and written reports here on MFCC about pursuing holdover striped bass.

As is the case with just about everything on My Fishing Cape Cod, some of these videos are viewable by the general public, but to get access to the best stuff you will have to be a member of My Fishing Cape Cod.

Seminars & Webinars

In addition to the videos, articles and reports featured above, I also have several seminars and webinars here on MFCC about holdover striper fishing. Grab a cup of coffee, beer, or your favorite cocktails because Most of these seminars/webinars are 45+ minutes long and are very in-depth.

Below you will find reports from the trips in which I was lucky enough to find stripers and convince them to bite. These reports are viewable by the general public, but to get access to everything you will have to be a member of My Fishing Cape Cod.

1+ HOUR WEBINAR RECORDING to find and catch stripers during the winter. Learn about the types of areas where striped bass gather during the winter months. Learn about the types of lures and techniques which work best on holdover striped bass. Get access to a bonus question & answer session at the end of the webinar.

Last year I posted a 35 minute video recording of a seminar about targeting keeper-size holdover striped bass here on Cape Cod. This presentation ws given to 50 members of My Fishing Cape Cod & members of the Buzzard's Bay Anglers Club. If you want to learn some "secrets" of catching big holdover striped bass during the winter on Cape Cod, then I recommend watching this seminar when you can. 

Forum Posts & Conversations

The My Fishing Cape Cod forum is a 100% members-only private forum. This helps us maintain top-notch quality of conversation. There is no bashing, bullying, sarcasm and useless posts. In our forum you will only find helpful members who are willing to offer accurate advice and information about fishing on the Cape (and throughout New England)!

Below you will find links to some of the best forum threads and topics about holdover striped bass fishing.  You will have to be logged-in as a member of My Fishing Cape Cod to access these conversations.

Best of luck if you give holdover striper fishing a try this winter on Cape Cod. There aren't many fish out there, but there are a few! Plus it is a good excuse to just get outside and be out in nature during the "off season."

Stay safe, have fun and let us know how you do 🎣

Tight lines,

  1. Ryan,
    This is becoming buried, could you put the whole thing on MFCC University?
    MFCCU has one of these presentations, but it would be helpful to have the entire grouping more easily available.
    Thanks, Dex

  2. Just listened to the webinar. Good Stuff!
    Someone asked a question about using shiners for holdovers during the winter as traditional salt water baits are not readily available. Shiners are stocked in bait shops as they are used for fresh water ice fishing. Last year I was live lining shiners in the North River during early March. It seemed like a great idea but the problem is that they do not last in the brackish water and will die in about 5 minutes.

    1. Pumped to hear you gave the live shiners a try. I love it! However I think mummichogs would be the best option.

      I am going to set some minnow traps this year in some of the estuaries I fish and hopefully catch some mummichogs. Using live bait to catch holdovers would be a ton of fun!

  3. Thanks for putting all of this together. Lots of info to chew on for the next few months.

    1. No problem! Today would be a nice day to give it a try. Little cold but sunny with no wind. On another note, we have the bags all squared away and ready to go. Here’s a link with new photos and a video. LMK if you have any questions!

  4. Do you wear pant waders when holdover fishing in the kayak? I would think that it would be important to keep your clothing dry.

    1. This winter, unless someone has a better recommendation, I will probably wear my LL Bean breathable waders with my STORMR surf top.


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