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Tautog Fishing from Shore

Tautog fishing from shore has been on my bucket list of Cape

July 5, 2022

This article was originally published on August 14th, 2021.Last night I went blue crabbing with My Fishing Cape Cod member John D. Silva. John has

How to Catch & Cook Blue Crabs

April 21, 2022

This post was originally published on April 23rd, 2019 Captain Cullen Lundholm Winters can be grueling here on Cape Cod. We sometimes experience record snowfalls

Now Is The Time To Get Ready For Big Tautog

October 4, 2021

This article was updated on October 4th 2021, and was​ originally published on October 29th, 2019. Ryan Collins Last Thursday through Saturday we were gifted

Tautog Fishing Cape Cod During October

August 26, 2021

This post was originally published on August 19th, 2017. With recent bonito catches being reported inside our forum, we figured now would be a good

The 4 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About Bonito Fishing on Cape Cod

May 26, 2021

Striped bass and black sea bass fishing is dominating the discussion inside our members' forum right now, however lets be sure to not forget about

Porgy Fishing Cape Cod (and Black Sea Bass!)

May 19, 2021

In today's blog post, I'd like to share some underwater bottom fishing footage. This footage was filmed exactly two years ago from today off Bird

Here’s What a School of Scup (Porgies) Looks Like Underwater

May 4, 2021

MFCC Intern With local ponds and lakes in full bloom, and fresh migratory stripers slowly but surely beginning to fill in along the coastline, it

This Weeks Top Catches | Early May, 2021

February 20, 2021

In this post, you'll find links to all the tackle, equipment, recipes and additional information from 2021 episodes of My Fishing Cape Cod TV. To

TV Show Season 4: Resources and Tackle List

November 15, 2020

In this members-only report, I'd like to share with you additional video footage of striped bass chasing and attacking a white fly underwater.I'm also going

Extended Report | Stripers Attacking Flies Underwater

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