March 2, 2024

In the second episode of season 7 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV I began by going bottom fishing for black sea bass with MFCC members Eddy Kooyomjian and Josh Sawyer, and Josh's kids Jordan and Jason.In the episode I included a couple "calls to action" prompting viewers to visit ...

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Sea Bass Episode | Extra Info
February 6, 2024

Fishing enthusiasts and angling aficionados, gather around as we dive into a comprehensive Zoom call crafted from a seasoned fisherman's insights.Our journey through this 1hr and 30 minute Zoom is tailored to elevate your 2024 springtime fishing experience, focusing on 3 different fish types, including the cunning Tautog, the beautiful ...

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Springtime Inshore Fishing Zoom Call with Captain Cullen of Cape Star Charters
December 26, 2023

It’s been a hell of a year! 2023 was the first year in the past 25 years that Little Sister did not fish Quincy, and there is not much hope for Quincy in 2024 either.  We did have a flounder substitute called Sesuit Harbor which was great as long as ...

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Flounder, Fluke, Sea Bass & More | 2023 Season Recap with capt. Jason Colby
August 27, 2023

One of the best parts about living near the ocean is that during the season we almost always have fresh fish filets in the fridge. Here on Cape Cod and especially in Buzzard's Bay, scup and tautog are often two of the most common catches. This is why it's been my mission ...

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How to Make Lemon Tautog (or Scup) with a Three Bean Salad
June 27, 2023

Today we have a PDF download about finding and catching summertime black sea bass here on Cape Cod. This document was created by MFCC member Eddy Kooyomjian Jr. Thank you Eddy for putting this together!If you are interested in catching keeper-size sea bass throughout the summer, then this will be ...

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10 Tips For Summertime Black Sea Bass – PDF DOWNLOAD
June 26, 2023

*This post originally appeared on My Fishing Cape Cod on May 26th 2021.Striped bass and black sea bass fishing is dominating the discussion inside our members' forum right now, however lets be sure to not forget about the porgies!The month of June is probably the most popular month for porgy ...

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Porgy Fishing Cape Cod (and Black Sea Bass!)
June 8, 2023

Sea Bass fishing on Nantucket Sound can be a great way to introduce family members and friends to the exciting world of angling. When using the correct light tackle gear, these fish put up a great fight and are, in my opinion, one of the best tasting fish in the ...

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How To Catch Black Sea Bass In Nantucket Sound
May 28, 2023

I first created this recipe back in 2014 when Ryan and I were still dating.  It's so memorable for me because this was the very first recipe I created for My Fishing Cape Cod.  Since then, I've made quite a few more recipes for the site, and as each recipe ...

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How To Make Cajun Fried Scup
May 18, 2023

Recreational black sea bass season opens up here in Massachusetts on Saturday May 20th! During this trip from May 23rd 2022, we encountered fast action with schools of black sea bass which have congregated around one of Cape Cod's many shipwrecks. ...

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Fishing a Cape Cod Shipwreck for Black Sea Bass
May 17, 2023

The Massachusetts black sea bass fishing season officially opens this Saturday May 20th. I know many of you have been waiting all spring to go black sea bass fishing, and I'm also pumped it's finally here!Not only are black sea bass some of the best tasting fish we have here ...

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Get Ready for Black Sea Bass Fishing! – 5 Helpful Tips
May 15, 2023

In today's blog post, I'd like to share some underwater bottom fishing footage. This footage was filmed exactly two years ago from today off Bird Island in Buzzard's Bay. In this video you'll see hundreds of porgies (scup), but be sure to notice the male and female tautog which appear ...

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Here’s What a School of Scup (Porgies) Looks Like Underwater
May 9, 2023

One of the most common fish caught on Cape Cod during spring, summer and fall is the scup. Scup are also often referred to as porgies. They are simple to catch and are a lot of fun. Plus if you manage to catch some really big scup (12 inches and ...

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Get Ready for Scup Fishing on Cape Cod!