Fluke and Flounder

February 24, 2024

In the first episode of season 7 of My Fishing Cape Cod TV, I had the opportunity to go fishing with captain Derek Barber and MFCC member Bruno Demir of Cape & Islands Mitsubishi.The weather during this trip (which happened on May 8th of 2023) was nothing short of spectacular.

Cape Cod Winter Flounder Fishing

December 26, 2023

It’s been a hell of a year! 2023 was the first year in the past 25 years that Little Sister did not fish Quincy, and there is not much hope for Quincy in 2024 either.  We did have a flounder substitute called Sesuit Harbor which was great as long as

Flounder, Fluke, Sea Bass & More | 2023 Season Recap with capt. Jason Colby

September 14, 2023

*This post was originally published on September 4th of 2019. I figured now would be a good time to share it again, because September & October is when I've had the best success fluke fishing from shore. On the morning of September 3rd 2019 I rolled out of bed at

Fluke Fishing on Cape Cod from Shore

August 30, 2023

If you follow My Fishing Cape Cod closely, then you might have noticed the fundraiser we held to benefit Boston Children's Hospital. We launched the fundraiser on July 28th and within a few short weeks raised over $7,000 thanks to the generosity of My Fishing Cape Cod members! As a

The 2023 Boston Children’s Fluke Fishing Trip

August 25, 2023

*Please login or start a membership to access the full version of this podcast.Ryan Collins First up on this week's edition of the My Fishing Cape Cod Podcast presented by Cape & Islands Mitsubishi and Cape Codder Boats is MFCC Founder and Creator, Ryan Collins. Ryan joins us via the phone fresh

Friday August 25th Cape Cod Fishing Report

August 14, 2023

*8/20/23 update > Congrats to our fluke trip winners, Leslie Kalinowski and Joe Vaudo!Today I wanted to share with you our annual "Fluke vs Cancer" fundraiser for Boston Children's Hospital. Every dollar raised funds breakthrough research, family support, and vital services not covered by insurance. The first year we did

Boston Children’s Fundraiser & Fluke Trip Giveaway

August 1, 2023

This article was first published in August of 2015 For the shore bound angler on the Cape Cod Canal, one alternative to summer’s annual dog-day fishing doldrums is fluke fishing. Given the right set of conditions, fluke fishing from shore can be an enjoyable and productive fair-weather summertime activity. Tackle

Fluke Fishing in the Cape Cod Canal

May 24, 2023

The winter flounder is also known as a "black back" and is native to the waters of New England. Both of the winter flounder's eyes are nearly always positioned on the right side of their body. They spend their time along the bottom, eating worms, clams, mussels and many other

The Fascinating Flounder

May 20, 2023

Here on Cape Cod, when fishermen think about flatfish, the first species most think about are fluke. Fluke are also known as summer flounder, and they definitely reign supreme in the flatfish world here in New England.  However, for me personally, winter flounder are my favorite flatfish to catch. Winter

Cape Cod Winter Flounder Fishing 101

May 7, 2023

Fluke fishing usually doesn't get hot off Cape Cod until summertime. Nevertheless I wanted to make today's recipe post all about fluke, so you can be prepared well in advance!Typically my husband Ryan would always fillet flounder and fluke, but recently that all changed. After going on a fluke fishing

How to Make Pan Fried Fluke Steaks

August 29, 2022

*Please visit our members' forum to access our latest most up-to-date fishing reports It was 3:30 in the morning last Thursday August 25th when my alarm went off. I hopped right out of bed and headed downstairs. I made a cup of coffee and then went into the basement to

A Stellar Day of Fluke Fishing off Cape Cod: 8 Different Species Caught in One Trip!

July 31, 2022

Today I would like to give members of My Fishing Cape Cod the opportunity to access a video presentation with Jimmy the Greek of On Time Charters. Captain Jimmy is one of the most skilled fluke fisherman in the area and we were very fortunate to have him share his

Fluke Fishing Tips & Advice with Jimmy the Greek of On Time Charters

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