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April 23, 2024

In ancient mythology, carp are consistently revered for their strength. To help you form an idea of what I'm talking about, I'd like to start this blog post by sharing with you the Dragon Gate Legend, which is a story that was passed down for generations in ancient China.The Dragon

Carp Fishing in Massachusetts – One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure

April 15, 2024

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day on Cape!  Honestly, you might even be able to go to the beach.  Right now it's 70 degrees and sunny with a pleasant breeze from the southwest.  Hands down it's the nicest day of Spring so far. This morning I launched my kayak at the

Monday April 15th Cape Cod Freshwater Report

March 20, 2024

This post from Dan was originally published in April of 2017. I figured now would be a good time to re-publish this post, because freshwater is where all the action is at right now until the stripers arrive!Hello My Fishing Cape Cod!  My name is Dan Jones, store manager at

How To Catch Smallmouth Bass On Cape Cod

March 18, 2024

This post was originally published in February of 2021.Brett D'Alelio - MFCC memberOften overlooked, the chain pickerel is an aggressive and resilient fighting fish that can be found in ponds, lakes, streams, and grassy wetlands all over the state of Massachusetts.An extremely close relative to the legendary northern pike, these

10 Tips For Catching Chain Pickerel

March 15, 2024

As water temperatures rise, so does the excitement amongst the MFCC fishing community! Every day now more members of MFCC are hitting the water and posting some impressive catches to our members' forum.Today I'm thrilled to showcase a selection of standout catches shared inside the forum over recent days.Time for

This Week’s Top Freshwater Catches

March 11, 2024

Yellow perch are native to ponds throughout Cape Cod and southeastern Massachusetts. Fishing for yellow perch with lures and live bait can be very productive and a lot of fun, especially during late winter and early spring before the stripers arrive.An added bonus is that yellow perch are also a

Fishing Cape Cod (and SE Mass) during March for Yellow Perch

January 15, 2024

Trout fishing on Cape Cod during late fall through the winter months can be a frustrating time for any angler. Expect high winds, temperature swings, rain, and snow.Luckily, there are some warmer days with low winds, where the trout are rising. In theory, this sounds great, however the warm weather

How To Fish The Trout Magnet/Power Bait Combo

December 23, 2023

*This report is part of our recently launched Offseason Challenges program. You can learn more about how the challenges work by clicking here.  For this challenge, My Fishing Cape Cod member Russ Glinos recaps a successful freshwater fishing trip from December 16th, 2023. Like many of you, it is nearly impossible

A Productive New Lure for Cape Cod Browns

December 18, 2023

This past Saturday I went in search of completing my second My Fishing Cape Cod challenge.I drove to western Massachusetts near Belchertown to fly fish the Swift River.  Several anglers were already on the water when I arrived.  It was sunny and in the mid 30s.The Pipe area had 4

Fly Fishing the Swift River

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