PUBLISHED ON April 15 2024

Monday April 15th Cape Cod Freshwater Report

by Ryan Collins

Today is an absolutely gorgeous day on Cape!  Honestly, you might even be able to go to the beach.  

Right now it's 70 degrees and sunny with a pleasant breeze from the southwest.  Hands down it's the nicest day of Spring so far. 

This morning I launched my kayak at the leisurely hour of 9am for a few hours of fishing for trout.

For this trip I would be fishing the beautiful lake shown below.


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There were a few guys fishing from shore along the deep hole to the northeast of the parking lot, so I decided to head south along the coastline. 

Hawks and ospreys soared above, and I spotted a big blue heron perched high in a tree.  It felt really nice to be back on the water.

Man did it feel nice to be on the water this morning!

Cape Cod is home to tremendous freshwater fishing opportunities, and April is one of the most enjoyable months to fish freshwater (at least in my opinion).  

My goal for this trip, aside from just enjoying the day, was to catch a couple trout to bring home and cook on the grill.  

I kept my eyes peeled for signs of trout rising as I trolled along using the lure pictured below.  This particular lure is one of my favorites for trolling Cape Cod kettle ponds.


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I trolled along the shoreline at the leisurely pace of 2-3 mph.  I figured it was only a matter of time until one of my two spinning rods got slammed by a trout.

As I trolled along I enjoyed more of the scenery.  

Sightseeing is one of the main reasons why I enjoy freshwater trolling so much.  I can sit back, relax, and take it all in, while still having a great chance of hooking up!

Spring has arrived on Cape Cod with many buds appearing on the trees.

To my surprise I was the only kayak angler this morning on the lake.

Glaciers which formed this pond left behind large rocks and boulders.

To my astonishment, after trolling for an hour I had not received a single hit.  Yet little did I know my luck was about to change.

Up ahead in the distance, in the lee of the breeze, I caught sight of a trout rising on the flat calm surface of the lake.  This was the first sign of life I had seen all morning, so I reeled in my lines and paddled like crazy to get to the area.

Upon arriving on scene I caught glimpse of a trout darting away in the shallow crystal clear water.  Suddenly another trout broke the surface.

I had finally found the fish!


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