“Boat to Table” Dining on the Cape Cod Canal

fisherman's view seafood market and restaurant

Ryan Collins

Fishermen's View Seafood Market & Restaurant is a new "boat to table" establishment which will open this summer on the banks of the famous Cape Cod Canal.

This exciting new effort is being led by longtime fishermen and brothers, Robert and Dennis Colbert. Fishermen's View will be a family-owned business delivering a "boat-to-table" experience.

Its focus will be on food source transparency, competitive pricing, and on using the brothers' three core seafood products (lobsters, Jonah crab, and scallops) among other locally caught seafood, for both classic New England dishes and innovative seafood fare.

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Night Blitz at the Cape Cod Canal

Ryan and his uncle had hit the right place at just the right time.

The following report was sent in by Ryan French. Ryan has been part of MFCC for several years now and we are excited to have him contributing!

Ryan French

September 16th 2015

I had the opportunity to fish the Canal this past weekend and I'm very happy I did!

On Saturday (September 12th) I got up at 4AM. The Canal was packed with peanut bunker, mackerel, and stripers.

I caught 3 striped bass (let them all go) and left when the bite slowed down and more people came.

Later the same day, I returned to the Canal and caught 1 striper during the mid-afternoon.

Then my uncle and I saw birds working so we moved spots and I caught another 3 fish before the bite stopped around 6PM.

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Torrential Thirty Pounders

Canal May 9 5

Ryan Collins

As we ease into the saltwater "off season" here on Cape Cod, I figured it would be fun to reminisce on some memorable trips of years past.

This particular trip happened way back in 2012 when I was pretty obsessed with fishing the Cape Cod Canal. This was certainly a morning I will never forget!

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A Last “Ditch” Effort

east end cape cod canal sunrise

MFCC member
Chris Goguen

I have spent the better part of my free time in or around Cape Cod and its waters since I was a young boy.

From digging clams and quahogs to fishing for Tautog off rock jetties...I love this place. I have traveled a good part of this country, but the Cape is where I come back to for both peace and adventure.

This year I was fortunate enough to buy my first boat. Nothing big or fancy, but it got me in the water. It was time to seek new species of fish, and to learn techniques on how to get them on my line and in my boat. We weren't able to get out there as much as I would like (which would be every day, to be honest) but we certainly made use of the new gear and boat.

I would take anyone out there that was willing, including my girlfriend, daughter, cousin, and every friend who was willing and able. And we all had a blast, and caught fish!

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Ditched: We’ve All Been There

east end cape cod canal matt leite

It was going to be a great trip. My buddy Pat and I had planned out a solid guys' weekend of golfing and fishing. Pat had yet to hook into a fish from the "Big Ditch" and I was anxious to help him land his first striper.

I am no Ryan Collins, but I have had a good year at the canal and felt pretty good about this trip, placed smack-dab in the middle of the fall run. We booked a room at a nearby motel for the night and planned to score some big bass during the sunset, and again around sun-up the next morning.

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What it was Like to Catch My First-Ever Cape Cod Canal Striper

Richard Banks cape cod canal schoolie striper hooked up east end

Hello My Fishing Cape Cod! Writing to you today is Richard Banks, MFCC member since March of 2013. The following is a report I have submitted as part of the Best Report category in the 2015 Derby. 

Living in South Yarmouth I don't get to the Cape Cod Canal very often, but I do always try to get there a few times each year. Having never caught a striper of any size from the Canal, I am ever hopeful every time I go.

Last week I reached out to some members of the Nauset Newcomers Surf Casting Group and suggested that when the weather finally cleared a little, we head to the Canal.

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October 8th Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report

canal striped bass underwater
Jeff Miller Canal Bait & Tackle

In this 3 minute audio report I will cover...

  • The time of day when most of the big fish are being taken at the Canal
  • The areas of the Canal which are producing best
  • Lures and baits that have been catching bass to 38 pounds
  • Plus a whole bunch more, including the types of bait we are seeing and what I expect to happen over the next several days

Click the orange download button below
to listen in.

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September 24th Cape Cod Canal Fishing Report

Canal point 570

In this audio report I will recap what happened this morning at the Cape Cod Canal. I will also recap what's been happening at night.

We'll cover the best lures and the best colors, as well as some good areas worth targeting. The mackerel are starting to show up heavy and bass have been on their tails.​

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